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12+ Architect and Architecture Firm Website Themes & Templates

Architects inhibit a cutthroat world. Construction of buildings is not light on the pocket, so is designing one. It is for this reason that investors look at an architect’s or an architecture firm’s track record before asking them to design their new headquarters or office. You may also see website themes for architecture.

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All in all, this track record can make or break an architect’s job opportunity, and in extension, their livelihood. Thus, it is essential for an architect to be able to produce his or her body of work to potential clients as fast as possible or run the risk of missing a possible project that pays well. It is essential for an architect to have a portfolio that is available whenever he or she needs it. You may also see Joomla architecture templates.

Architecture and Interior Website HTML Template

Construction Multipage Website Template

Modern Architecture & Interior Template

Websites are some of the most innovative inventions that came with the invention of the Internet. Their versatility is what made the internet what it is today. Websites can come in many forms and can be used for different purposes. You can use your website to hold personal information or as a mini diary or blog. If you are trying to market or promote something, you can use a website to do so. You can even use a website to set up shop and sell different products across the Internet. You may also see construction website templates.

For those in the business architecture, however, the greatest use of a website is to hold a portfolio. Creating a portfolio website makes it easier for potential customers to look at the architect’s work history as research. An architect’s website is not limited to being a portfolio, it can double as a marketing tool for the architect himself. It can even double as a way for the possible customer to contact the architect or architecture firm if they decide to hire the site’s owner.

Architecture and Interior HTML Template

Architecture Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Architecture & Interior Website Theme

Creative Architecture Website Template

Responsive Architecture Template

Tips for Your Architect or Architecture Firm Website

Although it an architect’s website can serve as his portfolio, keeping it that way would be wasting the website’s potential. Bear in mind that the customers visit a website because of three main reasons: to gather ideas, to ask and look for specific ideas, and to hire possible architects.

The last one is what an architect should aim for, and as such, they must craft their website with that end goal in mind. To do this, your website must be able to do at least these three functions: show your capabilities as an architect, help people find and contact you, generate leads and turn them into paying clients. You may also see engineering website templates.

1. Show your capabilities

This is the portfolio part of your website. It is important for your website to carry samples of your previous design to give an idea of the extent of your skill and experience. That being said, the design of your website should also carry these capabilities. If you have a website that is ill-structured, that impression may carry through to your architectural portfolio. When you show your capabilities through your website, don’t limit it to showing your portfolio but also do it through your website’s design and structure.

2. Help people find you

Gone are the days when people run to the nearest yellow pages to look for possible service providers. No, the internet has made those paper directories obsolete. The only problem now is that there are numerous websites that litter the internet. At least five hundred websites are created per minute on the internet. That is at least thirty thousand per hour and seven hundred twenty thousand per day. It takes a huge and active online presence for customers to consider hiring you or your firm among the other ones that are vying for their attention and business. It is imperative that you add your own website to local listings and search engines such as Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing so that it appears in search results. You may also see interior design website templates.

3. Turn leads into paying clients

Your website must work to promote you. Your website’s design must not only entice the audience into visiting, but also turn them into paying customers. Remember that your website may not only serve as a container for your previous work experiences but also as a marketing tool to gather potential clients.

Responsive Architecture Website Template

Construction and Architecture HTML Template

What to Do with your Architecture Website

1. Visuals

Architecture is a visual art. How else is your audience going to see the extent of your talents if you nothing to show them? In creating your website, make sure that you include pictures, especially that of your previous work. As much as possible upload pictures that show the best looks of your architectural works. Do remember though that just having pictures is not enough. In the internet, pictures only work with text. This text must work along with your photographs and give your audience background or additional information of what they are looking at. You may also see sample construction website themes.

2. Update

One of the biggest mistakes that architects do on creating their website is not to update it. They treat it like a flyer design or brochure design and think that it will do work once it goes live. There just is no reason to keep coming back. A good website has something that keeps the audience coming back and check what is new. It is a good idea to keep updating your website with new projects to keep your online audience engaged. Doing so maintains the idea that your firm is successful and avoids the perception that you are not working and that all your projects are outdated.

3. You

People don’t usually trust a faceless organization or entity. They trust a human face and a human personality. It is a good idea to allow your site to carry a bit of yourself. Aside from allowing your audience to see a glimpse of your personality, it is also a good way to keep your website updated. Editorial contents and first-person narratives are good ideas to include to give an impression of your audience that they are interacting with a person. It also helps build trust and relationship with potential customers. You may also see construction HTML5 themes.

4. Your Authority

Showing that you are human and not a faceless corporation to your audience may be good for building your audience’s trust, but it is not enough. To cement this trust, you must show them that you are an expert in your field. The main reason that your audience has visited your site is of course to research and look for someone with architectural expertise. Personality is just a bonus. That being said, don’t just regurgitate what expert websites are saying. Teach your audience, share an idea with your own words. Your audience will thank you for it. You may also see new business website templates.

5. Be Neat

Balance your website’s design. Don’t do too little that you are not showing anything to your audience but don’t do too much that you are overwhelming them. Design your website that it is comprehensive, easy to navigate and focused. If you are displaying your projects in your website, distinguish which ones are done and which ones are ongoing. Keep your website well arranged and free from clutter. An organized website means an organized architect. Show your potential customers that you are such an architect. You may also see minimalist website templates.

Responsive Architecture Website Theme

Architecture Website Theme

Simple Architecture & Interior Theme


Websites are hard things to create and maintain. However, if they are managed well, they will pay back handsomely. Therefore, do not your website or any aspect of it for granted for it carries your personal or your firm’s brand. Before investing yourself completely on developing your website, evaluate if you have the skills, time and dedicate to maintain one. If you think you don’t consider hiring an expert to design and run your website. You may also see architecture flash CMS templates.

If you do think that you have what it takes, the website templates embedded on this page may be of great help to your endeavors. So design well and remember that “Every man’s work, whether it be literature, or music, or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself” – Samuel Butler.

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