9+ Bubble Vectors


Bubble vectors can provide a lot of vibrancy and textures to any design. There are a lot of ways that bubble vectors may be used, especially on items that need to reflect the idea of natural freshness.

In this article is a collection of different kinds of bubble vectors that you may use as materials you can incorporate into whatever design project you are currently working on. You can use them as is or you can also mix them up to create abstract vectors that can make your design a little bit more appealing than what you had originally planned.

Water Bubble Vector

water bubble vector Download

Soap Bubble Vector

soap bubble vector Download

Comic Bubble Vector

comic bubble vector Download

Chat Bubble Vector

chat bubble vector Download

Speech Bubble Vector

speech bubble vector Download

Kinds of Bubble Vectors

The usage of bubble vectors depends on the way it has been designed and the textures that are applied in the bubble surfaces. A few samples of bubble vectors include the following:

  • A water bubble vector is a collection of water bubbles that are ideal as add-ons to any design that needs to have a more natural look. Water bubble vectors are composed of water bubbles in different sizes to create a more realistic visual design.
  • Soap bubble vectors are thicker compared to water bubble vectors as it is in real life. The thickness that can be seen in a soap bubble vector can create a more defined bubble outline which is perfect for backdrops and backgrounds, especially when harsh lighting will be applied in the event where the backdrop will be used.
  • Comic bubble vectors are a different kind of bubble design compared to the above mentioned items as they are message bubbles that are commonly used in providing the conversation pieces of comic characters. Comic bubble vectors come in different sizes and shapes to make a comic strip more interesting to look at.

Through the use of retro colors and vintage hues, you can recreate bubble vectors into retro graphic vectors which are very usable in creating retro photo designs.

Abstract  Bubble Vector

abstract bubble vector Download

Blue Bubble Vector

blue bubble vector Download

Water Wave Bubble Vector

water bubble vector1 Download

Speak Bubble Vector

speak bubble vector Download

Bubble Background Vector

bubble background vector Download

Suggestions in Using Bubble Vectors

There are bubble vectors that should be specifically used in a particular process or function. Here are a few suggestions that you may follow in using bubble vectors so you can effectively benefit from their usages:

  • Identify the particular bubble vector that you need to use. This will help you to associate the design of the bubble vector to the material on which it will be placed.
  • Aside from the bubble vector, identify the purpose of the creation of the medium as well. If you will use a bubble vector as an additional material to a marketing campaign tool, you need to make sure that the bubble vector will complement the other materials present in the design.
  • Use the appropriate sizes and textures of bubble vectors depending on the reason why it should be used. If you use a water bubble vector, please keep the look as natural as possible—unless you need to apply a cartoon filter or texture to the entire design.

All the vectors that you may download from this post are free vector art samples. Make sure to select the bubble vector that can make the project that you are creating stand out even more.

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