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What Is a Simple Rack Card?

A simple rack card is a document that is utilized in commercial advertising, usually in areas that tend to attract significant foot traffic. As such, you can expect to find these in places like hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, malls, rest areas, and various others. These custom cards are typically sized in the dimensions of 4x9 inches, although there are also instances where they come in 5x7 envelope size. Due to the nature of its purpose, even a simple card design can be expected to be quite lively and attractive.

How to Create a Simple Rack Card?

simple rack card template

When it comes to the creation process of a simple rack card, you can be guaranteed a relatively easy and quick experience. However, that will depend on what you have in mind, as well as whether or not you have the right set of instructions or tips to help you out. For the latter, look to the following step-by-step guide below and see for yourself how you can turn your commercial advertising dreams into a reality. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at the very first step:

1. Choose The Right Template For Your Rack Card

If you want to save time from creating your rack card from scratch, then the best move you can make is to look for the right template. For example, Adobe InDesign templates may be the most appropriate choice for your needs, so download a sample and get straight to work.

2. Be Sure to Add The Necessary Texts to The Rack Card

With your rack card template already chosen, now comes the part where you add your own content. Make edits to your template and add whatever copy you may have planned so that the rack card becomes better suited to your particular needs.

3. Be Sure to Add Some Additional Graphics or Images to The Rack Card

Now that you have finished adding the necessary text to the modern rack card, you may now proceed to insert the necessary graphics or images. Both the text and images are vital to the success of your commercial advertising efforts, so whatever you decide to implement needs to be capable of complementing each other well.

4. Consider The Rack Card Size

As mentioned above, there are two notable sizes: 4x9 and 5x7. When creating a particular card, it is best to take into consideration what the actual product’s size will be, which can be either of the two, both, or even neither, if you wish to experiment.

5. Print Out Your Rack Card or Send It Digitally

The last step that you need to take would be to decide how you are to make use of the recently-completed rack card. If everything is all good to go, then the next logical step would be to print it out. However, if you still need approval from a superior or if there is a need to show others, then maybe you can send it digitally via email and print it in a good cardstock.

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