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17+ IT Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, HTML

Emails are some people’s breakfast, especially those who are responding to all of them in the early hours just to make their day a bit easier to get through. And for others, especially those who are still a startup, emails are part of the main course as they can fill up their day knowing that their clients have responded. Emails can be used as marketing tools to promote businesses, too. How? Just read on.

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Email signatures are like professional business cards. Whether you are working as a freelance or for a company, you use an email signature whenever you email your clients. An email signature contains necessary information about you such as your name, address, profession, contact details, and the name of your company. You can also put the logo of your company and your social media handles so you could be easier to contact. Email signatures can be easily attached at the end of your email and you can either go all out with the design of them or you can just stay low-key.

Deciding what to design for your formal email signatures is tough. But, do not worry as we have collected more than a handful of stunning templates that will help you impress your clients. Before we introduce you the list, let us first know the importance of having an email signature.

Why should you have an email signature?

Having an email signature makes you look more professional and impressive. It reflects what you are as a professional and it also reflects the kind of company you are working for. An email signature can be a valuable tool to your success. Keep reading to know why. You may also like professional e-mail signature.

1. Branding and recognition.

When you are still at the bottom of the business hierarchy, it is of utmost importance that you make an effort of throwing your name out there during conventions, meetings, or any other event that involves a gathering of entrepreneurs. As we are certain that you always have your business card with you, there is no assurance that your clients will retain the information on that card especially once you start exchanging emails with them. So, in order to create a branding and to imprint your and your company’s name into your client’s mind, make sure that you include an email signature. It solidifies the identity of your company or yourself if you are working solo.

2. Professionalism and legitimacy.

For an average user, there is no need to modify any aspect of an email as long as it has served its purpose of sending a message. But, for professionals, an email can make or break a deal. As email signatures brand every message you send, they also make it look like your company is legitimate and you are indeed a professional. A good first impression can give you the chance to make a client out of someone. You may also like outlook e-mail signatures.

3. Personal connection.

Some of you might not know this, but you can attach images to your email signature. This function can be utilized to include your picture together with your other details. Not only does it create a more personal approach to your client, but it also builds a personal association and connection between you and the client. It creates a bridge that may lead you to a more fruitful pursuit of obtaining a long-term business relationship with the client. You may also see marketing email signatures.

4. Easy access and communication.

An email signature contains your contact details but, to make you more reachable, you can put the links to your social media accounts as well. It gives your clients additional options where they can communicate with you. And, with people frequently accessing social media sites, it would be convenient for them to contact you through those sites.

5. Digital business card.

Business cards can sometimes be costly and they can be such a hassle to bring along with you. Although they are a staple when you enter the business world, making an email signature gives you an additional method of sending out a business card design, especially if your client is overseas. It is an important element in your daily exchange of emails with your client as it will remind them of the ways to reach out to you other than through an email.

UI/UX Designer Email Signature Template

IT Services Email Signature Template

Outlook Email Signature Template

Software Developer Email Signature Template

Tech Startup Email Signature Template

Web Developer Email Signature Template

Elements of an impressive email signature

1. Name, title, and profession. For obvious reasons, you have to put your name in your email signature. Your profession gives the reader an idea of what field you are proficient in. Also, include your title if you have one. You may also like free email signature templates.

2. Company name. This is an important detail, especially if you are still a startup. But even if your business is already known, it is still essential for you to include your company name so it will further reach new prospects.

3. Contact details. These refer to your phone number, alternative email addresses, home address, and anything that might be helpful for your clients whenever they need methods for contacting you.

4. Social links. Including your social links will give your clients alternative options for contacting you. You can include links to your social media accounts such as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Also, you can include links to your account on LinkedIn, Google+, and sites that cater to professionals. You may also like business e-mail signatures.

5. Company logo (optional). You can insert an image of your company logo in your signature if you want it to look more distinguishable, or you may not also do so if you think that your company name is already enough.

6. Personal photo (optional). Although it will let you create a more personal connection between you and your client if you include your photo, it will still be up to you if you want to do so because as for some, your name is enough to identify you.

7. Responsive design. Mobile phones are now more frequently used compared to personal computers and laptops, so it would be advisable to create an email signature that is responsive. Meaning, it should be able to adapt to the screen of a mobile phone and not disrupt the design of your email signature once the reader uses a mobile phone to read your email. You may also like sample email templates.

Project Manager Email Signature Template

Developers Email Signature Template

Java Developer Email Signature Template

PHP Developer Email Signature Template

HTML Developer Email Signature Template

App Developer Email Signature Template

Tips for creating an email signature

The primary goal of making an email signature is to make a statement. You need to be comprehensive in your email signature as it is a significant part of your identity as an entrepreneur. It helps you acquire more prospects for your business. That being said, it is necessary for you to make your email signature attractive and informative. Let us go through the key points of the best way of creating an email signature. You may also like mobile e-mail signature templates.

1. Simplicity is the way to go.

It can be distracting and overwhelming for a reader if your email signature is crowded with elements especially when some of them might even be unnecessary. Only include the important details that you want the reader to know about you. Also, a simple and uniform design reflects the professionalism and consistency of the company. You may also like Gmail signature templates.

2. Keep it social.

Maintaining an ongoing business relationship is one of the most important factors in keeping your business on your client’s radar. Social media accounts are some of the best mediums for communication, and their accessibility gives them an edge as a platform for updating your clients of the latest news. And, since they are for business purposes, it is expected that your posts should be professional and not some rubbish updates. Be careful as your reputation and credibility are at stake. You may also see college e-mail signature templates.

3. Pop those colors!

Smothering your email signatures with colors can prove to be an effective way of attracting your readers. But be wary of how much you apply as it can sometimes be annoying and distracting if you put in too much. Always remember to choose the colors that will complement the image that you are projecting through your email signature. You may also see email stationery templates.

4. Make it look corporate.

In business, it is important to look formal and professional. A serious tone is usually applied to the designs of corporate email signatures. But do not make it look too serious at it can sometimes be off-putting. Alternatively, create a design that is half formal and half casual.

5. Be modern.

Modern designs are usually associated with simple and minimalistic tones. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest modern trends and incorporating them into your email signature can be useful to reach to out to new prospects, especially those who belong to the younger generation. You may also like professional e-mail templates.

Net Developer Email Signature Template

Sleek IT Email Signature Template

Clean IT Email Signature Template

Modern IT Email Signature Template

Professional Email Signature

HTML Email Signature Template

Now that you know how email signatures work and how important it is to your business, you can proceed into creating one for yourself. Always remember to update your email signature from time to time. Timely updates will help your old clients reach out to you in case they want to work with you again. An email signature can get your business going in this highly competitive industry. Choose any of the listed templates and get one now! Good luck! You may also like company e-mail signature templates.

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