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15+ Word Pantone Color Chart Templates Free Download

It takes much more than a normal Word color palette to design professional quality business cards, newsletters, releases, pamphlets, brochures, templates, catalogs, logo making, documents, flyers and other publications. A pantone color chart stands as an enhancement to industrial community as well as graphical professional to make easy access to advanced color tools. The world’s leading desktop publisher “Microsoft” incorporates professional level Pantone Color Chart to its programs.

1588+ FREE & Premium Chart Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

> Why is it Beneficial

  • Apart from access to expert color tools, users/publishers/graphical users can reproduce any specified color theme with the integrated PANTONE Colors chart that fulfills each aspect business graphics and designing.
  • The templates made with Pantone colors are easy to communicate with their appropriate structuring.
  • The comprehensive palette of over 3,000 PANTONE color chart CMYK color combinations enables color identification, modification and controlling for four-color process template, newsletter or any publishing printing.
  • Graphic experts, professionals, industry standards, general users could easily rely on PANTONE Color support, science, color selection, reproduction and communication into making their templates, presentations and other documents appear appealing.

Pantone Matching System Color Chart in word

Pantone Color Wheel in Word Format

Word Blue Pantone Color Chart Free Download

Brown Pantone Color Chart Word File Download

Black Pantone Color Chart Word Free Download

Burgundy Pantone Color Chart Word File Free Download

Fabric Pantone Color Chart Word Format Download

Green Pantone Color Chart Word Document

Grey Pantone Color Chart Word Format

Gold Pantone Colour Chart in Word Format

Maroon Pantone Color Chart MS Word File

Orange Pantone Color Chart Microsoft Document

Pink Pantone Color Chart Word File

Yellow Pantone Color Chart Word File

PANTONE Color Selection for Word Applications, PowerPoint and Excel

What is so advantageous and alluring about Pantone Color chart is that, it offers same level of color appropriateness to Office 2000 users as that of Windows, 7, 8, 97, and 98, MS-Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Office with Color Assistant. So, it literally allows everyone to use effective colors in their templates, business proposals, presentations etc. Get the PANTONE Color Assistant from any retail channel, official website, mail order catalogue or directly through 888 PANTONE to design your professional quality template. A beautifully colored theme template can make for a clearly detailed document. You may also see Color Chart Templates

Let Your Template Talk With Pantone Color Communication

PANTONE is now globally used by companies for effectively communicating and reproducing color matching. Color science that originated particularly for the graphic arts industry is now applicable in each aspect of creativity and designing. Any kind of template for business, professional or academic use can be created using the PANTONE Hexachrome process source for communication of color. The globally accepted and appreciated color process by Pantone of six-color ultra high quality is not just used by graphical designers but the companies are using it for their publishing process. This can keep your inventions and enterprise running creatively and smoothly.

How to Change Pantone Colors in Word Doc

If the users seek to develop typical templates or change pantone in Word Font that can be further modified as per customers preference then it is better to know that it can be altered by using a link i.e. converting pantone colors to RGB (Red, Green, and Blue). RGB is a computer color language that needs to be converted to Pantone for alterations. A font color is not a particular font type but is an attribute of Style, so setting particular Style to your template gets easy by assigning the RGB value that is in accord of your Pantone.

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1588+ FREE & Premium Chart - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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