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Demotivational Poster

Think motivational posters are overrated and a waste of money? Are you too much of a cynic, to believe that mere posters are able to influence people’s behavior? Then, welcome to the world of funny demotivational posters!  These posters are mostly parodies of motivational poster makers – most of these demotivational posters had their origins as sarcastic memes on the internet. Here is a comprehensive round-up of the best demotivational posters for you to download for free, or you can also pay for and download the premium ones.

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Basically these posters do the opposite of what motivational posters do. Whereas motivational posters inspire and give hope, these point out the despair and the murky truths of life, giving us reality checks. There are very demotivational poster maker apps which are also available on mobile, which has made creating such posters very easy. You can also see Best Wall Decor Stickers / Posters.

Funny Demotivational Posters Template This template depicts certain crucial incidents in a humorous manner with the help of well crafted pictures and outstanding captions. Use this handy template to make demotivational posters which can surely impress and entertain a huge audience or a group.

Patient Demotivational Posters Download

Use the patient demotivational posters template to get demotivational posters which give a message on patience. A patient bear is depicted in one of the posters with a caption indicating that the bear will keep on waiting until we’re ready.

Amazing Demotivational Design Posters

A collection of amazing posters can be accessed if you happen to download this template. Morphed pictures and captions are used to create the perfect demotivational posters. You can also use a demotivational poster maker app to create posters of your own.

Cool Demotivational Posters Layout

Cool demotivational posters template contains a collection of posters which portray hilarious moments or pranks in an innovative way using captions. The collection of demotivational posters funny pranks and cool pictures can be downloaded for free from the funny junk website.

Useful Demotivational New Posters

Download this template to get useful posters which make perfect sense in an unconventional way. The poster describes the importance of being unique as well as useful. Demotivational poster font and captions can be edited according to the situation or purpose.

Badluck Demotivational Posters Example

This template contains demotivational posters made from pictures of several unfortunate incidents with the right captions. The posters are made by selecting the right picture which matches the caption. Download this template to make posters indicating bad luck or misfortune.

Basic Curiosity Demotivational Posters As the old saying goes, ‘’Curiosity kills the cat!” Curiosity is the main theme of this brilliantly edited curiosity demotivational posters template. The poster can be printed in many forms such as a postcard, a calendar or a canvas wrap.

Printable Fate Demotivational Posters

This template brings out certain facts in a degrading manner using unmotivational posters. Real life happenings are taken into consideration while creating these demotivational posters. Download the poster which portrays fate and its outcome in a disturbing and unconventional method.

Standard Homeless Demotivational Posters

Funny posters showing very serious situations in a common man’s life can be got using this template. This is very similar to despair demotivational posters and can be downloaded for free. The importance of money and shelter is depicted in this template.

Politics Demotivational Posters Sample

Get cool posters which help you display political conversations, expressions and quotes in a funny way. The politics demotivational posters template along with the various captions, expressions, photo frames can be edited and enhanced using a demotivational poster maker mobile application.

Here is an idea of an ironic demotivational poster – “Che Guevara – Spent his whole life fighting against Capitalism. Now spends his death making t-shirt sellers rich.” Apart from tearing apart common tropes of inspirational success stories or motivational quote, these demotivational posters also point out the flaws in our society in a humorous manner. The best example of it is this poster which points out the blatant patriarchy in our system – “Hillary Clinton – spent her whole career supporting less capable men.”


Bring out the misleading qualities of motivational and inspirational quotes or stories using these highly innovative demotivational templates. The posters can surely bring out all the funny, unfortunate incidents that occur in our day-to-day life. Now you can easily create a wide variety of demotivational posters using a demotivational poster maker application.

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