23+ Examples of Surreal Photography


If you consider yourself a storyteller whose preferred medium is photography, then these surreal photographs are for you. You can start reserving your images for your next workshop. They are fine examples of pure art. They are not only beautiful but also meaningful. People for whom it is hard to plan some instructor-led-training at this point, these Surreal Photography examples are good tutorials for them. We are not overselling them. Check them out to know how surreal photography could masquerade you in the most seemingly harmless way.

Upside Down Surreal Photography


Have you ever tried this? Here the artist just did a simple retouch to his artwork. The magic of upside down. A new world. He surely deserves a pat on the shoulder.

Surreal Photography by Eliasklingen

Surreal Photography by Eliasklingen

We have heard about headless chicken, but here is a headless man for you. Frank Wiedemann’s “Howling” inspired the artist to come with something off the wall, which resulted in this strong narrative. You can use this for Abstract photography as well.

Nature Environment Photography


A work beyond our thinking. Isn’t it? A tree in a small and half broken water pot. The image is with a lush of green. How about this as a cover image for the blogs on “the need to take care of the planet”?

Surreal Hand Photography


This is why we say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can literally get a thousand meanings from this image. Get the printed photographs on professional quality canvas sans watermarks with a purchase.

Visual Effect Surreal Photography


Very impactful! A work that perfectly fits the surreal Photography concept. Though some images with a similar look have already been circulated all over social media, this one remains as a cool pic. Here the visual effects have brought the optical illusion.

Looking For Shine Surreal Photography


Another imaginative work. Take a gander at this surrealistic photography, in which men are looking through an open roof. This surrealistic photography gives you hallucinations. If being a photographer is your dream, stop searching for Inspirational photography elsewhere. Take this. Stay true to yourself.

Falling Through a Dream


Is this how you fall into your dream? The theory of this photo retains excellence. Though for some it seems impromptu, many praised it as a wonderful levitation portrait.

Woman on Fish Landscape Photography


Though surrealism dates back to 1920s, bold pieces like this remain as superb montages. If you are not so keen on the concept, it is for sure a visual delight.

Eye In Hand Photography


An eye in the hand. Another cult from Jason Gibbon. It costs US $12. A surreal image to see day after the day. This JPG file comes with high resolution.

Abstract Surreal Photography

 Abstract Surreal Photograph

If you like to create abstract and surreal photography, this will surely inspire you. It’s a geometric composition of a woman walking along the beach. You can even use it as a sample for Conceptual photography.

The Hidden Door Photography


Surreal Self-Portrait Photography


Awesome Surreal Photography


Woman Floating on Earth


Surreal Art Conceptual Photography

Surreal Art Conceptual Photography

Surreal Photography by Chang


Creative Surreal Photography

Creative Surrial Photography

Nature Concept Photography


Digital Photography Walk Off The Earth


Abstract Surreal Photography of A Woman


Concept Design Photography


Surreal by Lukees Dark Photograph


Scary Surreal Photography

 Scary Surreal Photography

Beautiful Woman Surreal Photography


Water Glass Surreal Photography


These images invite you to enter into the surreal world through the imaginative hidden doors. They are the gateways to the creative art. However, one should stop searching for logic in these images. After all, surrealists did not rely on reasoned analysis. Also, they are not made up of sheer photography tricks; the added visual effects have brought them the craze.

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