Simple Poster Templates

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What is a Simple Poster?

A simple poster is a printed piece of paper that usually contains both textual and graphic elements. It is called simple because it utilizes a minimal amount of designs. It is simply a static, visual medium that you can use to convey ideas and messages (normally of paper and board type).

How to Make a Simple Poster

In order to be effective and beneficial, posters are designed to catch the attention of the target audience that you want to educate. Take note, majority of the audience has a short span of attention. You have to be keen and meticulous on details you need to include. Your creative poster must contain an eye-catching and concise message that will certainly entice readers. Below, we present useful tips and easy-to-follow instructions.

1. Plan for a Concept 

Winning posters are carefully planned. The first thing you do in planning for a concept for your simple poster presentation is to gather information. Consider the What's, How's, and the Why's of the task that you wanted to complete. Study and understand the strategy and outcomes you will be taken. Your poster idea should communicate to a target market. If your poster does not hook readers, your efforts will be wasted.

2. Layout and Organize the Elements

Since you are to create a simple poster, simplicity is key. Do not be tempted to put too many different elements just to grab the reader's attention. Keep your medium simple and easy-to-follow. Make use of the space, but do not overcrowd with information. Be concise and present only relevant information. Organize each section to provide readers a comfortable reading experience.

Poster examples like academic and scientific posters are simple, yet effective ways of disseminating research information. 

3. Use Color Sparingly

Color is one of the key elements known to be useful in planning your event poster design. It adds life and meaning to your message. Make use of color as a way to emphasize, identify and add value. Prefer color combinations with contrasting colors from the background and the foreground that complement one another.

4. Make Sure it's Readable from a Distance

After you carefully arrange the elements, make sure that your sample poster can be seen and read from a distance. It is a need that your poster will draw the reader's attention. An article states that posters must be visible at a distance and comprehended in one glance. Moreover, to successfully present text on the poster, a study suggests that the primary headline should be large, 90-150 point bold, readable at a distance of three meters and, the body text should be 26-32 point. Refrain from having a long title. A brief and clear headline will offer an automatic understanding of what the poster is all about.

Just a tip, do not use more than two font types. It will make your work distracting and confusing. Font types that are highly recommended are Times New Roman and Arial.

5. Educate the Readers

Winning poster does not only possess creative and aesthetic elements but also an informative one. Giving useful information may awaken the readers' interest and they would probably read the whole thing. Take note, do not confuse your target audience to avoid misconceptions. Your modern poster must work as a tool to provide eye-catching messages that will definitely educate them. Off-putting your reader because of irrelevant matters may lead to the ineffectiveness of the medium. Statistics show that 45% of consumers purchase after seeing an advertisement in print. It also shows 58% of consumers trust the advertisements seen on print rather than on radio or podcasts.

6. Print and Produce

Before getting it on print, verify the whole thing. Re-read the content. If you happen to spot errors, correct those right away. After that, you are now ready to print your desired poster. We recommend you to have it printed on poster printing shops in order to use high-quality papers to ensure durability and long-term consumption. Produce and post your poster in a public place where most people pass by. Take note, when posting a poster on a private wall, consider asking permission to the owner.