Certificates play an important role in celebrating a person's achievement, completion, or simply to express appreciation. These documents provide validation to a person's academic accomplishment, the fulfillment of a training course, or professional experience. Are you looking for certificate samples? Then you are in the right place! Browse through our wide variety of Simple Certificate Templates which are all editable in different file programs for your convenience. These templates have user-friendly features with modern designs, and a printable format. So go ahead, avail our subscription plan today!

What Is A Simple Certificate?

A simple certificate is a printed certificate that supports a fact, a right, a status, or a privilege of the person whose name is printed on it. These documents authenticate a person's credentials or qualifications giving validity to the training or course that this person went through. Certificates can give you an edge against your competition when you're applying for a university or college, or when you're trying to secure a job in your preferred company.

How To Make A Decent Simple Certificate?

Certificates are usually made of specialty papers or high-quality cardstocks and are printed using state-of-the-art printers to bring out the best possible output. Although they're just printed documents to some, they hold a special and important value to the people or person who receives it. To be able to produce a custom certificate for such an award, here are some steps that you can utilize to create this special token.

1. The Information Should Be Complete And Accurate

In order for a certificate to be credible and authentic, make sure to indicate all the necessary information and add the key elements to its contents. Let's say you're making an appreciation certificate. The contents should include the title, the recipient, the award-giving body, the date the certificate will be given, the description, the names and signatures of the assigned signatories.

2. Give Emphasis To The Award Title

The main headline of the document should highlight the title of the award. It can be an of the completion certificate, an excellence certificate, a certificate of participation, a certificate of accomplishment, and others. You can also incorporate the name of the organization that is giving out this award for acknowledgment and to build brand recognition.

3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

For a certificate to be valid, it must contain the signatures and/or the seals of the specific authorities or representatives from the award-giving body. There should be at least two signatures imprinted on each certificate. These elements are what make an award certificate legit and trustworthy. It also delivers the importance and the value that it possesses to whomsoever receives it, may it be a student or a professional.

4. Customizing Your Chosen Certificate Template

Make sure that the design reflects the theme and the message that the certificate must carry. You can be creative and stylish with the border design, the color scheme, and the shapes or images in making the design for your certificate template. You can use a broader, bigger, and more captivating font style and size to highlight the title of the certificate and the name of the certificate recipient. Adding a background or a watermark can be optional and will depend on the type of creative certificate you are making.

5. Advantages Of Having A Professional Certificate

The importance of having a company certificate is it gives you a separation against your competitors. Since you have undergone special training or programs that they haven't been trained or experienced yet, you can perform and complete any given tasks with increased efficiency and accuracy. It adds up and upgrades your knowledge and skills in a particular field and helps build your credibility as a professional.

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