19+ Best Reflective Photography for Inspiration


Reflective photography adds beauty to the photographs.This is one of the artistic technique followed by the photographers of this era. Reflective photography adds magic to the subject you are shooting. You must have a sharp eye to find the object which can look good on this journal of photography. Be Cautious about the Subject: Sometimes, reflective photography turns ugly if it is not properly captured. The right type of light, object and timing give a good reflective photography results. A common object used for reflective photography are bodies of water, windows, and mirrors. They are the best example of it. Recently, the award-winning photograph of a girl holding mirror around the grass won the attention of many eyes. You can also see Digital Art Photography. Though the subject was easy all it needed was a good mirror which the photograph took a good care of. That’s how you should be planning your subject when capturing reflective photography. The images captured using reflective photography is artistic and it appeals to the larger set of people.

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Leaf Awesome Reflection Photography

leaf awesome reflection photography


Three Glasses Reflective Photography

three glasses reflective photography


Tree in the Water Reflective Photography

tree in the water reflective photography


Umbrella Puddle Reflection Photography

umbrella puddle reflection photography


Best Reflective Photo of Kids with Balloon

best reflective photo of kids with balloon


Kid Running on Beach Reflective Photography

kid running on beach reflective photography


Cool Crackers Reflection Photography

cool crackers reflection photography


Couple Sitting Reflective Adorable Photography

couple sitting reflective adorable photography


Awesome Reflective Eye Photography

awesome reflective eye photography


Parachute Wonderful Reflective Photography

parachute wonderful reflective photography


Frog in the Water Beautiful Reflective Photo

frog in the water beautiful reflective photo


Scooter Water Reflection Photography Download

scooter water reflection photography download


Moutain Reflective Awesome Photography

moutain reflective awesome photography


Best Sky & Ships Reflection Photography

best sky ships reflection photography


Half Kid Best Reflection Photo Download

half kid best reflection photo download


Halloween Photography Reflections Captured

halloween photography reflections captured


Daisy Dewdrop Refraction Awesome Photography

daisy dewdrop refraction awesome photography


Crisp Reflection Photography of Waterdrop

crisp reflection photography of waterdrop


Dangerous Reptile in Water Reflective Photography

dangerous reptile in water reflective photography


> Usage of Flash

There are few things you must need to keep in mind while doing reflective photography. Since the object is reflective be sure about the flash you are using. If you are capturing mirror as an object it will be insane to use flash. It will destroy the beauty of the image.if the light is low you may stand perpendicular to the mirror and then take the photograph. Pay special attention to the area where you are shooting. Carefully observe the light around you and then capture your image. See this Still Life Photography.

> Add Human Element

Always, keep in mind to keep a human in the picture. Many of the experienced photographers believe that having a human as an element in the picture makes it more meaningful. Researchers also suggest that human tend to relate with those images more which has a living human in it. Try adding this element next time you go for photography it will give you a better sense than before.

> Nature and Emotions

The water reflective photography is widely popular among the nature lovers. This type of photography has produced incredible images of nature. Many have won awards for them. Windows have also been a source of inspiration for many photographers. This subject has captured sorrow and happiness both. All you need is the good object to focus while focussing on the subject. The focus should be apt and not be shifting away from the subject. Pay attention to the tiny details of it and you can come up with great reflective stories.

> Express Your Stories with the Reflective Photography

Here are the best examples of reflective photography inspiration. You can find your motivation with these great images. Tell your beautiful stories through your photography. Wake that artist in you and inspire others. All the best!

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