12 Amazing Fashion Email Signatures

The fashion industry is thriving and colorful. It has a lot to say on what we should wear and how to style ourselves. People in this industry always deal with others when it comes to choosing the right clothes to wear, contacting graphic designers and potential clients, and other related tasks along the way. They also often use email when communicating with others in the industry. For this reason, email templates are essential in their field of work.

This is where email signatures come in. These signatures are found at the bottom of emails with the contact details of the sender. Getting an email signature is important for identifying one’s self to the people one has o work with in one aspect or another. It’s a kind of branding for a designer and the company he represents. Therefore, it needs to be as stylish as the designer himself.

If you’re a designer yourself, here are some suggested fashion templates that can be used if you plan on getting your own email signature.

Fashion Email Signature


This email signature is perfect for a simple yet classy approach. The color chart can be changed to suit the taste of the designer. The contact details are cleanly arranged and a photo can be included in the design. For networking purposes, including information about the social media platforms that one uses is also essential. It is available in HTML and Photoshop formats with a size of 792 by 272 pixels.

Photography Template


Fashion photography is an essential part of the fashion industry. If you are a fashion photographer, this email signature is suitable for you. It’s perfect with its black and white design, which is a common yet classy-looking color combination. It is available in HTML and PSD formats with a resolution of 792 by 272 pixels.

Beauty Salon Template


This beauty salon blog template can also be used as a fashion-related email signature. However, it needs a few changes. The logo design can be edited as well as the color to suit a designer’s taste. It is 792 by 272 pixels wide and is available in HTML and Adobe Photoshop Formats.

Spa Center Template


If you want to go for a more feminine email signature, this spa template is ideal. Like the beauty salon template, this one needs a little tweaking. The color pink gives a light feeling to the email and also looks cute. This template features both Photoshop and HTML templates with a 792 by 272 pixel size.

Fashion Blog Email Signature

Fashion Blog Email Signature

Art Director Template


This template has a retro design feel. Simple yet striking, this art director template can be used for fashion email signatures. A few specks of brown complement the template’s white background.  Photoshop and HTML formats in 792 by 272 pixel size are available for this template.

Wedding Planner Template


A wedding planner email signature can be easily edited to suit a designer. You can keep the flowery design and add your own details to make it your own. This template is available in Photoshop and HTML formats at 792 by 256 pixels.

Professional Fashion Email Signature

Professional Fashion Email Signature

Flowershop Template


Just like the spa center template featured earlier, this one also uses the color pink so it looks pleasing to the eyes. The pink background can be used to design a fashion email signature. You can lighten it a bit and add a simpler font. This template has HTML and Photoshop formats and and is 792 by 272 pixels wide.

Modern Email Template


This responsive email signature template can be redesigned in any way possible. Looking at its white and brown design, any fashion designer can improve its simplicity and own it. Available in both Photoshop and HTML formats, this template is 792 by 272 pixels wide.

Interior Designer Template


The portfolio design seen on the bottom end of this template can be replaced with sample dresses of the designer. There’s nothing much to change if it is intended to be used as a fashion signature except for the choices of color. You can go for darker shades. This can be downloaded in HTML and Photoshop formats in 792 by 272 pixel size.

Standard Email Template


The unique thing about this template is that the contact details are on the bottom end of the email signature sample. When turning it into a fashion email signature, this format can be retained and you simply have to include artsy design on it. At 792 by 272 pixels, this is available in both HTML and Photoshop formats.

When making email signatures, make sure to put all your contact details on it. Include your phone number, address, and social media accounts so potential clients will know how and where to reach you. As for social media sites, Facebook and Twitter have an extensive user base, so be sure to have accounts in both platforms. You can also sign up for  LinkedIn and Google Plus.

All of these templates are multipurpose. Just remember that not to overcrowd details in the email signature. The signature has to be neat with the right amount of style.

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