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What is a Funeral Program?

A funeral program refers to a document that lists down a series of events involving the memorial of a deceased person. This is in chronological order starting from the church ceremony to the burial or cremation. These funeral programs are usually printed on paper for the guests to look through. Its layout ranges from a pamphlet to a tri-fold brochure.

How To Design a Funeral Program

The purpose of a funeral program is to list out the events and inform the guests of the set-up for the day. That way, they will be able to know what to expect and go about the day in an orderly manner. If you need some tips on how to design a funeral program, continue reading this article.

1. Add the Event's Details

Add information on the funeral program's venue, time, and date. That way, the guests will be able to know where to go and when to get ready. You can also make a small schedule in your funeral program detailing when certain funeral parts will start and end.

2. Talk About the Dearly Departed

You can also use your funeral program to share things about the deceased. Incorporate facts and background details that show why people will miss them dearly. This can give the reader's insight on what to expect when the eulogy comes around.

3. Ask for the Immediate Family's Approval

Once you have done the write-up for your funeral program, you can present it to the deceased's immediate family for their approval. It is only right that they see how the funeral program will show their loved one in writing. Take their feedback into consideration and correct anything they ask you to.

4. Double Check Funeral Details

Before you can print out your funeral program, you must take some time to check your content. Take a look at whether typos and grammatical errors are present. Once you've made sure your content is clean, you are all set to print it out.

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