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Being a marketing manager can easily be one of the most demanding jobs in the world. With this position, you need to regularly think up of new ways and techniques to advertise a product, service, person, or topic. The scope of a single marketing campaign can be so extensive that most marketing managers tend to prefer on subtle and low-maintenance marketing techniques that will allow them to advertise their services or products without necessarily expending a lot of effort and money for it.

And one of those subtle and sustainable marketing strategies is the use of a marketing manager email signature. In this article, we will share to you different tips on how you can create and use a simple email signature template to help advertise your business or services.

In addition, multiple examples of downloadable marketing manager email signature templates are also included to help give you an idea of how your email signatures should look like.

Check Out These Marketing Manager Email Signature Templates

As promised, we have filled this article with fifteen examples of fully downloadable and editable email signature templates that will suit anyone who is working as a marketing manager. Note that editing these signature templates will require knowledge in software tools like Adobe Photoshop or in HTML coding since these pre-made templates are mostly available as Photoshop and/or  HTML templates.

Blank Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Business Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Clean Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Corporate Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Creative Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


How to Choose a Marketing Manager Email Signature Template

Choosing what specific template design to use for your email signature as a marketing manager can be extremely important especially if you want to make sure that your own email signature will you and your business gain indirect customer leads. And to help you with this task, we have listed the top factors that any business manager should keep in mind in order to achieve this main objective.

Read about these factors in the next few paragraphs. You may also jot down these factors or template selection criteria so that it will be easier for you to choose a good email signature template design.

1. Type of Business

The first factor to consider when choosing what kind of email signature template to choose is the kind of business or organization you are running or working for. This is important because you need to make sure that your email signature’s design matches the theme or industry that your business or organization operates in.

For example, if you are the marketing manager of a visual design company, it makes sense to use eclectic graphic design elements in your email signature. However, this same kind of email signature design may not work if you are working for an investment bank.

Looking for a suitable email signature template is just like choosing other kinds of graphic design templates. As a marketing manager, you need to be wary of how your own work email signature can be used to let other people know more about the company or establishment that you are working for.

2. Business goals

After determining what type of business or organization you are working for, you should also keep in this next factor: Your business’ goals and objectives. What this means is that you should know what your company’s vision as a financial entity is. Does it want to dominate your industry? Does it want to branch out to other markets? Does it want to focus on core products and services or launch new products every couple of years?

As an organization’s marketing manager, you would most likely be privy to these kinds of sensitive business goals. If not, you may at least be informed of the most important goals that will allow you to do your job as a marketing manager well.

To illustrate, if you are working for a bike-sharing company who wants to be the go-to service provider for bike rides all over the world, you can best help along your company’s marketing agenda by incorporating this goal into your own email signature as a marketing manager. You may do this by adding your company logo, business name, your app QR-code, or even your company slogan.

So before you purchase an email signature template, make sure to look for a template design that will best allow you to seamlessly and subtly incorporate your company’s branding identity designs.

3. Template customization options

The next factor to consider when picking out an email signature template is the template’s built-in customization options. This factor is one of the first things to consider especially if you want to make changes to the base email signature template itself.

You need to choose a clean email signature template that you can freely transform into something that will best match your business and/or organization. As we have mentioned earlier, most email signature templates are available either as HTML or PSD templates. Therefore, you should choose either kind of template that will allow you to access its backend customization options and make changes from there.

4. Coding and graphic design skills

In connection with the previous factor, you should also determine your own knowledge of graphic design and HTML coding. Since most email signatures are available in PSD or HTML file formats, you need to choose a pre-made template that you know you can fully edit in the software program that you know how to use.

For example, if you only know how to Adobe Photoshop, it is best to choose a PSD email signature template. This will make your job easier and will also save you a lot of time in terms of learning how to use this graphic design software tool in the first place.

Elegant Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Flat Marketing Manager Email Signature Templates


HTML Marketing Manager Email Signature Templates


Marketing Agent Email Signature Template Set


Marketing Analyst Email Signature Template Set


More Tips on How to Choose an Email Signature Template

5. Project timeline

Another factor to consider when choosing an email signature template is your project timeline. Do take note that email signature templates can easily be installed or incorporated into any email client or platform and they will automatically display on all your emails moving forward. However, if you still want to customize a standard email signature template, you may need to schedule an afternoon or a few hours in order to edit the template.

And this is why you need to first consider your project timeline before you purchase any kind of email signature template. By knowing the amount of time you have before you absolutely need to use that new marketing manager email signature template, you will need to check your personal or work schedule and determine when is the best time for you to make all the template changes and implement the new email signatures on your email platform/s.

6. Responsive design

Responsive design is another factor that most professionals take for granted. But since you have read this article, you will now surely look out for this feature in an email signature template that you come across with. Responsive design translates to better viewing and reading experiences in any display type and size.

This means that if your email is read on a computer screen or on a smartphone screen, the reader can still clearly see all the text and graphic design elements that are part of the original email signature template. Templates that are built to have responsive mobile design will automatically resize according to the screen size without loss of quality. This feature is especially important nowadays when a lot of people access their emails on different devices like their smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and laptops.

7. Email client

A minor factor that marketing managers should consider when purchasing a responsive email signature template is the type of email client that you use. This can range from Gmail, Yahoomail, MSN, Microsoft Outlook, or other self-hosted email clients.

You take into consideration the kind of email platform that you use at work since some email clients may not render some pre-made email signature templates well. As a workaround, it is best to select email signature templates that are specifically created for your email client.

For instance, if your company uses a G Suite account (the amped up and paid version of Gmail), it is best to use a Gmail email signature template. Examples of these kinds of email templates are available on our website if you want to check them out.

And yes, those are the most important factors that any marketing manager should consider when looking for the best email signature template. Re-read and internalize them all so that you will not have any regrets when it’s time to choose a marketing manager email signature template for yourself.

Multipurpose Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Responsive Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Sales Marketing Manager Email Signature Template

sales-marketing-manager-email-signature-template BUY NOW - $49

Simple Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


Stylish Marketing Manager Email Signature Template


What Email Signature Template Did You Choose?

The task of picking out a specific marketing email signature template can be made easier if you have set up a set of rules that can guide you in your decision-making process. This is an effective decision-making strategy to rely on if you already have a lot of things on your plate as a marketing manager. We hope that you can use and learn from the numerous tips that we have shared above.

Do not hesitate to refer back to this article when you feel overwhelmed on what specific digital or printable template design to choose and download. You may also share this article with your email list and with your friends and followers on social media. And for more email signature template design inspiration, be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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