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What Is a Simple Voucher?

As the name suggests, a simple voucher can be defined as a voucher that has a simple or minimalist design. A sample voucher, on the other hand, is a small piece of paper that entitles its holder to discounts, although there are also other vouchers that actually have a cash value.

How to Create a Simple Voucher

simple voucher template

How can you make your voucher attract the attention of people while still keeping it simple? We'll tell you how and we'll do it in just six simple steps. Refer to the instructions below to learn how a minimalist voucher design is capable of generating leads.

1. Embrace the Nature of Simple or Minimalist Designs

For you to pull off something according to how it should be, it might be best to embody the theme which in this case, is simplicity or minimalism. A minimalist design can be characterized by having fewer than usual elements and focuses more on features that actually emphasize on delivering the information. If you are able to pull it off correctly, a simple design may look better than fancy ones.

2. Explain to Yourself the Purpose of Your Simple Vouchers

If you can't even tell yourself why you're creating vouchers, then how can you persuade people to take note of it? Before you can start creating your vouchers, you need to explain to yourself why you need to do it and what's your basic plan to do with it afterward. Just think of this as a motivation wherein it'll help guide you on what to do.

3. Prepare the Necessary Content and Elements

Perhaps now you already have a clearer picture of your voucher's design and what elements you can add to it. With that concept, you can start gathering all the elements you need for the design as well as the content. When preparing the content, you may want to write them in bullet points for easy reference, and make sure to also provide a sample list of terms and conditions.

4. Start Making your Simple Voucher's Design

By using a graphics editing tool such as Photoshop or Illustrator, or a document processing application such as MS Word, Publisher, or Apple Pages, you can start working on your voucher's design. Be mindful, though, that while all of those are excellent tools, graphics editors lean more towards the graphical aspects of the design while document processors are more on the text. Simply choose an application that is most applicable to you.

5. Add the Voucher's Content and Proofread

By using the same tool that you used for creating the voucher ticket design, you can start adding the content based on the details that you have gathered in the previous step. However, you may be allowed to use a different tool for this as long as it is compatible with the one you used previously. As always, don't forget to proofread the content after adding it, especially in the terms and conditions section.

6. Print or Share Your Simple Vouchers

Some people prefer to get their hands on an already printed voucher while others prefer to download, edit, and print it themselves. Do whichever is more convenient for you although you are allowed to do both if you want to. The bottom line here is that you are able to produce simple vouchers that businesses can use for entitling their customers to special discounts.

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