How to Write a Google Review without a Gmail Account

Why can’t I write a Google review, you might ask? To create Google review account is unnecessary because even without a Gmail account, writing reviews on Google Maps and other platforms allowed by Google is certainly possible. With Google Reviews, clients can review about a business through anonymous reviews and other ways when you follow the tutorial below. how-to-write-a-google-review-without-a-gmail-account.

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How to Write a Google Review without a Gmail Account

  • Step 1: Look for a Business or Subject You Want to Review


    Whether you are logged in or out to your Google Mail account, you can simply look for the business or topic you want to leave a review at by searching the name on Google search. You can tell which examples let you create ratings with as seen on the right side of Google search results that has a button “Write a Review” on desktop or the “Reviews” tab via mobile.

  • Step 2: Opt to Review without a Gmail Account


    When you click “Write a Review,” a window would ask you to sign in. But since you don’t want to use your Google account, select “Use another account” followed by “Create account.” From there, you may choose whether to make one for yourself, a child, or a business. Tap “Use my current email address instead,” and just follow the rest of the instructions inputted there such as writing your personal details and typing a verification code.


    Even though the top states “Create your Google Account,” it doesn’t actually have to let you create one.

  • Step 3: Leave a Rating


    You will automatically see five empty stars and that marks where you rate a business or subject from one star to five stars. Just select your preferred number of stars since each starred will be filled with color according to your rating.

  • Step 4: Expound Your Review


    Customers or reviewers don’t have to rely on starred ratings alone. There is also room to provide detailed reviews or feedback below that starred section. So be honest in expounding your review and you may also add photos or media as evidence to your review.

How to write a Google Review on phone for Google Maps

Whether you are using Android or iPhone, open Google Maps first. Look for the business or place you want to leave a review, click it, select “Reviews,” and leave a rating shortly.

How to sign in with your Google account to write a review

Just head to and sign in. However, you need to create a Google email account first if you don’t have a Google account.

Can I sign in or sign out of Google to leave reviews?

Yes, signing in or out of Google still leaves you the capability to create reviews as long as you know how to sign in or sign out of Gmail.