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A graffiti is a kind of street art that uses writings and drawings to represent the message of the artist. It is usually seen on walls and other surfaces most commonly on areas where the common public can see it. Paint and other kinds of materials have been used in the creation of graffiti. It is more popular nowadays to see graffiti where spray paint is used.

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Because of its beauty and the fact that it can be seen in the streets, graffiti art can be a great subject for photography. The location of graffiti works really well in terms of giving contrast to the art that is to be captured.

Black and White Graffiti Photography

black and white graffiti photographyDownload

Graffiti Wall Photography

graffiti wall photographyDownload

Graffiti Fashion Photography

graffiti fashion photographyDownload

Graffiti Art Photography

graffiti art photography1Download

Use Graffiti as a Photograph’s Background

Since most of the graffiti that are available in the streets are painted on wide spaces like walls, it is best to use them as backgrounds for shoots. There are a lot of variations on how graffiti looks like, depending on the inspiration and skills of the artist who created it.

Public walls become more colorful and interesting because of graffiti. It may be a part of a building’s wall or just a wall in a vacant lot. No matter what, given the proper angle, lighting, and other photography techniques, graffiti will work well as a backdrop for different photo shoots like prenuptials, birthday shoots, and even just on normal days when you want to sport your casual outfit.

Graffiti Photography as a Design Aesthetic

Once graffiti has been photographed, there are already a lot of possible ways how it will be used. A few of these uses are as follows:

  • Graffiti designs may be printed on different merchandise like pillows, bags, mugs, and a lot more. They can give a more artistic feel to plain items.
  • You can use graffiti to create an invitation card or a card that you want to give to someone for special occasions.
  • Graffiti photographs may also be framed and be used as a design material at different areas of a home or even on establishments.

Aside from graffiti photography, we also have samples of abstract art photography from which you could draw inspiration.

Graffiti Street Photography

graffiti street photographyDownload

Graffiti Landscape Photography

graffiti landscape photographyDownload

Graffiti Portrait Photography

graffiti portrait photographyDownload

Light Graffiti Photography

light graffiti photographyDownload

Graffiti on the Streets

There are still a lot of battles and legal conversations being done regarding graffiti on the streets. There are people who do not want it as it can catch the attention of drivers and may cause accidents. It also is not legal in other states, especially if the wall to be used is a private property.

Mainly, graffiti is a work of art. As an artist, you need to follow rules first to assure that you are placing your art at the right location. Some areas even ask for artists to paint on their walls. Be sure that before you paint, you have either a verbal or a written permission from the owner of the area where you are to create your work of art.

This will help you to not be afraid of legal consequences afterwards. Also, it is great for an artist to know that his or her artwork will not be removed just because it is not legal to create such on the area where you put it. Being able to follow the law first can impact the longevity of the stay of your artwork in a public place hence giving it more chances to be looked at and photographed.

Aside from our graffiti photography, you may also download samples of grungy photography.

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