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17+ Picturesque Examples of Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is the rage now, with all the professional and amateur photographers experimenting with it. However, to really grasp what abstract photography entails or what are the basic qualities that such photographs possess, you could take the help of some amazing examples. These examples are some of the most beautiful and breathtaking abstract photographs on the internet. Each image has a unique charm associated with it which makes it stand out from the rest. You can also see Reflective Photography.

Abstract of Museum of Glass

abstract of museum of glass

Glass structures and figurines are usually top choices when it comes to abstract photography, because of the beautiful labyrinth-like impression they create. For abstract photography templates, this one would be perfect.

Green Walls of BART

green walls of bart

It is amazing to see how the simple green walls in the Bay Area Rapid Transit could be converted into something so extraordinary with abstract photography. The detailing in the image doesn’t fail to impress either.

Rounding Cracker Abstract Photography

rounding cracker absract photography

This image would have to be the epitome of abstract photography. It includes a close-up of a firecracker. The details in the image and the clarity of the sparks certainly add a different charm to the image.

Paris Patterns Abstract Photography

paris patterns abstract photography

Black & white and abstract photography go hand-in-hand. Monochromatic patterns, like the one seen in the photograph, could be used in a number of different ways as well.

Polythene Bubble Abstract Photography

polythene bubble abstract photography

Bubble wraps continue to remain an all-time favorite for most. In this stunning example of abstract photography, an ordinary item like bubble wrap has been made to look artistic and even ethereal.

Morse Code Dots Abstract

morse code dots abstract

Who knew Morse Code could be so much fun? The photographer has used the patterns created by Morse Code dots to create a mesmerizing and stunning design in the image.

Drill End Abstract

drill end abstract

In abstract photography, day-to-day items like a drill end are given a different meaning altogether. The focus of the image is absolutely spot-on and makes it look all the artsier.

Bench with Garbage Background

bench with garbage background

The image that you see here is that of a bench with nothing but a garbage can, present in the background. The color scheme of the image, which was taken in front of the Van Gogh Museum, is what makes it stand out.

Neon Pipes Abstract

neon pipes abstract

As this image shows, abstract photography involves playing with colors and different textures. In this abstract image of neon pipes, you get the perfect blend of colors against a neutral black background.

Oil & Water Photography

oil and water photography

The fine mixture of oil on water gets a different twist in this stunning photograph. Such photography requires skills and expertise and if you are interested, you can even check the instructions.

Macro Lens Fork spoon Abstract

macro lens fork spoon abstract

What strikes you about this image is the color combination. The clarity of the fork against the blurry background texture makes this image a fantastic sample of abstract photography.

Abstract of Tulip

abstract of tulip

This close-up photograph of a tulip taken in Dublin may very well be one of the supreme examples of abstract photography. The combination of green, red ,and orange truly represent the myriad hues of nature.

Kinetic Spokes Abstract Photo

kinetic spokes abstract photo

This abstract image combines the sharpness of geometric patterns along with the beauty of monochrome to create a stunning effect. This image could function as an inspiration for those interested in abstract photography.

Catchy Color Water Drops Abstract

catchy color water drops abstract

This is a classic example of abstract photography. The play of colors results in a three-dimensional effect in the image. In case you are looking for apt background images, you are surely going to appreciate this one.

Yellow Paper Wave Abstract

yellow paper wave abstract

The combination of black and yellow, as seen in the image, would surely leave a lasting impression on the minds of the beholder. It creates a fascinating effect and almost looks three-dimensional. Also, the dark background adds to its surrealistic beauty.

A Mere Curl of Smoke

a mere curl of smoke

Parallels Water Drop on Leaf

parallels water drop on leaf

All the picturesque examples that you see here elevate ordinary, day-to-day items to a level of grandeur. Also, you would even be able to download some of these images and use them as themes or wallpapers and backgrounds! These samples capture the true essence of abstract photography and bring it to life. You can also see Narrative Photography Examples.

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