Time-conscious? Then every hour, day, and month is crucial to achieving your goals. Do you know what you need? A calendar. Having a calendar will help you track your progress. Be creative when you make one to boost your motivation. Choose any of our printable Ready-Made Monthly Calendar Templates in Microsoft Word (DOC)! Each template is uniquely designed by our professional graphic designers. Its editable feature assures you that you can modify them for a perfect fit. Access them with ease across various compatible devices. Want to start your goal early? Then don’t waste time; download your preferred template now!

How to Create a Monthly Calendar in Microsoft Word

Why create a paper monthly calendar when you already have one on your phone? It’s simple. Paper calendars are easier to use compared to a digital calendar. Plus, you won’t experience eye strains even when you look at it for so long. Another thing is everyone can easily look it up in plain view.

Based on studies conducted by the University of Scranton, 92% of people who set their New Year’s goals don’t actually achieve them. That means only 8% of people achieve their goals! One reason behind this low percentage is people tend to think about the end rather than focus on the beginning. It could be January and you’re already thinking about what’s gonna happen in June or July. Here are some tips to help you create a Monthly Planning Calendar using the most user-friendly word-processing program that is Word so you can set and take action with your goals.

1. Choose a Layout

How would you want your calendar to look like? Do you want it cute or formal? What type of calendar are you going to make? Is it a school or a business calendar? You decide. Whether it’s full-paged or not, it’s all up to you. If you’re having a hard time choosing the layout that fits your style, you can always surf the net. There are tons of available templates out there that you can easily refer to.

2. Navigate Microsoft Word

Since Microsoft Word is easy to use, you can start drafting immediately. You're probably an expert already when it comes to navigating this software. Start crafting your event calendar so you can decide if the structure needs to change. Here, you can start making a table, columns, and the number of rows.

3. Insert Wordings

Done with the layout? Now, start filling up the blanks of your 12-month calendar with correct words. Make sure to label with the correct days, dates, and months. Otherwise, everything you set up will be a total disaster. Also, this is the right time to insert your specific goals for a specific date. You can change the font style and color to highlight that particular date. This can be a good addition to your personal planner.

4. Start Adding Creative Designs

A creative calendar is more pleasant to the eyes. When you look at it, you will always be reminded about your set goals, and you’ll be motivated! You have all the freedom to decide what design elements you want to incorporate in your calendar. If you’re making one for your planner, you can add some cute graphics or a photo of a person who inspires you. Be more creative and include your calendar to your notebook and journal!

5. Polish Everything

Review. You don’t want to be disappointed in the end when you print it out and find out you misspelled a word. Also, you won't like it if your schedule will not go as planned. It’s always a good habit to review what you’ve finished, avoiding errors.

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