100+ Premium Business Cards Design Templates Free Download

Business cards inspired by the old school promotional strategies can still be a handy tool of gaining popularity. Design templates for them need to be selected with care, depending upon the organizational identity.
Take your pick among the top 100 templates which have revolutionized the way in which business express themselves.

Awesome Kindergarten School Business Card Download

Awesome Kindergarten School Business Card Download


  • 97857815

This template can readily portray the work essence by allowing the professionals to add along their own text and desired fonts while keeping the transparency intact.

Wood Industry

  • 6475941

An exciting theme which is exceptionally beautiful and includes vertical resizable options alongside the lumberjack themes for the enthusiasts, followed by classy fonts!

QR Code

  • 38423697

With this theme one can bring along technological innovations to the table while implementing captivating designs and a seamless user interface.


  • 73534853

A cleaner layout teamed up with elegant underlining makes this theme a hit among the professionals along with a modern framework.

Bokeh 2

  • 89121113

This theme comes along as an option for the hardcore professionals who usually prefer vibrant colors backed up by additional fonts.


  • 18748322

A business card template which incorporates superpoint fonts along with prominent lines and PSD support for spicing up the marketing techniques!


  • 1832721

In comes a classical approach with a cleaner design and excusive fonts with an added text support for the professionals followed by the resizable contours.

Creative Director

  • 78855431

This theme enhances the offline reputation with media and graphic inspired designs while including PSD files and a font package.

Creative Vol 3

  • 77742741

Logo sets and exclusive font packages are provided with this theme alongside multiple resizable features which can be well complemented with the alluring designs.


  • 37487517

Dual color selections are allowed while this theme also provides editable options for the designers alongside the text support and printable quality.


  • 88486728

This theme provides an innovative color selection which is inspired by the darker undertones while including font packages into the scheme of things.

Corporate Vol 1

  • 76176659

Quick bug fixes and an adaptive contact form add to the utility of this theme which also includes multiple designs and resizable features.


  • 3904484

A theme duly combines two colors for a fantastic viewing experience while making room for the editable options and text support.


  • 13226064

Add the traditional designs into the game play while covering up the basic requirements in font packages and resizable contours.


  • 66362852

This theme adds to the utility with the completely editable templates along with the noted background selectors which come as handy tools for the designers.

Business Card Template

  • 44622570

In comes a theme which includes vibrant colors and multiple designs for the professionals with an added font package for an enhanced usability.

Chillen Chillen Card

  • 92790700

Add this exciting theme to the business cards for setting up the required marketing tool with vibrant colors and innovative design concepts.


  • 43057959

Cleaner designs with a minimalistic layout add to the layout while featuring exclusive font packages and several editable options for the designers.

PSD Business Card Mock UP

  • 60251125

Add to the marketing essentials with this exciting theme which features text support and vibrant hues in accordance with the PSD files.

Creative Vol 2

  • 72373539

Another marketing dimension with resizable features included. This theme also supports multiple backgrounds and font packages with exciting color schemes added.

Grunge Template

  • 64376141

This theme adds to the exclusiveness with a beautiful layout and an innovative color combination to suit the myriad user requirements.

Metal Black

  • 79063983

As per the name, this theme has darker undertones added while featuring prominent borders and a resizable layout for the designers.

Bokeh Vol 3

  • 32212948

This theme combines the professional approach with a modern outlook, owing to the editable options, text support and multiple fonts.


  • 41750803

An innovative theme which comes with varying text inclusions and highlighted borders, thus adding a lot to the professional marketing strategy!

Sex Instructor

  • 7085414

Specialized theme meant for a job with darker undertones and captivating hues along with editable options and resizable borders of high utility.


  • 83633309

A theme which includes multiple graphic designs alongside varying colors and resizable borders while making room for essential text inclusions!

Business Card- Vector

  • 95369333

This theme enhances the digital prowess with multiple designs and authentic templates which are inspired by the modern innovations.


  • 62025553

This option provides a minimalistic approach while making arrangements for a simpler design concept followed by multiple font packages in store.


  • 2767218

This theme includes seamless designs followed by darker undertones for a classy look which can be well teamed up with the text support and resizable borders.


  • 18172787

A theme which goes by the rule book and provides a simple design for the professionals while including utilitarian vector layout to choose from!


  • 76631045

In comes a simple card theme with occasional blue spots for an enhanced viewing experience in addition to the resizable interface.


  • 625034

Eye catching theme which is an appropriate option for the marketers and designers alike with additional text support and font packages!

Bokeh Business Card

  • 24648727

This theme includes text support and some printable options for the designers while adding resizable borders and font Packages along.

Pink Business Card

  • 15054742

This template comes with a seamless designing approach including editable features like texts and colors while implementing PSD file support.


  • 74159886

Widen your search with this theme which is inspired by the biggest search engine while including text support and certain editable options.


  • 13769841

Spice up the business with this theme which has PSD support and options for multiple color selections for the designers to make use of.


  • 33803063

This theme comes with free PSD files and features a fully editable interface along with completely print ready options and resizable borders.

Free Business Card PSD V1

  • 75992607

A theme which can be completely reconfigured and customized based on the myriad user preferences along with a print ready interface.

5 Business Card Pack

  • 92625272

This theme has multiple templates and colors to choose from alongside a highly interactive option for the designers studded with better coloring schemes.

Corporate AND

  • 11545805

A professional theme which features prominent lines and classy fonts in addition to the vibrant hues in store for the designers!


  • 13480125

A theme supports free PSD files along with resizable options and a fully editable interface which renders flexibility and added support.

PSD Business Card Preview

  • 81112001

A classy template which is a handy marketing tool following the classy fonts and vibrant text inclusions available for the designers!

Business is Business

  • 87722463

In comes a theme which is completely business oriented and has the options for setting up all the necessary particulars in a text based manner with multiple color selections.

Free Fresh Blue

  • 17384608

This theme provides both backend and frontend support while including free PSD files and other application resources in the form of editable options.


  • 94338064

Elegant designs and a floral base are supported alongside resizable templates, featured fonts and multiple color selections to choose from.

Free Colored

  • 54085316

This theme specializes in colored splatters and thus makes for an exciting option for the professionals while including resizable borders as well.


  • 62007178

A theme which provides multiple designing options including vibrant colors while taking full care of both frontend and backend support.

Free Business Card v5

  • 87128764

Classy design concept and darker undertones add to the grandeur of this theme which also provides free PSD files for the professionals.

Presentation of Business Suite

  • 97143274

A captivating theme for the professionals which features multiple color selections and resizable borders alongside print ready options for the designers!


  • 22258303

This theme makes for a great card template while including necessary options like exciting fonts and a vibrant color palette.

Green Business Card

  • 59502304

A card theme which is meant for the commercial purposes and includes editable options along with the resizable sidebars and multiple color schemes!


  • 61519416

This theme introduces a minimalist design which deals with multiple color shades for a vibrant approach while including editable and print ready options along.

Org Bookkeeper

  • 1322286

In comes a classy theme which incorporates multiple facets while adding highlighted shades and featured fonts for a better textual experience.


  • 91715251

Going by the name, this theme exemplifies sheer elegance with the fully customizable designs which in turn can be paired up with minimalistic hues.

Salon Templates

  • 3270219

This theme includes multiple templates which are inspired by the salon based styling while covering up the editable and resizable options.

Corporate AND 2

  • 8407700

Another theme which signifies better business charades while including several colors and editable options for the professionals alongside resizable borders!

Exclusive Business Card

  • 75348561

This theme comes in two color variants along with better textures and resizable borders for spicing up the professional outlook.

Tech-themed Templates

  • 98639551

This theme makes the best use of the technologically innovative designs which in a way adds to the modern outlook while including featured fonts.


  • 70433253

Creative professionals would love this theme as it includes cleaner designs coupled with free PSD files and multiple color schemes to choose from.

Contrasting Modern Corporate

  • 78115778

This theme involves a cleaner design which incorporates multiple color schemes including orange, black and white alongside a horizontal layout

Clean and Professional

  • 16812339

A theme which specializes in greener hues while combining horizontal layouts with vectored designs and also provides editable options for the designers!

Black and White Corporate

  • 47064298

This theme can be edited easily while making use of the vector shape layers along with a resizable template for the designers.

Orangey Metro Style

  • 78740811

This theme is inspired by the metro styles which in a way make for the horizontal layout while including multiple colors into the scheme of things.

Stylish and Modern Tab

  • 41461066

A creative template which allows tab designing with a contrasting blend of black and peachy pink followed by a perfectly editable sample.

Creative Zigzag Designs

  • 62119040

Keep up with the modern marketing needs with this theme which provides illustrator options along with vibrant colors and featured fonts.

Flat Design

  • 52900698

This theme included multiple features like horizontal layout and varied color selections while making room for better customizations and longer shadows.

Simplistic Metro

  • 55230907

One can guarantee a long lasting impression with this theme which features a QR code inspired design followed by Photoshop PSDs for the designers to use.

Classy and Elegant

  • 95922103

This theme features a red borders against a black backdrop which provides a classy look to the cards while including a vertical layout.

Cool and Sleek

  • 28893306

A QR code inspired theme which is preferred by those looking for a minimalist design with cleaner colors and a touch of creativity added along.

Professional Corporate

  • 47856179

This theme features a highly organized layout alongside a fully layered PSD template coupled with multiple colors and horizontal layouts.

Unique and Modern

  • 7467908

Make room for a theme which is a notch above the rest owing to the alluring designs and completely editable features.

Clean and Creative Multicolor

  • 42373430

This theme includes multiple coloring options for the professionals while allowing print ready inclusions in unison with the resizable borders.

Real Estate Template

  • 28968180

A theme for the job, this comprises of horizontal layouts of varying colors coupled with modern silhouettes and sleek designing.

Creative and Fancy

  • 95190371

This theme includes multiple options pertaining to gift wraps and paper cuttings with 4 colors in store alongside a horizontal layout.

Creative Speech Bubble

  • 59758038

This theme takes the innovative concepts to a newer level with the speech bubbles of varying shapes and colors while providing customized editing.

Corporate Style

  • 23306245

A theme which involves a vertical layout for the professionals while adding certain print ready options alongside the editable ones!

Classy and Elegant Vintage

  • 49275687

Going retro can also be an option for the professionals who are looking for classy designs with a minimalistic backdrop with this elegant theme.

Retro Style Cupcake

  • 21765216

Meant for the bakers, this card theme includes pink undertones placed against a vertical layout for attracting the potential buyers.

Modern Tricolor

  • 10435010

Modern styling is a feature with cleaner designs which are completely editable and placed against a horizontal layout and illustrator fonts.

Modern Retro

  • 46418962

This theme comes with a old fashioned background but is extremely vibrant as multiple color schemes and vertical layouts are involved.

Retro Coffee

  • 44023518

In comes a theme which would be a great option for the cafeteria business and includes multiple templates and color schemes for the designers.

Creative Investment and Marketing

  • 69937313

Opt for this theme which revolutionizes the marketing principles with cleaner designs and multiple color selections which are also interchangeable.

Cool and Refreshing

  • 7938378

This theme includes a flat looking design set against a horizontal backdrop which makes for uncluttered viewing and preferred editable options.

Professional Photography

  • 45345804

Take giant marketing leaps with this template which features a cleaner design concept alongside an extensive color palette and editable options.

Cool Vertical Retro

  • 61652565

This theme features a retro badge and ribbons which would make the cards look classy while including editable options alongside the existing ones.

Clean and Minimal Dog Groomer

  • 11208597

A theme for the specialized job which includes shapes and dog silhouettes along with unique and resizable templates for the designers!

Beautiful and Fancy Bakery Shop

  • 53753503

Another bakery theme with cleaner designs and a horizontal layout featuring exciting options like complete editing and multiple color selections!

Corporate Design Realtor

  • 37001126

This theme provides multiple colors and designer templates alongside the photo placeholder which is placed against a horizontal layout for accentuating the look.

Cafeteria Business Card

  • 9848148

This theme adds up to the coloring schemes and designs while making room for editable and resizable options followed by a horizontal layout.

Corporate Business Card with World Map

  • 24186756

In comes a corporate essential with the world map at its backdrop. This feature is well complimented by the multiple color selections and customizable options.

Smooth and Flowy Creative

  • 15116905

This template provides a smooth design which can be realized by 4 color selections along with better editable options for the designers.

Modern Gift Card Template

  • 26660487

This designing option comes with a simple yet elegant framework which involves fantastic color selections and a horizontal layout for the designers.

Two Column Minimal

  • 71251054

This theme involves high end innovation with the two column approach and a minimalistic design which uses six colors and featured logos.

Stylish and Creative

  • 93857716

Three color variations are allowed with this theme which favors slanted designs and a vertical framework for the designers to use.

Vintage Playing Card

  • 68121552

This theme includes the badge designs along with the 3 color versions which add to the utility followed by the resizable and editable options.

Playing Card Template

  • 33370095

Get a sleek design and fully layered Photoshop templates with this theme which also incorporates multiple colors and featured fonts.


  • 46758414

This theme comes along with free PSD files and is completely organized with print ready options and configurable features for the designers.

Mini Business Cards

  • 23352459

This theme contains a package with sizzling colors and makes for editable options in addition to the resizable contours and selective backgrounds.

Color Stripped

  • 29292198

Business Card Template

  • 75651719

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