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What Is A Simple Postcard?

A simple postcard is a piece of a written or online document that is rectangular intended for mailing or emailing. It embodies a message along with a photograph showcasing a specific establishment, scenery, and more. They are usually sent for an event or holiday like Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, birthday and such.

How To Make A Simple Postcard?

In the business world, a postcard is a multipurpose promotional and advertising plan that you can utilize. Aside from a simple flyer, a simple postcard is an inexpensive yet effective advertising strategy. You can make one for your cleaning business, gym business, construction business, and more. Today, this article will share our best simple postcard layout making tips so you can make one personally. Follow these tips to avoid marking your simple postcard email or mail as spam.

1. Make It Minimalistic

Even though you want to cram more information for complete data, in your simple postcard, it may result in a negative impression. Your recipient might be scrolling and sifting through stacks and stacks of an email so make your postcard minimalistic. You might wonder why a minimalistic postcard is preferable? Simply because your client would want to read a straightforward content. Simple messaging and design is a practical, eye-catching strategy.

2. Include Offers And Discounts

If you are a real estate agent, including offers and discounts in your postcard would increase its popularity. Instead of showing a generic message, you can show that your company cares through offering them discounts. Include a relevant offer of the product you are offering. Give them the reason to pay attention to your postcard.

3. Convey Clear And Simple Message To Your Audience

The primary purpose of your postcard is to communicate with your clients. Include demographic factors that will serve as a visual element as well. E.g., if you are planning for your gym postcard, inserting an image of a group of teenagers working out together is an excellent addition to your simple and basic postcard.

4. Indicate A Call-To-Action

You want your audience to make a reaction to your action, so indicate a call-to-action section to your postcard. Because your audience does not know that much about your product, make your set of instructions as transparent and simple as possible.

5. Or You Can Download Simple Postcard Templates

Another option you can do is to download simple postcard templates here at As simple as it sounds, our templates are simple to use. It is built especially for our customers with or without experience in making a postcard. You do not need to worry about compatibility as our templates are easily editable in any file format you wanted.

6. Review and Print Your Simple Postcard

To make sure that your simple postcard is print-ready, you need to proofread it. From the front to its back, it must be scanned and revised if applicable. This is the most crucial part of making your simple postcard because you will now print it. You can make a test run for your printing to make sure that you will produce a high-quality and standard-based simple yet creative postcard.

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