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4+ WordPress Developer Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, HTML

Nowadays, you’ll probably notice a particular element on some emails you receive, most especially those coming from businesses and professionals. This element can be found at the end of the message where the name of the sender is usually written, this element is referred to as a standard email signature. Email signatures convey far more information than the regular signature line because it also indicates the sender’s nature of work and their contact details.

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Email signatures are commonly used by professionals, though they can still be used for personal reasons if the sender wishes to. Later on, you’ll find out the basics about email signatures including why they are important and what elements you should and should not include on them. For now, let’s talk about the email signature templates that we have gathered here for you. These templates are specifically designed for WordPress developers, and if you are one, then you are definitely in luck.

Free Web Developer Email Signature Template

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WordPress Developer Email Signature


Clean Modern WordPress Developer Signature

Basics of Email Signatures

By now, you probably already realize how important minimalist email signatures are to those who frequently send messages through emails, even so for the professionals who use it for reaching out or interacting with prospects and clients. But there has to be a reason why this has become a thing, and how should people design their email signatures in order to conform with the standards? Let’s talk about the basics of email signatures.

1. Elements to include on an email signature

1. Your name should be the most prominent element on your email signature, you should even put it on the topmost line with a font bigger than the other lines to really make it noticeable. Other ways that you can let your name stand out is by using either a different font or color for it. You can also read technical writer email signatures.

2. Below your name, you should then indicate what your profession is, or in the case of those working under a company, the position you hold in that company. This is to inform people where you stand because some positions actually hold more responsibility than others. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

3. If you are working under a company, you may (or should) include your company’s logo on your clean email signature. For some, they put the logo over their name, but doing so will occupy a lot of space on the design, which is why it is better to put it on the left-hand side instead. This way, it won’t occupy as much space on your email signature, and it will simply blend in with the design.

4. In contrast with the element mentioned in point number 3, you can opt to go with a portrait image if you aren’t committed to a company or organization. When doing this, make sure that your image appropriately fits the theme of your design: a head shot image for formal modern email signatures and a casual image for informal signatures.

5.  A call-to-action line to really let the reader know that you want them to reach out to you. In many marketing tools, a call-to-action is one of the best elements that you can add to a design to really step up the game. This element doesn’t leave the reader hanging, it tells them what they should do after reading the content.

Editable WordPress Developer Email Signature

2. Things that you should NOT include on an email signature

1. You shouldn’t include your personal social media profile on your email signature, you should even avoid from putting irrelevant personal information on it. The only personal detail that you can put on your signature is your mobile number, since people might need to contact your even if you’re not in the office.

2. You are allowed to indicate your mobile number on your email signature, but never your home phone number. This, along with your home address, are private information, and you should always create a line between work and home. You can also read professional email signature.

3. Unless maybe you have your own portfolio that you want to show off to your clients or employers, there is actually no need to include your personal website on your email signature. But if you must, you may write it down on the message body instead.

4. Don’t include your email address on your signature, it is already written on the email’s header, so there is absolutely no reason why you should indicate it again. You can also read college student email signatures.

5. Your email signature is primarily intended to convey your contact details and nothing less, which means that inspirational quotes, jokes, and memes are a big no-no. But if you are using this for personal reasons only, then you may be allowed to do this even though you actually don’t need to.

6. Graphical elements on an email signature should only be between an image of the sender and/or their organization’s logo, and this should never be in GIF format. Keep your email signature formal, don’t ruin the tone by including something that’s animated.

3. Recommended dimensions and file size for email signatures

The recommended width for business email signatures should be between 600 to 650 pixels, and between 90 to 150 pixels for the height, meaning you can go as small as 600 by 90 pixels, to as big as 650 by 150 pixels. If you wish to include an email signature banner for advertising products or services, the file size for the banner should never exceed 10 kilobytes.

Clean Modern WordPress Developer Signature

What Is a WordPress Developer?

When we say developer, it generally refers to something that involves coding and web development by experts. But the term is actually very broad that it can be narrowed down to different areas or fields. One of those areas is WordPress developing, and the developer is responsible in creating custom plugins and modules for people to use on WordPress.

To those who aren’t familiar with what WordPress is, it is a free and open-source tool that people can use for blogging. Other than that, WordPress can also be used as a content management system based on PHP (Personal Home Page) and MySQL (My Structured Query Language). As of 2015, WordPress has become the most popular blogging tool on the web, with over 60 million websites and still counting. You may also like corporate email signatures.

WordPress development is a specific profession that is based on PHP programming. Developers are required to have a deep understanding on the core of WordPress, their library, and the other practices for producing a stunning WordPress-based product. Also, a sufficient amount of PHP skills is a plus even though WordPress already utilizes themes and plugins for convenience. You may also see personal e-mail signatures.

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