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10+ Wedding Vectors

A vector or vector graphic is the use of a polygon to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors, which lead through locations called control points or nodes. Each of these points has a definite position on the plane and determines the direction of the path; further, each path may be designated with different attributes such as stroke color, curve, shape, thickness, and fill.

Now, if you planning for your wedding and yet you do not have any design that will fit your taste, then worry no more. Our wedding vector designs are just right for you. There are various choices to choose from. Check them out.

Wedding Card Vector

wedding card vector Download Now

Wedding Invitation Vector

wedding invitation vector Download Now

Wedding Ring Vector

wedding ring vector Download Now

Wedding Couples Vector

wedding couples vector

Floral Wedding Vector

floral wedding vector Download Now

Marriage Rite

A sacred ceremony where two people are united is what we call marriage. A wedding and its customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, beliefs, religions, countries, and other related aspects. Almost all wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by the couple; presentation of gifts (offering rings, symbolic item, flowers, and so on); and a proclamation of marriage by an authority such as priests, pastors, etc. Special wedding costumes are usually worn, and the ceremony is then followed by a wedding reception. Music, prayers, or readings coming from a religious text or literature are also generally associated into the ceremony.

The use of wedding rings have long been part of religious weddings in Europe and America; however, the origin of the custom is vague. But this might have stemmed from the Roman belief in the Vena amoris, which was believed to be a blood vessel that ran from the fourth finger (known as the “ring finger”) directly to the heart. So when a couple wore rings on this finger, their hearts become united. The ceremony is then followed by a wedding reception, in which the customs may include speeches from the groom, the best man, father of the bride, and highly likely the bride herself; the newlyweds’ first dance as a husband and wife; and the cutting of the cake.


Lace Wedding Vector

lace wedding vector

Abstract Wedding Vector

abstract wedding vector Download Now

Wedding Border Vector

wedding border vector Download Now

Wedding Party Vector

wedding party vector

Wedding Labels Vector

wedding labels vector Download Now

Wedding Ribbon Vector

wedding ribbon vector Download Now

Religious Forms of Weddings

Most religions identify a deep-rooted union with established ceremonies and traditions. Some religious beliefs allows polygamous marriages or same-sex marriages. A lot of Christian faiths assert the raising of children as a priority in a marriage. In Judaism, marriage is so necessary that remaining unmarried is considered unusual. Islam also recommends marriage as a top priority list among other things as it aids in the pursuit of spiritual perfection. Hinduism observes marriage as a sacred duty that connects both religious and social responsibilities.

Make It More Special

Regardless of what religion a certain person belongs to, almost all have the same view regarding marriage. It is not just an ordinary ceremony of two people, but a sacred ceremony of a couple being united as one. So if you are planning for your wedding, to make it more meaningful and special, download our special wedding vectors. You can’t see wedding designs this unique and special. There are 10 samples for you to choose from, and all can be downloaded easily to your laptop or computer. You can also edit them if there is something you want to add or change. Make your wedding extra special. Download these including our party vectors now.

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