9+ Inspiring Photography Examples


Want awesome photos for your blog? These inspiring photography samples will leave your readers breathless. These photograph samples are few of the top works by professional photographers around the world who want to promote their work of art in online stock photography sites.

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Our beautiful photography collection comes with different genres that include feminine photography, sunset photography, animal photography, landscape photography, and travel photography. There are different points of interests like beaches, deserts, flora and fauna, historic landmarks, mountains, parks, and other bodies of water. Select from these amazing high-quality images that will excite your readers as you share your blog using these photographs.

Awesome Feminine Photography

awesome faminine photography

Beautiful Sunset Photography

beautiful sunset photography1

Beautiful Animals Photography

beautiful animals photography

Beautiful Cloudscape Photography

beautiful cloudscape photography

Beautiful Taj Mahal Photography

beautiful tajmahal photography

The Purest Form

Black-and-white photography has been regarded by some as the purest (or purist’s) form of photography. They say the purest form because it takes away color from the overall equation that is the photograph. This means that the photographer has to concentrate on the shadows, the highlights, the lines, and the form of his or her subject.

Our templates also include inspiring black-and-white photography, which is far more advanced and different from your typical black-and-white filter on social media sites and applications. It needs craft and a great deal of skill to be able to make the perfect shot of a black-and-white portrait, street, or landscape, which is why we have prepared these set of templates for you to choose from.

A Bird’s-Eye View

If you are more of an adventure seeker, then you can aim to collect inspiring aerial drone photography right here on our website. With the advent of action cameras—cameras that take a huge beating from adrenaline junkies—aerial drone photography has become a famous hobby not only among thrill seekers but with tech engineers and even indie filmmakers. This form of photography is perfect for shooting landscapes and gives audiences a bird’s-eye view of historical landmarks, landscapes, and magnificent bodies of water.

Some of the photo collections that our website has are shot with professional-grade drones. Most of these photographs are from travel-heritage sites that can serve as a great addition to your blog or webpage.

Beautiful Night Photography

beautiful night photography1

Beautiful Adventure Photography

beautiful adventure photography

Beautiful Lake Photography

beautiful lake photography

Beautiful Outdoor Photography

beautiful landscape photography1

Breath Taking Photography

breath taking photography

There’s something about the night that has inspired mankind. From van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Starry Night Over the Rhone, the human condition has tried to capture the beauty that is in the night. With the advent of more powerful DSLR cameras and lenses that provide slower shutter speeds, we have captured more detail in nighttime photographs than we ever had in past centuries.

That said, our collection of inspirational night photography that captures the loveliest moonlight scenes and delightful evening moments, which are captured through long exposures, light trails, and other shooting techniques, will captivate you to your very core. Some of the subjects included in our collection of inspirational night photography are

  • nature,
  • theme parks,
  • city lights and streets,
  • bodies of water,
  • skylines,
  • fashion,
  • weather,
  • interesting construction equipment or materials,
  • historic landmarks,
  • cars,
  • boats, and
  • personalities.

Browse through our site for more inspiring photography scenes that’ll make more room for your creative juices to flow. Our website also carries great tips for you to make the best out of the templates for your project.

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