9+ Examples of Rain Photography


Do you find peace and solace in the rain? Is monsoons your season of the year? Then you are a Pluviophile. And if you are a photographer then there are so many ways and so many shots through which you can express your love for rain. They make-up for a perfect concept that a photographer can never get tired of. You can associate them with so many emotions and the photographs can help you in bringing out those emotions.

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Rain Landscape Photography

rain landscape photographySource

Well, it is not just the rain that can enchant you, witnessing the after effects can be equally surreal. Look at the photograph that stands witness to the beauty that is left behind after the rain cleansing and refreshing the complete aura of the location. It certainly adds to the landscape and the photograph.

Beside the Lake Rain Photography

beside the lake rain photographySource

Rain is always not about happiness and romance, some people can also find it heart-reading. The photograph shows that rain can also be associated with tragedy. It somehow exudes the heartbreaking vibes. It also looks silent and peaceful at the same time.

Kid’s Rain Photography

kids rain photographySource

Kids and rain and when these two are captured in a photograph, things can be too adorable to handle. Kids enjoy the rain and catching their excitement on camera can bring out a cuddly cute shot. Take the given picture for example.

Rain Love Photography

rain love photographySource

This picture is giving us perfect pre-wedding shoot idea, even if that means creating fake rain like in the movies. If you associate rain with romance then there is no way you will not like this photograph.

Rain City Photography

rain city photographySource

Everyone likes to capture the lakes and the mountains during the rain but as a photographer, your collection is incomplete until there is a photograph that captures the streets and the city during and after the rain. The photographs can bring a new outlook of the city wet in the rain.

Walking in the Rain Photography

walking in the rain photographySource

Another picture capturing the hustle and bustle of the streets during the rain. People generally crib a lot about how rain creates all the mess and havoc but the picture here tells a completely different story.

Portrait Photography in Rain

portrait photography in rainSource

Rain can be a perfect background and a perfect concept for any kind of photography and that also includes Portrait photography. It brightens up the subject and everything around.

Night Rain Photography

night rain photographySource

Rainy season is certainly a very romantic season but if you gi a little deep you can see all kind of emotions ignited through the rain. It can remind you of the happier times and can also provide you solitude. It can sometimes be sad and tragic too. We might not be able to see it with our naked eyes but photographs certainly catch what the eyes sometimes miss.

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