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28+ Fantastic Conceptual Photography Examples

Conceptual photography is a type of photography that illustrates an idea or thought. In other words, conceptual photography is basically the art of creating photographs that illustrate an idea or ideas. Basically, any photo can be called conceptual if it is being used to illustrate a specific idea. The photographer here,+ not only captures a beautiful or interesting scene, he also tries to help people visualize a concept through his photography. You can also see Contrast Photography.

The advent of picture editing software like Adobe Photoshop has added further feathers to the armory of conceptual photographers as it allows them to manipulate images seamlessly to add value to their conceptual photographs.
In this below post, we will discuss some imaginative and beautiful examples of this wonderful type of photography.

Conceptual Dream Photography


The above conceptual photography is an amazing creation which can mesmerize the viewers through its sheer magic. This conceptual photography has been aptly titled ‘Life is a dream’ and the concept that the photographer tries to convey is the question “Is life a dream or a reality?”. The artist has shared his confusion regarding the relation between life and dream because a dream is something that happens within our lives, so how can our lives be a dream! The artist has used an incredibly beautiful photograph to illustrate this point wherein you can see a young woman in a floating, dreamy state which explains the artist’s point of view well.

Time Of Life Conceptual Photography


Every photographer strives to capture moments and scenes which tell a story vividly. Strong visuals are brilliant storytellers and that’s why many brands and businesses develop ads and other visual materials that have got communicative imagery. The above Time Of Life Conceptual Photography is a perfect example of this concept. Here in this conceptual photograph, the artist seems to have worked upon the concept of time and its importance in human lives. It can puzzle us at times and no matter how hard we try to hold on to good times, it keeps ticking on.

Creative Conceptual Photography


Creative Conceptual Photography is yet another amazing example of conceptual photography. Here the photographer has demonstrated his skills of how to take a close-up headshot. The photographer has used an excellent background image that complements the main character really well. Photographers around the world can definitely take inspiration from this amazing conceptual photograph.

Pollution Concept Photography


Pollution Concept Photography is one of the finest examples of concept art and it conveys a very serious message that all are aware of, yet nothing seems to be done to arrest the slide. This awe-inspiring conceptual art has an image of a baby girl who seems to have kept her hand on a tree that has been cut. The photographer here has tried to convey the message that pollution is something that is everywhere around and rather than doing something to prevent it, we are only contributing more to it. The expression on the girl’s face tells the real story. Here the photographer has tried to put light on the point that we should try to take care of our natural resources.

Conceptual Photography Of Cigarette


Photographers use conceptual photography as a medium to put a thought-provoking idea across the minds of the viewers using just the content of the photographs. The Conceptual Photography Of Cigarette illustrates this concept beautifully. We all know death is inevitable and that is our final destination and we all should try to make the journey between birth and death a meaningful one. And the photographer has tried to illustrate this strong message in the form of lighted cigarettes. We all have seen ads stating smoking kills and yet people smoke cigarettes in abundance worldwide. The artist has highlighted the point that it only makes the journey of those people a faster one towards death.

8 Reflection Photography


Through this 8 Reflection Photography, the photographer has raised the bar of conceptual photography to another level altogether. It is a collection of eight spectacular images wherein old men are seen looking at the mirror and in the reflection, they seem to be seeing their former younger self. The photographer has captured the moments and emotions beautifully and the expressions of the faces of the characters speak a thousand words.

Great Conceptual Photography

This is yet another fantastic example of conceptual photography wherein the artist has tried to capture the hidden emotion of a human character. The mask on the face of the character makes it look mysterious and interesting. The photographer seems to be emphasizing the point that as human beings, we all try to put on a mask just to accommodate ourselves in a better way to our daily surroundings; also at other times, we use the mask as a shield to protect ourselves from getting hurt. The emotionless expression on the masked face of the character deserves a second look for sure.

Key to the Past Photography


This mesmerizingly beautiful conceptual photograph has been appropriately titled ‘The Key To The past’. The photographer has captured an image of a watch with a key-shaped design and the use of lighting and blurred background gives this photograph a surreal feeling. Given an opportunity, we all would love to go back in time to rectify a few mistakes and to relive a few unforgettable moments, past is a nice place to visit but not a nice place to stay in. The best part about time is that it keeps moving on and heals all the pains and sorrows and gives us reasons to smile and be happy again. The photographer seems to have conveyed this message through conceptual photography.

Project Concept Photography


This Project Concept Photography conceptual photograph belongs to a different league altogether. Here the photographer hasn’t used any character like most others do, rather he has created a composition and has tried to pass on a message that we all can easily relate to. We all keep ourselves busy with work all the time and yet many of us come across such situations wherein we have so many things to do but time never seems to be enough to complete all the tasks. You can see this in the above image. On one side, there is a huge pile of files that is titled “To Do” and on the other side, you can see only a few countable papers lying on the floor, titled “Done”.

Fantastic Conceptual Photography


Beautiful Conceptual Photography


Amazing Conceptual Photography


Minimal Conceptual Photography

Time & Gravity Conceptual Photography


Smoke Conceptual Photgraphy


Miss You Conceptual Photography


Floating Photography


Sleepwalkers Conceptual Photography


Child Conceptual Photography


Conceptual Smoke


On many occasions, photographers try to convey a message in an abstract manner using random objects and props. Although, the photographer might have captured the image to tell one story, it can still very easily be interpreted in many different ways by the viewers who see it. If you are looking forward to using some unique and breathtakingly beautiful pictures for your project and you do not have the time or expertise to create such photos on your own, you can rely on the amazing conceptual photography examples and creative ideas that we have discussed above. Conceptual photography as a trend, is going to continue for a long time. There is no doubt about it. You can also see Still Life Photography.

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