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23+ Double Exposure Photography Examples

Tired of scruffy and average photo designs? If yes, what you need is the best double exposure photography examples to enable yourself to make your artwork spruce. With photography changing every day and many new trends lying in wait, it might be surprising just how much you don’t know about it yet. Regardless, you can start by viewing the great exposure of superimposition to get the best ideas of the new photography trend: the double exposure. Below is a list of the best examples that you need to get started.

Beautiful Girl & Nature Double Exposure

beautiful girl nature double exposure Source

Looking for something new for Advertising, graphic design, or photography? A combination of a beautiful girl and nature photo will do just well for you. The template is editable in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You can also see Creative Advertising Designs.

Creative Double Exposure Photo

creative double exposure photo Source

Nature and humans have always had a connection, and this sample exposure photos supports the claim. This example is best for those who use two or more images to create a single, high quality image.

Digital Art Double Exposure Photography

digital art double exposure photography Source

Want a better way to expose your business to the public? The Digital art photography may be exactly what you need to reach the targeted market with a bang.

Stylish Businessman Double Exposure

stylish businessman double exposure

Standard photo design is normal and much likely boring too. Add neatness to your photography work by applying double exposure to it. This sample collection can help to enhance your creativity.

Double Exposure Photography by Oli Croteau

double exposure photography by oli croteau Source

Looking at this collection, you don’t just see fine-tuned layers, but also you almost feel the Breathtaking effects of the combination. The files are fully editable and customizable on Photoshop.

Beautiful Nature & Girl Double Exposure

beautiful nature girl double exposure

Want to download a cool photo collection on the fly? Here is something cheap for you. For just $5 bucks, you are getting a collection of high quality images that you’d probably spend eternity to design.

Cityscape Double Exposure Photo

city scape double exposure photo

This is a well-designed exposure photo that you can download, edit, and use for your targeted needs. Note that the photos are in group, and the collection is very easy to customize.

Retouching Double Exposure

retouching double explosure Source

You look at this photo and see a completely new style of design. And what’s best is that it is cheap, fully editable, and easy to customize. The background colors are well on par.

Movember Man Double Exposure

movember man double exposure

Interested in promoting a business that sells sunglasses? You need a sample, ready-to-print file that can help you do so. The Movember Man Double Exposure is a perfect choice for your needs.

Modern Bearded Man Double Exposure

modern bearded man double exposure

This piece can make a perfect tool for your business’ direct marketing needs. If you are providing services to a specific or an extended consumer base, this could be the best file to use for enterprise advertising.

Fashion Women at Beach Double Exposure

fashion women at beach double explosure

Face Shining Through Hands

face shining through hands

Pretty Girl Double Exploded by Flowers

pretty girl double exploded by flowers

Fine Art Double Exposure

fine art double explosure Source

Camera & Aircraft Double Exposure

camera aircraft double exposure

Multiple Exposure of Girl & Skyline

multiple exposure of girl skyline Source

Double Exposure of A Businessman

double exposure of stylish businessman

Double Exposure of 3 Ladies

double explosure of 3 ladies Source

Beautiful Couple Drinking Tea

beautiful couple drinking tea Source

Landscape Travel Photography Double Exposure

landscape travel photography double exposure

Woman on Coast of Rocks

woman on coast of rocks

Nature on Hair of Beautiful Girl

naturte on hair of beautiful girl Source

Vintage Style Double Exposure

vintage style double explosure

While the exposure value of each image may not look identical to that of the others’, the design completely stands out. It is important to remember that double exposure photography often has a special meaning, usually in respect of two images. Overall, this collection is great for artists who want to do their designs from a new dimension.

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