How To Do A Word Count On Apple Pages

It is possible that you’ll need to look at certain statistics for whatever reason if you create documents on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac using Pages. This can include the number of words, characters, or pages counted, as these pieces of information are also vital in making sure of your document’s quality regardless of its purpose.

How To Do A Word Count On Apple Pages

Apple has a reputation for going above and beyond in making sure their users are provided with every bit of information that they need about their work or project. This fact has always been evident in all of the company’s innovative technologies. If you’re trying to ensure you’re meeting the required word count for your essay or book, here are simple steps in tracking the number of words in your work.

  • Step 1: Select the View menu button

    The option on the menu shifts depending on which statistical measure was chosen at an earlier point. For instance, if the previous time you used the counter, “characters with spaces” was selected, the choice on the menu that corresponds to this is “Hide Character Count.”

  • Step 2: Click the word count box.

    After selecting the Show Word Count item on the menu bar, the word counter will appear at the bottom of your document. If you select that box, you’ll also be able to view the total number of characters (both with and without spaces), the total number of paragraphs, and the total number of pages.

  • Step3: Select a text

    If you wish to count the number of words on a specific sentence in your document, highlight the text by dragging your mouse through it. You will see that the word count at the bottom of the page automatically adjusts. While the text is still selected, you can let go of the mouse or trackpad and then click the word count box to view the total number of characters in that highlighted text, both with and without the spaces.

  • Step 4: Hide the word counter

    Simply select View > Hide Word Count from the menu bar if you wish to conceal the word count and any other counts you may have displayed.


How do you view word counts in Pages on iPhone?

On your iPhone, you can find and turn the Word Count toggle on by tapping the More button (it looks like three dots) on the upper right-hand side.

What is the word count on Apple Pages?

The word count of a document or section of text in Apple Pages is the total number of words that are contained within it, and it may be necessary for situations when a text is expected to adhere to a certain number of words.

How do you view statistics for a part of a document in Apple Pages?

Word count and other statistics can be shown exclusively for a specific section of a document by selecting a section of the text, such as the paragraph.

How many words should there be in a Paragraph when using Apple Pages?

It is common for paragraphs to be between 100 and 200 words long, but there are many exceptions to this general rule.

Is it necessary to display document statistics in Apple Pages?

No, it is unnecessary, but you may choose to display or hide it while working on your document in Apple Pages.