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17 Sales Manager Email Signature Templates

Email signatures are convenient and accessible marketing tools to use in today’s fast-paced technological world. This is because individuals within a company communicate through email while individuals having transactions with clients across the globe also communicate through email.

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The most basic email signatures are very easy to make as email services like Google Mail and Yahoo Mail offer options in creating email signatures. You can also make your own email signatures through graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Aside from the convenience in making these email signatures, they are also very effective in increasing your visibility among colleagues as well as individuals outside the company. Email signature generators are underrated as they also play a part in convincing your clients to make a purchase.

Sales managers normally don’t do the selling and delegate that task to their staff. But when there’s a big fish to catch (specifically multinational companies or wealthy individuals who are interested in purchasing your products or services), then sales managers are often the first in line to make the sales pitch.

Here are some simple yet attractive responsive email signature templates you can use if you are a sales manager or an individual with managerial duties.

Construction Sales Manager Email Signature Template

File Format
  • HTML5
  • Outlook
  • PSD


Free Sales Manager Email Signature Template

File Format
  • HTML5
  • Outlook
  • PSD


Two-color Scheme Email Signature

This color scheme email signature template uses some nice modern, abstract designs that are very popular in graphic designs today. This template is available in two colors: red and violet. Aside from using two-color schemes, this template features fully layered, well-organized, and editable PSD files; free fonts; fully scalable vector shapes; and isolated objects for the easy editing of images. This template has a clean and professional design, and can be used for personal and business purposes. It includes four PSD files, a help file (PDF), and two fonts (Roboto and Raleway).

Black Email Signature

This email signature has a very classy and elegant design which is great for company use when you send emails to your clients. Black and white are neutral colors that can be used for any event or occasion. This template features 36 different report layout variations layered in PSD format, easy customization and editing, and free icons and fonts. When you purchase this template, you get 36 email signatures (HTML), 36 designs (PSD) in one file, free icons (PSD), picture frames (PSD), and a free font (Arial).

Manager Email Signatures Template Download

46 Email Signatures

This 46 email signature bundle has numerous designs you can use for various business needs. The signatures have a flat and minimalist vector design, using a two- or three-color scheme.This template features 46 PSD files, 46 HTML files, 100% abstract vectors, fully layered files, easy customization options, and Google fonts.

Email Signature (35 Templates)

This personal email signature has 35 templates to choose from, all with a two-color scheme. The template features PSD and HTML files and fully customizable PSD templates that can be used for different purposes. The templates are also easily editable with a clean and professional design.

Business or Corporate Email Signature

This email signature template has one of the best designs for your business email signature and corporate email signature needs. The template has a simple and clean design, editable layer, vector design, and a free font (Lato).

138 Email Signatures

This 138 email signature template also uses some simple yet beautiful designs. The sample email signature template uses a white background and blue color for the text, although you can choose the best color for your own email signature. Similar to the other email signature templates, you can insert important details such as your name, photo, contact number, business address, and social media links. The template contains 14 PSD files and 138 signature HTML files, and features 23 different layout variations, six color variations, and free icons.

10 Email Signatures

This formal email signature template contains 10 designs and three colors. You can edit the templates for your own personal or business use. This email signature pack has templates that each have a 600 by 300 pixel size. It is easily customizable and editable, RGB colors, and a 720 dpi resolution, although HTML is not included as well as the image. When you make your purchase, you will get 10 PSD files and a help file.

 Email Signature Template in PSD

Email Signature Template

This is another simple HTML email template which is very versatile and can be used for any purpose. This template uses the RGB color mode, contains five Photoshop PSD files, and a help guide, although the preview image and HTML are not included.

35 Email Signatures

This template has a similar design compared to the email signature template above but with more variations. You can choose from templates that have a plain background or templates that have a separate color on the bottom part of the templates. You can edit the colors for your own personal use. This template also uses the RGB color mode, contains five Photoshop PSD files, and features a help guide although the preview image and HTML are not included.

62 Email Signature Bundle

This 62 email signature bundle has one of the most comprehensive and extensive email signature templates around. Use this for various needs including business and personal purposes. This template features 62 PSD files, 112 HTML files, 100% scalable vectors, and Google fonts. The templates are also easy to customize.

When you make the purchase, you will receive three folders: 10 email signatures (six PSD files, six color variations, and 60 HTML files), 46 email signatures (46 PSD files and 46 HTML files), and six email signatures (six PSD Files and six HTML files).

Project Manager Email Signature Template

This project manager email signature template is fully editable and you can use it for your own portfolio template. This template has a simple design and doesn’t have any background colors. The gray text complements the cool background and, instead of the usual rectangular border for the photo, a geometric shape is used for added aesthetics.

Sales Manager Email Signature Template

This sales manager email signature template wonderfully uses red as the main background color. All of the details are written inside the red-colored background (name, designation, contact number, email address, and social media links).

Business Manager Email Signature Template

This business manager email signature template has some nice gray gradients. Similar to the other email signature templates, the background design uses white with gray-colored text. A horizontal gray line is also added to the lower part of the email signature template.

Tips when choosing email signature templates

Before making any email template purchase, read these tips first so that you can get your money’s worth as well as a quality email signature.

Purchase bundles

Look for email signature bundles before you decide on making any email signature purchase. There are bundles that contain a variety of email signature templates which cost about the same price compared to email signatures having only one design. Aside from helping you save money, bundles also give you a variety of designs to choose from.

Purchase from highly rated designers

Always remember to purchase order templates from highly rated designers. This ensures that you get a quality design as well as value for your money. You can always filter top designs in online graphic design shops like Best Templates, Zazzle, Creative Market, and Etsy to see which templates are made by highly rated designers. To verify a designer’s quality of work, check out his previous works and customer reviews.

Don’t spend too much on email signatures

The last thing you want to do is spend a large amount of cash on email signatures. So look for affordable yet quality templates which can be found in the online graphic design shops mentioned above.

So those were some multipurpose PSD templates and email signatures you can use for official correspondence as a manager. Buy them now and make a good impression on your colleagues and clients.

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