23+ Beautiful Reflective Photography Examples

It’s a picture perfect day. Get ready for your first shoots of reflective photography. Because nowadays even models are getting interested in that. But it isn’t all about girls and pampering. There are many samples of beautiful nature along with some cross polarized ones with specular reflections that are captured using reflective photography. Below are some samples for you. Enjoy the splendor and begin your shoot soon. Can’t wait to start this journey? Here you go.

beautiful reflective photography examples

Boats in The River

boats in the river

Venice at dusk. A picture of boats in the river. If you are a nature and reflective photographer, you cannot ignore this image which is surrounded by beauty and stillness.

Close-up Animal Photography

close up animal photography

Cool Lake in Morocco

cool lake in moraco

One more inspiration that was abstracted from Still Life Photography. If you want to grow up in the area of reflective photography, samples like this serve a lot of purposes. Isn’t it?

Awesome Reflection of Clouds

awesome reflection of clouds

It’s a little over the top. Lunar Lake of Nevada. One of the world’s best nature reflection photography. Open your reflection pool with this one. If you want to win a calendar competition, consider this.

Washington Monument Photography

washington monument photography

Have a dip into the reflection with this Washington Monument Photography. We don’t know whether it was shot in twilight or the photographer added some effects. But it’s good looking.

Sunset and Sky Reflection in Water

sunset and sky reflection in water

A genuine piece of work takes months to finish. Because you need to wait for that perfect moment to capture things. Look at this. A real winning photograph of nature’s grand reflections on a fall day.

Nice Reflective Photography by Matt Anderson

nice reflective photography by matt anderson

Here both the landscape and colors are magnificent. Nature can only create these reflections naturally. But you can have some fun with reflections. By the way, its Grand Teton National Park on the Snake River.

Wild Life Photography

wild life photography

A time to reflect. In fact, they are golden reflections. It’s a Jaw-droppingly good photography and there are no words for the beautiful click. A great composition of Wild Life Photography.

Colorful Buildings Reflection

colorful buildings reflection

Morning Reflection Photography

morning reflection photography

Another shot of sunrise from Marina Bay. Sunrise was bleak but the blue hour certainly did not fail here to impress. When the weather is good, it’s not so difficult to take a nice photograph.

Sea Landscape Boat Photography

sea landscape boat photography

You don’t need a dedicated studio space to go for reflective photography. Look at this Conceptual photography sample. This measures 4095×2315 pixels. This is not only for digital viewing, you can have a print of this as well.

Taj Mahal Reflection

taj mahal reflection in sunset

Beautiful Night Reflection in Water

beautiful night reflection in water

Mirror Image of Buildings

mirror image of buildings

Sun Glow Reflection Photography

sun glow reflection photography

Reflections of nature. If you are a nature admirer, this photograph will surely astound you. This explains the importance of lighting in visual media. Nothing more and nothing less.

Autumn Landscape Photography

autumn landscape photography

Drinking Greenfinch Reflecting in Water

drinking greenfinch reflecting in water

Cool Water Reflection Photography

cool water reflection photography

Skyline Reflection Photography

skyline reflection photography


Beautiful Nature of Thailand

beautiful nature of thailand

Architecture Reflection Photography

architecture reflection photography

Eiffel Tower at Sunrise

eiffel tower at sunrise

Panoramic Bridge Photography

panaromic bridge photography

Colored Houses in Trondheim City

colored houses in trondheim city

Beautiful times are out in the forms of above samples. After all, feeding you is our behavior. With the above samples, you can try something off the wall. How about a fading day reflection? Because all the above ones are having the reflection in the water. Don’t they? Of course, for reflective photographers, Universe is a reflection.

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