9+ Grunge Vectors


Grunge, or better known as Seattle Sound, is a subgenre of alternative rock. Its origin actually started in the Pacific Northwest American state of Seattle, hence the name. It became a subculture within the mid-1980s and only became a craze until the 1990s. The grunge genre became an icon in itself when it became the symbol of the 1990s era, hence the grunge trend dominated a whole era. (It literally became a staple and undying trend within the whole 1990s.)

Even up to now, the effect of grunge has still been lurking around as its trend can still be seen in our current films, music, fashion, and design. In honor of this iconic trend, we give you these high-quality 10+ grunge vector designs that can be used to any of your grunge-themed creative projects.

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Free Grunge Vector

free grunge vector Download

Grunge Splatter Vector

grunge splatter vector Download

Grunge Vector Pattern

grunge vector pattern Download

Abstract Grunge Vector

abstract grunge vector Download

Free Grunge Border Vector

free grunge border vector Download

Grunge Vector Border

grunge vector border Download

How Can We Use These Grunge Vector Designs?

These grunge vector samples can be a useful tool to any of your grunge-themed creative projects such as

  • CD Covers. As we all know, grunge is a music genre, and using these vectors as a design element for a grunge band’s CD cover will be a perfect tool as their music totally correlates with the theme.
  • Print Ads. You can actually use these vectors on print ads; however, when using these vector samples for print ads, make sure the theme of your product is also edgy and grungy and so it would fit the vector graphic elements.
  • Book Cover. The grunge textures can also be applied to book covers. Most likely, its design structure has been associated with teen-friendly books such as science fiction and dark love stories. It can also be applied on horror or suspense genre.
  • Web Graphic Elements. These grunge graphic vectors can also be a perfect web graphic element when you create a grunge-themed website or infographic. This can be perfect for a websites wallpaper to give an angsty accent or feel.
  • Movie Posters. These grunge vectors can also be a perfect design element when creating a feisty or horror film movie posters as the textures will give out creepy and ragged vibes.
  • Home or Office Decor. The grunge texture alone can be a perfect piece of art, hence making its design as part of a home or office decor will make the spaces edgy.

For more uniquely designed vector graphics, you can also check out abstract vectors.

Vector Grunge Clipart

vector grunge cliparts Download

Vector Grunge Background

vector grunge background Download

Colorful Grunge Vector

colorful grunge vector Download

Vintage Grunge Vector

vintage grunge vector Download

What Are the Advantages of Vector Graphics?

The good thing about vector graphics is that they are made to be more flexible when it comes to application as its format complements almost every creative projects such as from print to web graphic elements. The format of a vector graphic is so flexible that modifying it makes it more easier, like when you’re transforming its structure from flat to 3D.

Aside from these angst-themed vector, if you want a more classical vector design, you might find vintage vectors more interesting and insightful. It provides timeless vector styles that can be perfect for any creative projects, which you could all find here on Template.net.

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