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According to Statista.com, a whopping 78.6 million automobiles were manufactured and sold last year and this number is only expected to increase in the new year. The increasing number of motor vehicles on the streets has also brought about worsening traffic and parking conditions in most urbanized cities worldwide. If you are a city, town, or country planner, you will certainly benefit from the different parking ticket templates that are included in this article. Also, further discussed in this article are various reasons for using parking tickets.You may also see Ticket Templates.

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Check out these parking ticket templates

Embedded below are 15 parking ticket templates. All of them are downloadable and customizable using either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Choose the best ticket template design that you will feel will best complement your business image or organization goals. Take a look at them below.

Editable Parking Ticket Template

editable parking ticket template
File Format

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


School Parking Ticket Template

school parking ticket template
File Format

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


High School Parking Ticket Template

high school parking ticket template
File Format

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Mall Parking Ticket Template

mall parking ticket template
File Format

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Shopping Parking Ticket Template

shopping parking ticket template
File Format

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Penalty Parking Ticket Template

penalty parking ticket template
File Format

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Simple Parking Ticket Template

simple parking ticket template
File Format

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Bad Parking Ticket Template

bad parking ticket template

Choose the Bad Parking Ticket Template (shown above) if you want a humorous parking ticket template design. This printable template is available as a PDF file download and can be printed using a laser, inkjet, or commercial printer. The template best prints out on thick paper or cardstock measuring 3.5 inches by 2 inches. It follows a standard business card size, making it convenient for placement on car windshields.

Note that this ticket template is available as is. The original creator of the template may also allow editing of the template, but this may incur additional costs. Also, to save on paper, you may use a standard letter-sized paper measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches to print out the parking tickets on one paper.

Black and Yellow Penalty Parking Ticket Template

black and yellow penalty parking ticket template

The Black and Yellow Penalty Parking Ticket Template featured above is an example of a parking ticket template as a vector illustration. Use this template if you prefer to have a more formidable-looking parking template design. The yellow and black background color combination used in this parking template makes the parking ticket look like a police ‘Do Not Cross’ line. Depending on your personal or organizational preferences, you may change the color scheme used on the template to match your organization’s or business’ image and theme.

If you intend to use this parking ticket template for your office or organization, make sure to add your company or department logo design on the template. This lends legitimacy to the parking ticket and motorists are more likely to pay the parking fee if and when they receive such a penalty ticket.

Blue Parking Ticket on White Template

blue parking ticket on white template

City Nights Parking Ticket Flyer Template

city nights parking ticket flyertemplate

The City Nights Parking Ticket Flyer Template featured above is an example of a parking ticket developed for a private business entity. In the mock-up template above, the business is a nightclub, bar, or combination restaurant. The parking ticket template is used to draw in customers to the dining establishment since the packing ticket also acts as an advertising flyer and discount card. Follow this advertising plan strategy if you want to target party-goers and motorists as your customers.

This parking ticket template prints out on paper or thick cardstock measuring 4 inches by 9 inches. Its template download file includes three pre-formatted versions that can be edited to match your business establishment’s image. Also, the template follows the CMYK color model and has 300 DPI resolution. This makes it possible for the template to be printed at the highest color quality.

Note: The free fonts used in this template will still need to be downloaded after you purchase the ticket template. Links to these font styles will be included on the template’s Help file.

Flat Illustration Parking Tickets Template Set

flat illustration parking tickets template set

Why should you use parking tickets?

Parking tickets are not limited for use by city officials and your town’s transportation department. Regular people and business owners may create and use their own parking tickets if they intend to set up a parking space service. Listed below are various uses and advantages of using parking tickets. Read on.

1. To regulate traffic

Traffic is a problem faced by most industrialized cities in the world today. If you are a city or town planner, you can use parking tickets to help regulate the traffic situation in your area or around your business premises. Traffic regulation may only be a minor effect when you use parking tickets, but it is one step that can help everyone else who has to deal with traffic jams on a daily basis. Parking spaces may not play a very big role in reducing traffic, but when there are open and organized parking spaces, drivers can find a place to park faster and decrease their waiting times. Streets and roads will be less clogged and motorists will be happier.

2. For documentation purposes

The importance of big data has grown as the world becomes more interconnected online. In this vein, using parking tickets will allow you to monitor and keep track of the coming and going of vehicles in your parking spaces or even county or town. Building and property administrators can then use this data to better serve their customers and constituents.

3. To monetize parking spaces

Businesses and government entities can use vacant lands and buildings to set up paid parking spaces and earn money from this. This can be a good money-making strategy for cities and towns. The money earned from this business strategy can then be used to fund other government projects or serve as private earnings. By setting up a parking lot service and using corresponding parking tickets, business owners and government officials are also doing a good deed since such business actions can help decrease traffic.

4. To prevent crime

Using parking tickets to track motorists coming in and out of a specific location can also help prevent crime, violence, or abuse. To illustrate, cases of child abuse where parents leave children inside cars for a prolonged period of time can be prevented. Other crimes like kidnapping and theft can be prevented or easily detected when parking places are able to monitor the motorists using their services. Let it be noted that crime prevention should be a holistic approach. Starting a more secure parking service and using the corresponding packing tickets is only a start. Business owners and government officials should still enforce other security measures to prevent these crimes.

5. To help decrease traffic accidents

When motor vehicles are correctly parked in designated parking spaces, they are less likely to encounter traffic accidents since these vehicles are not haphazardly parked on sidewalks and streets. As a motorist, you are also assured that your vehicle is safe from theft and from other untoward incidents since it is parked in a secure location.

Humorous Parking Ticket Card Template

humorous parking ticket card template

Avoid traffic madness and help spread levity and humor in your parking spaces by using the Humorous Parking Ticket Card Template shown above. This parking ticket template prints out on thick paper measuring 3.5 inches by 2 inches. This template is available at Etsy.com and will be sent as a downloadable PDF file after purchasing it. This parking ticket template may also be used by both city administrators and by private individuals who wish to anonymously drop reminders to offending motorists. If used as ticket template for an official government operation, it may be best to your department’s official letterhead design or logo design.

Isometric Parking Ticket Template Set

isometric parking ticket template set

Minimalist Valet Parking Card Design Ticket Template

minimalist valet parking card design ticket template

If you want to properly keep track of the motorists using your private parking spaces, try out the Minimalist Valet Parking Card Design Ticket Template shown above. This printable ticket template follows a minimalist template design that may still be edited to match your personal design preferences. The mock-up template above follows a white and blue background color with spaces to input information about the motorist and his or her vehicle.

When using this template for a private business organization, make sure that you add your company logo design into the template as this will help increase your brand’s recognizability.

Rock Camp V.I.P. Parking Ticket Template

rock camp vip parking ticket template

The Rock Camp V.I.P. Parking Ticket Template embedded above is another example of a parking ticket created for a specific event. In this case, this parking ticket mock-up template is for a rock camp concert and will work well as a concert ticket template too.

Tip: As with all concert ticket templates, make sure you add memorable graphic design elements on the ticket template since most concert-goers will use the ticket as a memorabilia or souvenir.

Simple Printable Parking Ticket Note Template

simple printable parking ticket note template

Valet Parking Ticket Card Design Template

valet parking ticket card design template

Vector Illustration Parking Ticket Template

vector illustration parking ticket template

Witty Parking Ticket Template

witty parking ticket template

Last on the list is the Witty Parking Ticket Template (shown above). This parking ticket template is meant as a hard-hitting joke for those parking offenders. Anyone may use this funny parking template to warn and inform motorists who do not park properly.

So, if you receive this kind of parking ticket, do not feel bad. Just know that the person who left this on your card has the best of intentions. Also, please just improve your parking.

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