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The work of an HTML developer can be very demanding. HTML developers must work with a team of people to create a website to cater to their client’s needs. They work with coders and other technical people on the technical side of the website. They work with designers and content developers for the more visual side of the website. Communication is therefore key to have for these people.

As the domain of their work often involves the Internet, HTML developers are expected to send and receive a huge amount of emails. Aside from group chats and direct messages, email would probably their main channel of communication. Email would be the best way to communicate with the team and their clients. It is of the utmost importance, therefore, that the email created by the HTML developers should be clear, concise, and credible.

Coder Email Signature

Coder Email Signature


Email Signature Templates – 5 Designs

Email Signature Templates - 5 Designs

Email Signatures

A signature block appended at the bottom of an email message is called an email signature. This block usually contains the sender’s name, address, phone number, disclaimer, or other contact information. An email signature usually serves multiple purposes, two of which are to act as some kind of digital business card and as an extension of branding and marketing.

Email Signature

Email Signature


Email Signature msrashdi

Email Signature msrashdi

Benefits of an Email Signature

As email has become the most important forms of communication in the 21st century, it has become the chosen method for professionals to communicate. Therefore, it should be treated as a professional tool. Email signatures make an email look much more professional as such, it should always be added to any professionally purposed email. Furthermore, having an email signature brings these benefits:

  • Your recipients always know and have your contact details – As they are treated like business cards, there is a great chance that your email signature will carry your contact details. In fact, it should be required to have your contact details found on your email signature. Including your contact details with your email signature signals the other person that you are a real person. It indicates that you are not afraid of sending them your details and to communicate with them. This is a surefire way to earn their trust.
  • Email signatures can promote your products and sales – The digital nature of email signatures allows for things that normal business cards can do. In short, email signatures are flexible. With the resourceful use of links, you can always promote products in your email signature. You can do this through a placing banner at the bottom, above the disclaimer. As an HTML developer, you can use this to showcase your skills through giving your correspondent a way to access a sample of your work.
  • Email signatures can also be used to promote events – Just as you do with products, you can use your email signature to promote upcoming events and functions that your company or team is having. Doing so can help increase the attendance number up.
  • Representing your company image – It is an undeniable fact that emails signatures also re promote brand recognition. Showing off your company image is important. Email signatures are the perfect vehicle to show off your great company logo if you have one. Logos are some of the most recognizable representatives of your brand and image. Displaying it is probably not a bad thing.
  • Showing your position within a company – Letting people know what position you are in your team and company is extremely important. Some positions hold more respect than others. This position can tell how much power and sway you hold over the decision making process. Lastly, the position indicated in your email signature can tell people your expertise. This saves people from asking you questions that are out of your skills and allows them to understand which ones you can answer and gives them a reason as to why you cannot answer some questions.

There are more hidden benefits that an email signature can bring which are difficult to quantify. It is up to you to identify these benefits and make sure to use these opportunities.

Email Signature msrashdi2

Email Signature msrashdi2

Corporate Email Signature

Email Signature msrashdi3


Things to Avoid when Making an Email Signature

Emails signatures can be very flexible. Their potential as marketing tools and business cards can great if they are used effectively. With that said, it is very easy to lose sight of the main purpose of an email signature. It even easier to commit mistakes when making one. Avoiding these things can help your email signature remain effective.

  • Reinventing the Email Signature – Email signatures have been used for more than a decade now and therefore, there is absolutely zero need to start from scratch when deciding to design one. The use of templates and samples can help you get an idea of the basic orientation of the visuals and the overall format of the email signature. As much as possible, follow the basic design guidelines that are put in place.
  • Going overboard with the design – From font types to colors and images, there are many ways you can design your email signature. However, remember to not get too crazy with your design elements. Having an email signature that is too colorful or too many different font styles make it seem like the work of a kindergarten who is just discovering crayons for the first time. It screams unprofessional.
  • Forgetting to Update your Email Signature – Updating things dramatically improve engagement. If you are using your email signature to advertise an upcoming event, more people will click on it if it is indeed upcoming and did not happen a few weeks ago. Advertising your latest work also shows that you are not stagnating in your work. Updating your contact details should be self-explanatory.
  • NOT HAVING AN EMAIL SIGNATURE AT ALL – You are a professional. You need one. You should get one.


62 Email Signature Bundle

62 Email Signature Bundle

Minimal Email Signature

EMail Signature MaryGraye


As a professional, having an email signature attached to your email should be a no-brainer. They help carry important miscellaneous information that otherwise is not found on the main email. They carry a lot of benefits that any professional can use. Life would be a bit easier for everyone involved in the workplace as long as they have their email signatures in their email, especially people whose domain of work involves the Internet.

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