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In order to captivate user’s attention, newsletters need to be dramatic and engaging so that users will appreciate their precious time reading it but in case if they are dull and boring then it would feel like a waste of time. Word Newsletter Templates are instrumental in finding the perfect solutions for you. Newsletters crafted out of these premium templates are not only interesting but attracts the reader through the use of choicest colors, fonts and backgrounds. The best part is that they can be bought for free in the internet and is at the disposal of the user to further tweak and personalize it as per tastes.

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Free Corporate Email Newsletter


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Fashion Email Newsletter Template


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Photography Email Newsletter


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Product Email Newsletter


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Travel Email Newsletter Template


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Restaurant Email Newsletter


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Word Newsletter Templates For Email Marketing

Email newsletters are exceedingly important and must for every business these days. Any organization, big or small, opts for email newsletters as the necessary marketing tool. And more importantly, it is quite effective.

Importance of Using Word Newsletter Templates

There are several word-newsletter-templates available that can be downloaded for free. Using these templates, you can redefine the outlook of your mail. Customized templates work always best for any business communications that helps in representing the business along with your identity in context to the business. The newsletters definitely provide an insight to your work, very similar to the websites or labels of a printed product. However, it can be little big intimidating to get started, but developing a customizable newsletter template may not be difficult enough. Simply select the software to distribute and then send it accordingly to the first group email. Remember, business professionals are accustomed to receiving high amount of emails on a regular basis. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the newsletter send from your side stands out tall in the crowd.

While you are surfing online for some top templates, there can be many which have designated themes so that they can be used specifically. There are some ‘green’ templates having an interface which provide a refreshing look or a real estate themed one which will work beautifully in its niche or one which is even more stylish and makes you achieve your goal easily. Creating newsletter templates which will inevitably be popular and phenomenal is now possible but only with the use of such awesome templates which have been designed by some of the best designers in the industry.

Best collection of Word Newsletter Templates

July Newsletter Template

worddraw.com | The July Newsletter template has a patriotic feel in its layout. This newsletter format comes with a font called Carbon Block. This perfect matches with the word art header. It can be substituted by other font styles too.

Church Newsletter Template

Basic and minimalistic design, the church newsletter template comes with a white background and black fonts. This sample newsletter template has a perfect blend of cursive and normal font stylization to create an impressive appearance.

School Newsletter Template

School newsletter template has a light tone and works perfectly with any device, mobile, tablet or desktop. This newsletter design template free download comes with Google web fonts, attractive color combination, and customizable layout.

Free Classroom Newsletter Template

busyteacherscafe.com | This is a one page newsletter template that comes with an easy and simple layout. It assures perfect customization options. Also, the template is customizable and fits perfectly for classroom projects and blogs.

Seasonal Email Newsletter Template

With a perfectly professional layout, email newsletter template comes with sharp contrast and rich set of colorization. These corporate newsletter templates are perfectly apt for professional news sites and journal pages.

Our Class Newsletter Template MS Word

eduscapes.com | Class newsletter template word can be integrated perfectly with MS Word. This internal newsletter template is truly customizable and can be used for designing newsletters and white pages for educational as well corporate sector.

Mortgage Broker Newsletter Template

Mortgage Broker Newsletter template comes with an exactly newspaper layout. The business newsletter template word format can be easily customizable and assures 100% compatibility with every web browser available presently. It offers the best visuals and fonts.

Free Newsletter Article Download

guthyjacksonfoundation.org | This Newsletter Article Download template comes for free. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. These free newsletter templates word are also compatible with Adobe Photoshop and promises easy customization option with simple interference.

Homeowners Association Newsletter Template

Homeowners Association Newsletter Template has a cool layout. The use of subtle colors makes these Microsoft word newsletter templates very easy to the eyes. Add to it the use of perfect customizable fonts that make this template a must for blogs and homeowner based sites.

Development of Newsletter Template

educateiowa.gov | Development of Newsletter Template is a basic Wordpress theme that comes with minimalistic and simple layout. This employee newsletter template word format can be perfectly integrated into MS Word and can be customized as per the requirement.

Medical Clinic Newsletter Template

With an extremely colorful layout, the medical clinic newsletter template promises to be perfect for corporate websites, medical portals, and blogs. This company newsletter template is editable and ensures 100% compatibility with PCs and mobile devices.

Newsletter and Web Site Article

educateiowa.gov | Another simple template, Newsletter and Web Site Article promises an easy to customize interface to work with. This newsletter template word has a black and white layout with Google web fonts and layered PSD files to work with.

Golf Resort Newsletter Template

Email Newsletter Template Free Download

Hamilton County Historical Society Newsletter


Sports Newsletter Template


Foster Care & Adoption Newsletter Template

Kindergarten Newsletter Template

Human Resource Management Newsletter Template

Christmas Newsletter Template Free Download

Fire Safety Newsletter Template

Middle School Classroom Newsletter Template

Primarily to be used by the teachers, schools etc, the Middle School Classroom Newsletter Template can be created on Word or PDF format and in excel files, it can be customised with preferred images and content in different columns and rows.

Free Classroom Newsletter Template Word

John Lyon School Newsletter Template


Company Newsletter Template PDF Format


Real Estate Newsletter Template


Monthly School Newsletter Template


Taking the First Step

Most crucial of all, this step is basically the planning phase. In the phase, the working process of the microsoft newsletter templates is discussed. Try to figure out whether the newsletter template has been designed to sell all the products. Learn about the traffic generating ability towards the website. Try to be absolutely specific about the actions to be taken by the subscribers to view the emails. Once the planning is done, it becomes easy enough to take the decision for the startup. Consider the overall branding in the designing process also. The newsletter needs to match the website perfectly while representing the brand name and printed materials. The subscribers must have a clear idea about the sender for the email once they view it. This would also encourage people to read and open the mails while positively establishing some kind of back link to the company.

It is absolutely a necessity to consider the frequency and tone of the newsletter messages. It is necessary to focus on the subject line as well number of words being used since they depict idea about the content and quality of the mail. You need to invest some additional time into crafting the ideal message along with writing prior to sending every single newsletter.

Going Big with the Images

Overlooking a nice photograph may not be that easy. Henceforth, it is necessary to use striking visuals at top of every email newsletter to draw people in. It is always necessary to place the right set of images in the most perfect positions. Be it inforgraphics, illustrations, or photos, they needs to be placed at the top half of best newsletter template to make sure that the best part of the visuals is just above the scrolling zone. You need to opt for images that are perfectly in-sync with the message. It should not be photograph of Leonardo di Daprio with the Oscars for an article that highlights war affected region of Syria!

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