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Preschool can be a difficult place for parents to send their kids. Although many parents are eager to part ways with their children for a few hours, it is agreed upon that many may lose the will to do so. An awesome way to convince parents to send their children to preschool is by using preschool posters. Aside from marketing your preschool, posters can also reassure parents of the safety and well-being of their children.


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How to Make a Preschool Poster (5 Steps)

  • Step 1: Decide a theme

    When making a preschool poster, you need to have a theme in mind. Having a theme in mind can help you create the design and content of your preschool poster. This Marketing Agency Poster Templates, for example, follows a clean and modern theme. In making a theme, you should have an idea of how you want to market your preschool.

  • Step 2: Create a design

    Once you have the theme of your preschool poster, it should be easy for you to make a design. If you find it too difficult to create an original poster design, you can always use a pre-made preschool poster template. Using templates should be easy, as a majority of the templates we have collected can be edited in user-friendly applications.

  • Step 3: Input the content.

    When inputting the content of the poster, make sure that what you input is relevant to the purpose of why you made the poster. For example, if you were to input the content of this DJ Poster Template, you should try to convince the audience of the poster to attend the DJ event.

  • Step 4: Prepare the materials

    Making posters is a costly affair—more so if you plan on printing out posters onto high quality paper. Before you can start buying the materials you will need, you have to set up a budget. You do not want to spend too much money on materials you will not need in the future. Avoid purchasing an excess of materials.

  • Step 5: Print

    Now that you have your materials, you can now have your posters printed. Since printing out posters generally use up a lot of ink, we recommend that you have this printed in a print shop rather than within the comforts of your home or office. Once you have all your posters printed, you can now put it up.

1. Simple Preschool Design Poster Template

Download This Preschool Poster
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2. Preschool Registration Creative Poster Template

Download This Preschool Poster
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3. Printable Daycare/Preschool Poster Template


Sending a child to daycare or preschool can be a worrying ordeal for both the parent and the child. Reassure parents of the safety and reliability of your preschool by using this informative preschool poster template. It offers a clean and professional layout. What are you waiting for? Use this template now.

4. Standard Back to School Poster Template

preview back to school poster

More often than not, children view school as a dreadful place away from the comforts of home and of parents. Utilize this fun and child-friendly Back to School Poster Template to show children the fun aspects of school. Promotional school posters, after all, should always have a warm and friendly appearance.

5. Preschool Teacher and Children Poster Image Template

smiling kindergarten teacher talks to children sitting in circle and asks them questions preschool a

Children are sent to preschool in order for them to learn how to enjoy spending their day mingling with other kids. With this modern graphic illustration you can use in your promotional poster for your preschool, you can let parents and children alike know that school can be a fun and interesting experience.

6. Free Preschool Kids & Day Care Poster Template


Posters should maintain a look that can appeal to your audience. This preschool poster template comes with a well-organized and well-formatted layout. This poster template comes in three different colors which you can switch as you please. Like this Medical Conference Poster Template, there is a space allocated for information about the program you are promoting.

7. Multipurpose Daycare Poster Layout Template

preview preschool kids activity flyer

Coming with a graphic design of overlapping circles, this cute preschool poster can also double as a flyer. Purchase and download this amazing template now for a price of $6. If you want to get this template, all you have to do is to click on the download button above.

8. Basic Preschool Back to School Poster Template

back to school party poster template

Let students and parents alike know about your back to school opening by using this traditional school poster template. It contains classic illustrations, fonts, and graphics that have long been associated with school. One of the best things about going to school is the students’ acquisition of new school supplies.

9. Modern Preschool Poster/Flyer Template


Bright colors and fun pictures are sure to stimulate the senses of children. Use this template to promote a safe and clean environment for children to stay in. This template is available in three different colors. You can fully edit this in Photoshop. Still worried that you may have difficulty editing it? This purchase comes with an instruction file.

10. Kindergarten Daycare Multipurpose Template

preview kindergarten flyerposter templates

Apart from giving little children a place to stay for long hours of the day, parents send their children to preschool in the hopes of them being able to socialize with other children, as well as acquire cognitive skills. Use this Kindergarten Daycare Multipurpose Template to advertise the benefits of sending children to your preschool.

11. Kindergarten Teacher and Students Poster Image

female teacher read book children sit on floor in circle and listen to her preschool activities and

One of the more important skills any child should learn is to read. The love for reading should be instilled within a person at a young age. Use this Kindergarten Teacher and Students Poster Image Template as a suitable graphic illustration for your poster. This well-made graphic will be effective in promoting the importance of education among young children.

12. Preschool Kindergarten Activity Poster Image Template


Apart from learning, children should make friends and mingle with other children in preschool. At this age, having fun and games is an important method of learning for children. Utilize this poster image illustration for your poster or flyer. For only $14 you can use this design for commercial purposes.

13. Multipurpose School Flyer/Poster Template Download

preview school flyer

Are you looking for a multipurpose school poster template? If so, then we have just the right template for you. This poster layout is perfect for those who want to find a good poster to advertise their preschool, elementary school, and high school. Its neutral, yet well-made, layout makes it a great choice.

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