9+ Fish Silhouettes


In definition, a silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object, or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color with its edges matching the outline of the subject, a featureless interior and presented on a light background. It became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries but now are used for various reasons such as in graphic design.

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We present to you a compilation of Fish Silhouettes that you can download and use for your projects. These templates are downloadable for free if used personally, but you may have to check for restrictions from the designer if used commercially.  Also, make sure to check out other Animal Silhouettes available on our website.

Fish Bone Silhouette

fish bone silhouette Download

Simple Fish Silhouette

simple fish silhouette Download

Bass Fish Silhouette

bass fish silhouette3 Download

Jumping Fish Silhouette

jumping fish silhouette Download

Fish Bowl Silhouette

fish bowl silhouette Download

What Do Fishes Represent?

There are numerous species of fish, but the creature in general holds some prime symbolic meanings. Let’s take a look at how they are perceived in different cultures.

  • Christianity. Fish symbolizes abundance and faith in Christianity as told in the parable of the two loaves and five fishes. On another note, Jesus and his disciples are also called the “fishers of men” as they preached the good news from God.
  • Greco-Roman mythology. The fish is sacred to the Greco-Roman as it brings the symbolic meaning of change and transformation. It is depicted in the myth of Aphrodite and Heros as they turned themselves into fishes to escape from a typhoon.
  • Celtic. The symbolic meaning of fish in Celtic tradition includes knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and prophecy. Ancient Celts believed the salmon derives its wisdom from the well of knowledge, and eating salmon allows them to gain such wisdom too.
  • Eastern Indian mythology. The fish is a symbol of transformation and creation as known in the ancient flood myth where Vishnu transformed himself into a fish to guide Manu’s boat which contained the seeds of life, which recreated the world.
  • Chinese tradition. In China, the fish represents unity and fidelity as it is known that fishes often swim together in pairs. They are also symbols of fertility and abundance because of their ability to reproduce in large volumes and in a speedy manner.
  • Buddhism. In the Buddhist way of thought, the fish is a representation of happiness and freedom from the confines of societal expectations as the fish are free to swim whenever and wherever they wish. It is one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddha.

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Skeleton Fish Silhouette

skelton fish silhouette Download

Clown Fish Silhouette

clown fish silhouette1 Download

Fish Silhouette Vector

fish silhouette vector Download

Koi Fish Silhouette

koi fish silhouette Download

Free Printable Fish Silhouette

free printable fish silhouette Download

The Types of Silhouettes

Different techniques in creating silhouettes derives the three basic types of silhouettes that are present nowadays. These types are the following:

  • Painted silhouette. This type of silhouette is created by using black ink or paint to draw the image onto a base such as paper, plaster, or porcelain. They are usually categorized by form—namely, full-length, images, or busts.
  • Hollow-cut silhouette. Hollow-cut is usually used for portraits created with paper. The image is cut away from the paper that is usually in light color, which leaves the negative of the image. It is then mounted over a dark paper or fabric.
  • Cut-out silhouette. As opposed to hollow-cut, cut-out silhouettes are created by removing the paper surrounding the outline producing the positive shape of the image. It is then mounted onto a background such as a white cardstock with an adhesive.

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