Before getting the sales that you want, mass recognition and patronage should be your first target. While there are a lot of mediums to do that, magazine advertising is yet, a good and effective platform. Use our Free Ready-Made Simple Magazine Ad Templates now and save your time and effort. These are available in PSD and InDesign. All these samples are professionally made and highly editable for your specific requirements. All premade elements are original, 100% customizable, printable, and of premium quality. Download and use this now to let your brands have the exposure and the results it deserves. Subscribe now and start downloading!

What is a Magazine Ad?

Magazine Ad is a type of print advertising that circulates visual and written information about a particular brand or business. This can be placed in specialized sections of the magazine, depends on the agreement of the magazine publishers and the business people.

Many businesses have continuously opting to include this type of medium for their marketing campaign because of its reasonable advantages. One major benefit is its easy and direct advertising to the target audience. For example, kitchenware will most likely be read upon to a food magazine where the target reach is the people who cook. A nutritional supplement can be found in a health magazine and so on.

How to Create a Simple Magazine Ad?

1. Make Your Headline Loud

In terms of advertising, we will always want recognition. Even though we cannot force our readers to do such things for us. Thus, it is our top priority to win their attention even though a glance and amidst our competitors. One starting way you can achieve, make your headline impactful and loud. It will be your first few words to say to your potential customers/clients. Write it with your best foot forward. One most useful tips in creating a powerful headline by composing it short. Give your readers a sense of intrigue, curiosity, or sympathy that you can direct him or her to browse in your magazine ad.

2. Show Off Your Special Deals Promptly

Now that you’ve got their interest, do not waste any moment in not communicating your offers to them. Strikingly compose your copy. Always take into account that your reader might have done a lot of reading from the whole magazine material before bumping on your magazine ad page. Write it down, concisely and comprehensively. Your readers are immediately interested in how you can address their problems when your products/services are by their hands.

3. Amplify Your Visual Elements

There will also be no room for dull, blunt, and poor quality on your visual elements. This goes for your images, graphic design, and overall layout. Make sure these elements are professionally-taken, set on its highest quality possible, the more vibrant, the better. Design it that will make an absolute standout of all the content of the sample magazine. Always remember that a magazine is a multi-page document, filled with lots of content. It should be eye-catching even in a snap. Pop your magazine ads up!

4. Be Reachable

This is the part of your magazine ad where your target audience can start doing something to attain your offerings. Provide your strong CTA or Call-to-Action statements. Concurrently, include your available contact channel. Indicate correctly your contact numbers, email address, social media pages, or store address, the QR codes, etc. Always take a keen review of this portion of your creative magazine.

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