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8+ Business Service Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Though not really used widely by email users, email signatures have slowly become a thing for many businesses since it helps in giving an identity to every email sent using the business-provided email address. An email signature not only provides the email recipient with information of the sender, but of the business as a whole. This is the reason why email signatures should be consistent across all the employees of a business.

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Though email signatures are not really difficult to make and they can even be made up of purely text, it is still best to have something to serve as a basis to make sure that it comes out the way that it should be. We have gathered various email signature templates for those working in the business service sector, and these templates are fully downloadable and editable. If you want your business email signature to come out relevant and effective, consider using our templates below.

Business Service Email Signature Template


Catering Services Email Signature Template



What Is Business Service?

A business service is a specific management in business that deals with the approaches used for managing the services in Information Technology. Also business service management—also shortened to BSM—helps to promote an approach to service management that centers on customers and focuses on the business itself. The term business management is quite general when used to describe a work that supports the business, but does not actually produce an item that is tangible.

The approach of business service can be used for understanding the impact of the needs and necessities of businesses towards both infrastructure and IT service. This approach actually helps in understanding how technology is able to make a big impact on businesses and their customers. You can also read modern email signature template.

Business service can provide a dynamic means of connecting key service components and capabilities to the objectives of the business. And lastly, business service can help organize the responses of IT service providers by taking into consideration the business priorities, while also considering the impact of service outages. You can also like email signature templates.

Minimal Business Service Email Signature

Business Service Email Signature Sample

What Are the Three Types of Business Services?

1. Professional Service

A tertiary sector of the economy that deals mostly with intangible products. Providers under this service are usually required to undergo special education or training in order earn a license before being allowed to render services to clients. Under this type are the following services:

2. Financial Service

This is the sector of business service that deals with economics and financial resources. This service involves management of credit unions, bank accounts, insurances, stock brokerages, investment funds, etc. You can also read content writer email signatures.

Here are some of the services that fall under this type of business service:

  • Finance Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Real Estate Services

3. Transportation Service

Businesses under this service deal with the distribution of goods, services, and information. Below are the specific services rendered by transportation business service entrepreneurs.

  • Information Services
  • Publishing Services
  • Broadcasting Services

Professional Business Service Email Signature

Smart Business Service Email Signature

What Are Examples of Business Services?

1. Business-Plan Consulting. This is a vital tool for every business since it deals with anticipating a business’ successes and inevitable failures. Also, business-plan consulting involves obtaining financial resources from banks.

2. Packing Service. This service is commonly availed by those who are moving from one location to another. Here, the service providers deal with the packing and unpacking of the goods being transferred to save the client all the hassle. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

3. Business-Travel Management. This service makes traveling much more convenient for people who frequently travel due to business. The staff under this service provide less costly options for the business travelers, while also assisting them with booking their tickets and managing their expenses.

4. Specialized Staffing. This service involves helping clients meet their workforce through management of rosters of specially-skilled people. Service providers try to keep up with what’s trending in human resource management, and then make use of their social skills in order to perform their responsibilities.

5. Bookkeeping. Considered an asset by many business owners, bookkeepers help in dealing with the business’ financial matters by keeping relevant records and documents. You can also read college student email signatures.

6. Computer Repair. Most businesses today use computers to make rendering of services faster and more efficient. But when the computer experiences lags, it may affect the business greatly. For this business service, these professionals are trained to specifically fix computer issues by using state-of-the-art equipment in order to get their clients’ computers up and running again. You may also like corporate email signatures.

7. Computer Consulting. Unlike computer repair service providers, the staff under this service focus more on providing newbies with advice on what components to put together to assemble a computer that’s just right for them.

8. Referral Service. These entrepreneurs primarily deal with having companies pay them to get their services known to both new and existing companies. You may also like formal e-mail signatures.

9. Executive Search. These specialists deal in helping businesses find the perfect person for the position that they are offering. They involve posting ads and conducting interviews to screen potential employees for their clients. You may also see personal e-mail signatures.

10. Language Translation. Communication is very important for any business, but may be hindered if there are language barriers present. Thankfully, language translation services are available to work around this hindrance. You can also like IT email signatures.

11. Professional Office Consultant. This type of consultants deal with overseeing various responsibilities including marketing, insurance, and daily operations of professionals. You can also read mobile e-mail signatures.

12. Office-Support Service. This business service is very broad and deals with the many tasks involved in an office. These tasks include encoding, filing documents, sending mails, sharing business cards, and even answering the telephone.

Business Service Email Signature Example

Creative Business Service Email Signature

Were you able to find the perfect template that you need for making your business service email signature? If in case you’re having second thoughts about the templates that you have just seen, they were actually designed by highly skillful graphic artists who really want to make sure that your email signatures never fail to attract attention. Another is that these templates are exceptionally high in quality, so that’s another plus. You can also like marketing email signatures.

Also, these templates are not only fully but also easily editable, meaning you don’t need to be expert graphic designers to edit them. And lastly, these templates come in very reasonable prices, allowing you to download them while not breaking your simple budget. We hope those statements were enough to convince you to download an email signature template. If it did, then go ahead and start downloading one now.

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