Simple Invitations Templates

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What is an Invitation Card?

An invitation is a card sent out to guests to inform them that there is an upcoming event and request their presence on a special occasion like weddings and birthdays. With the advent of technology, inviting guests to attend a once in a lifetime event can be done through private messages on social media sites. However, there are still individuals who remain invested in invitation cards. They rely on these to help them request the presence of their guests on the significant event of their life. Sending out invitation cards is a formal and good way to gather friends and family members to celebrate achievements and milestones.

How to Create a Simple Invitation Card?

Regardless of the event you are organizing—from formal gatherings like meetings, seminars, and conferences, to parties like a BBQ invitation party, Christmas party, and birthday party—consider creating an invitation card as part of your preparation. You should also bear in mind that aside from the information presented on the card, its overall appearance is also essential. In this short article, we have outlined a step-by-step procedure to help you design a simple yet aesthetically pleasing invitation card.

1. Stick to the Theme

If you are organizing a themed party, you should incorporate the theme of the event in your design to maintain consistency. For holiday parties like Christmas, your Christmas invitation card should look Christmassy. To do so, make use of colors such as red and green. Moreover, if you are creating an invitation for an anniversary, wedding ceremony, or debut, adding a touch of elegance in your invitation would be the best.

2. Input Details

Now that you have chosen a theme for your invitation, the next step is for you to type the necessary details. It includes the name of the event, venue, time, and date of the party or ceremony. The printed information is an essential element of an invitation card, which is why you have to make sure that everything you wrote are complete and correct. Also, choose a typeface that is legible in both digital and print media.

3. Add Design Elements

Other visual elements in your design will make your invitation look simple yet unique. If you are aiming for a classy or elegant design style for a wedding invitation card, you may add a silver or gold-colored border. For a 1st birthday or 18th birthday invitation, you may also add a photo of the celebrant. However, avoid overfilling your invitation with too much graphic elements. Remember that there is beauty in simplicity.

4. Include the RSVP

An invitation card is incomplete without RSVP information; it lets the event hosts know the approximate number of people who will attend the celebration. A response from the invitees helps the organizers plan out a successful event or party. Also, it will give them a definite idea about how much food, tables, and seats they should prepare for the upcoming event.

5. Print and Distribute

Lastly, print out your invitation cards and distribute them to the people you wish to see during the event. You may also enclose your invitations with an envelope. If there are guests who aren’t near your geographical location, you may send the invitation through email. Alternatively, you may skip some steps listed above and download our ready-made invitation templates. Here in, we have creative templates for your housewarming, baby shower, birthday, BBQ invitation cards, and more!