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Wedding Planner Email Signature Designs & Templates – PSD, HTML

There is always something about weddings that sets hearts aflutter. It is a day when two people decided to be together and commit to loving each other, and swearing to the heavens that only death can part them. Weddings are well-planned from the biggest to the smallest details. Every aspect of it should not be sacrificed just for the sake of the show. Wedding planners make sure that everything about the wedding is perfect.

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Nowadays, most wedding planners mostly do their transactions online. They need an email signature to properly introduce themselves and the job they do to potential clients. It also has contact information and social media links of the wedding planner. In any way, standard email signature is a way for sharing contacts and making your brand aware to the people.

Wedding Planner Email Signature Template


Being A Wedding Planner

The whole process of planning a wedding is a crazy ride. If you plan on being a wedding planner, you need to have a tough heart and extensive patience to withstand everything that comes your way. Experience is always a plus. Being a wedding planner entails quick thinking, perseverance and long, irregular hours of work. You may also like modern email signatures.

Here are what it takes to become one:

1. Getting experience inside and outside the corporate walls

Being a wedding planner needs prior experience first, no matter how small or big. Take time to volunteer in events and apply for an internship in a wedding planning firm. Experience counts in the resume and your future employers would assume that you know what to do when planning a wedding. If you really want to pursue the field of wedding planning, you need to apply for an entry job in any events and public relations firm, or a wedding planning agency if there are available positions. This expands your horizons and skills in wedding planning. You can also like creative email signatures.

2. Learn photography and wedding design

A wedding planner has some handy skills in taking photos. Although it is not necessarily used all the time, wedding planners still need to learn how to take photos. It can be for their promotional material. They should also know the ins and outs of wedding designs. Reading books related to wedding designs is a helpful step in knowing more about wedding planning.

3. Work out people skills and be organized

As a wedding planner, you need to face clients and a lot of people such as vendors and suppliers, as well as the couple and their families. You need to work on your people skills. Have the confidence to face people and make deals with them. You also need to be organized since wedding planning is not an easy job. A lot of documents and things to do come along the way so you need to manage your time effectively. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

4. Maintain professional relationship with contacts

What gets a wedding planner to be recommended to other couples is their professional relationship. Wedding planners must know how to maintain a professional relationship with their clients; one that does not go beyond the professional bounds. Always have a positive, upbeat and gracious attitude toward your clients. Sure friendship can come in between, but it should only be just that. There are some things that just don’t have to be crossed. You can also read college student email signatures.

5. Respect and follow the couple’s preferences

Every couple has their own preference when it comes to the overall look of their wedding. You need to respect it and do everything you can to give what they want. Weddings are all about the couple so their ideas and vision should be put into action. However, there are times when some things demanded by the couple will not be carried out. This is due to some external forces. Offer the couple an alternative and see what they approve out of all the choices you give. You may also like corporate email signatures.

6. Put a price on your services

List down your services and put a price on them. Make sure it is reasonable and affordable for the couples to avail. As a wedding planner who’s starting out in the business, having a reasonable prices for wedding planning services attracts a lot of customers and referrals. You may also like formal e-mail signatures.

7. Handle issues with vendors

Sometimes, things with vendors don’t go as planned. You have decided to purchase some materials needed for the wedding and delays in delivery happen. You have picked out the best wedding gown for the bride and then it gets sabotaged. You need to have an extra ounce of patience to deal with vendors who have issues in giving you the materials you need. Always think of a backup plan and consider more stores when you purchase materials needed for the wedding. You can also read jewelry email signatures.

8. Be prepared for longer work hours

Working as a wedding planner means working for long hours, beyond the usual 8-hour duty. There are phone calls that you need to entertain and documents to finish. It also means that you have to work on weekends as well. Most of the time, the couple is available on weekends and you need to clear up your sample schedule in that time as well.

9. Do other duties

A huge part of your work as a wedding planner is getting the necessary paperwork for your clients. You also need to fill in for one of the couples, either the bride or the groom, when one of them is absent in the process of filling in the wedding. You also need to have backup plans whenever the initial plan does not work out. Being a wedding planner means you need to do some extra duties that are sometimes beyond your job description.


Wedding planning is the kind of job that feels like riding a roller coaster. All the planning, budgeting and following the couple’s tastes is in your hands. You need to make the best out of every event since weddings are celebrations of love, and of two souls uniting as one with the commitment of being together through thick and thin. Even with the craziness of planning a wedding, the beauty of it comes when it is successful and surreal. You may also like professional email signatures.

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