42+ Great Examples of Magazine Cover Designs

Digital magazines are really popular today given the increasing reliance of the web media. This is why a lot of magazine publishers are taking the online route, despite having a paper-backed edition. Are you too looking to come up with your own magazine online and are inquest of great magazine cover templates for a stunning effect on your online visitors?

Rugby Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Food Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Travel Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Music Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Sports Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Healthy Food Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Creative Magazine Cover Page Template


Free Download

Business Magazine Cover Page Template


Free Download

Basketball Player Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Architecture Magazine Cover Page Template


Free Download

Architect Magazine Cover Page Template


Free Download

Wedding Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Men’s Fashion Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Modern Wedding Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Women’s Fitness Magazine Cover Template


Free Download

Men’s Fitness Magazine Cover Template


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Modern Travel Magazine Cover Template


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Rock Music Magazine Cover Template


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Elle UK Magazine Cover Design

  • elle uk magazine cover design

Free Magazine Cover Design For You

  • free magazine cover design for you


Interview Magazine Cover Design For You

  • interview magazine cover design for you

Blender Magazine Cover Design

  • blender magazine cover design


Little White Lies Magazine Cover Design

  • little white lies magazine civer design

Advantage Magazine Cover Design For You

  • advantage magazine cover design for you

Free Empire Magazing Cover Design Example

  • free empire magazing cover design example

The Wire Magazine Cover Design

  • the wire magazine cover design

Ian Martin Magazine Cover Design

  • ian martin magazine cover design

Pallas Observer Magazine Cover Design

  • pallas observer magazine cover design

Vogue Paris Magazine Cover Design

  • vogue paris magazine cover design

Modus Magazine Cover Design

  • modus magazine cover design

Free Fraulein Magazine Cover Design

  • free fräulein magazine cover design

Well Made Studio Magazine Cover Design

  • well made studio magazine cover design

Departures Magazine Cover Design

  • departures magazine cover design

Flush Magazine Cover Design

  • flush magazine cover design

The Northshore Magazing Cover Design

  • the northshore magazing cover design

Taabeer Magazine Cover Design

  • taabeer magazine cover design

Silent Spring Magazine Cover Design

  • silent spring magazine cover design

Seattle Met Magazine Cover Design

  • seattle met magazine cover design

Well, you can take a look at our long list of 21 great examples of magazine cover designs that are sure to blow your mind way. Each one of the designs here has been created by master designers and hence would ensure a premium experience.

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