17+ Black & White Still Life Photography Examples

Black and white still photography is one of the most striking forms of photography. Photos sans color require a greater use of lighting, shadows and subject focus, and perfecting the art of composition and lighting to create a beautiful still life image is certainly no mean task. But if you get it right, it can be a very powerful art form and can be utilized in various projects from calendar design to poster design. You can also see Awesome Still Life Photography Examples.

black and white still life photography example

Sunflowers Black & White Photography

sunflowers black white photography


The above-seen photograph has been captured by the renowned photographer Joel Tjintjelaar. This is a fine example of fine art photography. The photographer has captured an image of a flower and it looks elegant due to the magnificent use of light and shadows technique. Furthermore, the black and white color makes it look beautiful.

Tea On The Table

tea on the table


In still life photography, a photographer captures an image with almost full control over lighting, mood, and composition. In the photograph above, the photographer has captured a regular moment of his daily life. The background of the image is blurred which gives importance to other objects in the image.

Black & White Photography Still Life Bracelet

black white photography still life bracelet


In the above still life photograph, the viewers will find it difficult to withdraw their sight off the bracelet. The object of attention, the bracelet, makes the viewer think about it’s significance. The photographer has successfully tried to captivate the viewer’s attention through his photography.

Music Still Life FineArt Photography

music still life fineart photography


Photographers often use unique objects as their inspiration for photography. In this photograph, the photographer has skillfully used a few musical instruments that play a key role in creating soul-soothing music. This photograph provides a detailed and close look of the instruments and offer an unique perspective that exceeds the capabilities of the human eye.

Stuck at Home Still Life

stuck at home still life


In still life photography, the photographer directly influences the image creation process. The still life photographs represent the style and creativity of the photographers themselves. The above image is a fine creation by the famous still life photographer Igor Ferreira. This photograph evokes the kind of relaxed mood the photographer would have been in, while capturing this photograph.

Tie Still Life Photography

tie still life photography


This photograph is a creation by the popular photographer Anil Akkus. In this photograph, he has displayed his minimalistic approach and his penchant for conceptual photography. He has used ordinary objects to create an illusion for the viewers.

Rotten to the Core Photography

rotten to the core photography


This awesome photograph is a fine example of the photographer’s thoughtfulness. Through this still photograph, he has tried to put across an important message – all good and bad things are easily covered up. The photographer has tried to convey this message by using two contrasting pieces of an apple in the photograph. Its up to the viewers how they look at it. Some may get excited seeing the fresh piece of the apple, others may feel otherwise looking at the rotten piece of the apple.

Dreams Unfinished Black & White Photography

dreams unfinished black white photography


Lens Kit & Notebook Still Life

lens kit notebook still life


Cannon on Vicksburg Battlefield

cannon on vicksburg battlefield


Mushrooms Still Life Photography

mushrooms still life photography


Black & White Ring Photography

black white ring photography


Canon Lens Black & White Photography

canon lens black white photography


Black & White Dog Still Life Photography

black white dog still life photography


Scissors Still Life Photography

scissors still life photography


navarra still life black white photography


Still life photography gives the photographer complete control over the image’s lighting, composition, and subject matter. Experts in still life photography plan their images down to the last detail so that the final creation will not only be pleasing to the eye, but it should also communicate an unique, artistic vision. As they say old is gold, this holds true in the case of black and white still photography too. This form of photography will never get out of fashion.