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How to Create a Simple Flyer?

how to create a flyer that sells and gets results

According to a DMA article on consumer perceptions regarding door drops, the retail sector has the most investment wins and consumer response with 9 in 10 people happy to receive retail-based unaddressed mail. Fast-moving consumer goods brands closely followed this list, then restaurants and local services. The most significant bulk due to high ROI is Estate Agents, Gyms, and Garages (car sales showrooms such as Perrys Mazda).

1. Download a Design Software

The first step in creating a personalized, simple flyer is to have any graphic design software that will allow you to get your ideas out of your head. There's much available software in the market, namely, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Remember to download or buy these programs from legit stores or through lawful means. Getting something from a third-party distributor can risk having to deal with malware or viruses that can damage your personal computer.

2. Open The Application

After downloading the application, it's now time to open it. Remember to set your computer settings right. Sometimes, it might be impossible for you to open the program may be because you are missing some graphics programming (examples are C or C++). Also, at times, it's due to a hardware problem, so try and use the settings at the minimum. If it can't run, try and download of a lower scale (rather than downloading Photoshop CS6 try and download CS5 instead).

3. Include A Background

To start, you need an eye-catching background if you want your sample flyer to do its purpose. Be careful not to overdo it with a colorful design. A rainbow background would be beautiful, but if it's too vivid, you might hurt the reader's eyes rather than please it. That's why exercising caution in designing posters and flyers is also a great habit. There's an unwritten rule in designing, which is only to use at most four colors or fonts. Don't overly design your flyer; make it simple and powerful.

4. Add Proper Details

After developing an excellent background, it's now time to add details on your flyer. The details should be concise and straightforward. Remember not to write many things on the page as you might with a card message or greeting. You are supposed to be writing descriptions within your flyer and not a page on a book. So, be sure always to make them as catchy as possible. More so, if you are planning to write something for advertisement purposes.

5. Export or Save, and Print

With everything done, it's now time to export or save it. Saving the promotional flyer design on your device is essential. You must always have a backup file. This move ensures that you have something to return to if some problems arise with your current data. Sometimes, the program doesn't have the save option, but it has the export one. Don't be confused; it's still the same. Now that you are ready to print them all click the button and start publishing your real estate, cafe, or restaurant flyers.

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