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9+ Medical Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Working in the medical field or in any other medical field of work for that matter involves a lot of work, but with this lies the possibility to encounter potential patients for varying reasons. It is important for you to not only present yourself professionally in the truest sense of the term but also in the different mediums of communication. You have to, as much as possible, exude professionalism no matter where you are or what you do or wherever there is your name.

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One example is the email, emailing has been one of the leading means of communications by professionals of whatever field. With it comes the content of your email message and an email signature. Actually, an email signature is one of the most underestimated elements in an email. They think of it as less important, so the tendency is people tend to not exert any effort or thought into creating their ‘sig’, or to the most extent leave it just point blank disregard. They just do not know or even realize the power that comes with an email signature. So, if you are someone working in the medical field, reading this article, this is a list of the best email signatures that could work for you and you can use.

Modern Medical Email Signature

What is an email signature?

For every professional email message, there is an email signature appended to the very end of it. As said, an email signature is a block of text that is attached to the end of an email message. Email signatures contain your name, email address, contact information and, or website URL- these are the necessary information that should be in your email signature. An email signature can also be referred to as a signature, a sig block or if not a sig file, a .sig, dot sig, or even just, sig. More than being a tiny block of text at the bottom of an email message, email signatures have grown to become yours or your company’s selling point, it has also grown to become an embodiment of your branding strategy. So, it is very important that your email signature reflect you, your work, and the company you work for, as they are all tied together.

There also came a point in time, during the 1990s – a time when email signatures just started to boom and popularize, when they received a ton of backlash from email senders due to the fact that there were others who started to abuse their ’email power’. They began to add a lot of graphics and quotations they liked into the signature, even using the infamous Comic Sans font in varying colors. Their email signature started to look despicable when it should have looked professional. Email signatures should connote professionalism, legitimacy, and reliability upon sending because as said, this reflects the entirety of your professional career.

Company Email Signature

Email Signature with HTML Included

46 Email Signature

What are the Purposes of an Email Signature?

Email signatures serve more than you know and are capable of bigger things than what it already is. It is able to transcend itself to more than just a block of text at the end of every email message. They are also able to elicit characteristics that reflect you and your brand altogether.

  • It provides information. This is one of the main purposes to why professionals attach email signatures to their emails, as this enables their recipient to know who they are talking to, where he works, and what he does. Simply, it gives whoever you are sending your email to a brief overview of your professional self and maybe even an impression.
  • It provides alternative contact information. Not only do they provide the necessary information to your recipients but they also give them alternative contact information for them to be able to reach you, may it be by phone or website.
  • It lets you promote your business or company. With every email that you send out with an email signature attached to it, considering the number of emails you send in a week or even in a day, it is inevitable that your recipients will take notice of this information. In turn, this gives your business or company, even yourself the advertising you need. It really helps you put the word out there and help make your recipients be aware of you as a professional, your place of work, and the company that you work for.
  • It brings in more client (for your case patients). Because your information is attached to your email signature, it is most likely that people or your recipients will know what you do. Who knows you are sending out an email to someone looking for the kind of service you are offering. This is one of the benefits of adding an email signature to your email message, because as it is a message, it can, unconsciously, actually also work as a networking medium to the people needing your service, which in time will grow as your network to more people.
  • It connotes professionalism and legitimacy. With a well thought of and well-designed email signature, it can elicit the characters of professionalism and legitimacy. Not only that but those recipients interested in your service will not have any second thoughts in contacting you, as this also conveys trustworthiness and reliability. You want to be able to make sure that your potential clients or patients have their trust established the very first time they see you- no matter what medium.

Simple S?gnature .2

21 Email Signature Design


What are the Necessary Pieces of Information that Should be there in your Email Signature?

For someone who works in the medical field it is important that you disclose the necessary, but not all, information about you. Everything that you put in your email signature should be factual and the different contact information should be actively used.

  • Name. It is important that you do not forget to put your name, this is a very basic information that should be in all your details, so it would be easier to identify and remember you. Your name is your brand.
  • Position (or in this case the field you specialize). This information determines your clientele, if you are the person or the kind of service you do is what they are actually looking for, it will be much easier for them to gravitate towards you. This also helps reflect a more professional aura for you as an individual and a professional.
  • Logo of the company (hospital) you work for. Not only does this connote professionalism, but by putting the logo of the company or the hospital you work for brings in more brand awareness for the company as well. Not only are you helping yourself gain more clienteles or patients but you are also helping the company or hospital you are working for along the way. By doing this as well, you are reassuring your recipients or potential clients that you are someone to be trusted.
  • Contact information: cellphone, telephone, fax numbers and website URL if there is. Putting in a set of alternative contact information will benefit you in ways you never know. Not only are you giving them options but you are also giving them the assurance that you can be contacted- just make sure everything you put in is in active use.
  • Your portrait. Although this is optional, you can still put in a photo of you in your email signature so to help the recipients of your email message get a clear idea of what you look like. It is best if the photo is formal and exudes professionalism as well.

Email Signature Templates – 10 Designs

Responsive Email Signature + Builder

Why Choose these Email Signatures?

The email signatures listed in this article are perfect for those who are working the medical field, not only that but it can equally work for anyone in other fields as well. The signatures listed here are designed in a simplistic way, straight to the point, and are very adaptable. They also contain all the necessary information that is needed, which you can edit after your purchase. They also come in different beautiful colors which can also help you get noticed, in a good way of course, as these colors are not overbearing to the eyes or too quirky to pass as professional.

These designs, although simple, will give the impression of a well thought of and well-designed email signature. These ten different designs for your email signature connote professionalism, legitimacy, reliability, and trustworthiness, so earning your potential client or patient’s trust would not be such a struggle.

Now that you have an idea of what an email signature is and its different purposes, maybe you would want to start appending your own email signature that you can choose from this list to your every email message if you have not. And, if you find this article helpful, bookmark this page for future references and do not forget to share this with your other colleagues in the medical field seeking for the best and perfect effective email signature.

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