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Maybe the match you are promoting isn’t exactly the English Premier League, NBA finals, Wimbledon, or Major League Baseball. That doesn’t mean you can’t get support or that you don’t deserve recognition. Not everyone has to be playing in top leagues or major sports events for people to support and cheer them on. After all, what is better than having people cheering you on at your games? Or new players standing in line to sign up for a place on the team sheet. You may also see Poster Templates.

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Elements of A Good Sports Poster

Better yet, getting sponsors who want your club or team to wear their name or just support you financially or in kind? The thing is, you don’t get these things out of thin air. They need time, effort and spreading the word, in which case a poster would be your most economical and best ally, especially if you have the following elements:

1. Message: Of its tasks, a sports poster, or any kind of poster that promotes an event or activity for that matter, must deliver a clear message and one that is easily absorbed and understood in the shortest time possible. To accomplish this, make sure your poster flows well and do these things:

  • Make sure it is readable from a distance.
  • It should grab the viewer’s attention with an image or snappy headline.
  • Answers the questions who, what, when, where and how.

2. Theme: A poster, like any other visual promotional material, needs a focal point, albeit something which would symbolize the match or sports event. It would obviously border on sportsmanship but it also needs to be specific. Put an emphasis to what the club or the team stands for. The theme could also be about the match itself, especially if for example, it’s a championship game or the finals. It is important to draw your composition to the theme you’re  going for.

3. Type and Images: Something as important as a sports event need to have appealing visuals. A photo of the team  taking up majority of the poster’s space is an easy choice, but the fans or people attending should find information easy to read and understand too, which means there should be a good balance between your type and images used.

4. Call To Action: Many posters serve to advertise shows, concerts, movies, or sports events. Your goal is to entice the audience enough for them to respond to your art in some way, shape or form, either through a phone call, visiting a website or heading to the game. Think of an out-of-the-box way for them to take action immediately.

10+ Sports Poster Templates

Sports Club Poster Template

sports club poster template
File Format
Size: A3, US



Free Sports Poster Template

sports poster template 1x
File Format
Size: Available in (A3) 11×17 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Free Sports Event Poster

sports event poster 1x
File Format
Size: Available in (A3) 11×17 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Children’s Sports Event Poster

childrens sports event posters


Sports Promotional Poster

sports promotional poster1


Sports Poster Series

sports poster serie


Sports Posters Design

sports posters


Sports Poster Template

sports poster template


Printable Sports Poster

printable sports poster


Steps To Design An Excellent Sports Poster

Most of us have been through the phase of plastering posters on the wall of our favorite musical acts, actors and artists, movies, and player or team of our favorite sport and some never quite grew out of it. Winning posters adorn the walls of those who are convinced of the idea it wants to sell. For designers, the idea of designing a poster is always fun, considering that you can bend the rules many different ways, however you would might want to start off with these steps:

  1. Present information well: First things first, so you have to make sure that your information is clear, organized and concise. A poster with too much information crammed in its space with everything from the date of the event, the venue, time and ticket prices, rules and parking policies may seem like the right thing to do but that’s not it. You’ll only confuse your audience with too much going on in a material that’s supposed to be a visual representation of what they could look forward to. Be smart about how information is presented in your poster design
  2. Summarize the title into one headline: It could be the title of the match, official announcement of the opening season or a team’s open training session for the fans, or any other promotional activity by the club, player or sponsor company. Just make sure to keep your headline short, concise and snappy, because it’s the  first piece of information that should catch the audience’s attention.
  3. Use images to your advantage: Choose photos that are compelling, showcasing team spirit or fan fervor, since it’s one of the most effective, easiest and creative ways to draw attention to the poster. Remember that people resonate with visuals and nothing speaks to them more than real life images, making them understand the message of the design and its purpose.
  4. Consider where it will be placed: One of your considerations in designing the poster should be where it would exist, or the place it will call home. If it will only exist in one location, you can base the size and color of the poster to that environment. Otherwise, your poster should be made with the knowledge that it could exist or be placed anywhere. Take it as both living in a dark dingy street or a brightly-painted wall near the city square.
  5. Inspire excitement in the design: The days leading up to the game or the activity should see the excitement reach at a grand high. Increasing that hype by ensuring you can build up presence through your posters around the site or outside the stadium, letting the community know that a sporting event can’t be missed and that it is only a few days away.

Tips In Designing a Sports Poster

For sports promotion, building the hype is a crucial task ahead of the game or sporting activities because your  goal is not just about evoking a feeling of excitement from your audience but also to sell the venue out by being able to sell the tickets or gaining support from a crowd. Here are a few ways to design posters that will have a crowd cheering you on:

  1. Build your brand: There’s a certain process to be followed when designing a poster especially if you mean to use it for the long term and keep your spectators coming back, which is what you would need if you’re a club promoting the present season. Your design shouldn’t only be for the pre-event period. You should be able to build the event brand and you can choose to do it in various ways such as extending your poster design to takeaway souvenirs like mugs, caps, match flyers or coasters. 
  2. A poster is a sales tool, not a work of art: The goal of a sports poster should be towards building up the match enough for the audience to want to be part of it and not miss out on it for anything. The design should excite them at fever pitch, with the necessary visual elements included but it shouldn’t look like an art piece. 

Types of Sports Posters

There’s a lot of competition for fan support or mainly community support when there’s a sports event. If you’re the official local team, or a school’s varsity team then good for you. But even then, you may still be competing with another team for a game on the same week or nearly the same date. To increase your chances of rallying people to see the event, here are the most common types of sports posters  to use:

  • Vintage Sports Poster: Posters have been quite a popular marketing tool since the 20’s and maybe even earlier. There’s just something about the old school design the feel of it and the printing that still makes it a popular choice for designers.
  • Innovative Sports Poster: There’s a lack of innovation of design in the creative industry when it’s supposed to be the most welcoming sector for out-of-the-box ideas, which s probably why only the best artists and sports marketers are able to get it right when the situation or game calls for it.
  • Modern Sports Poster: In the last decade we have seen poster designs merging all the types stated and creating a mixture of emotions and irony. Modern poster design are hard to explain but it can range from image manipulation to high-quality graphics.

Sports Poster Sizes

Sports posters come in these standard sizes:

  • One sheet, 27 x 41?, portrait format
  • Display (aka half-sheet), 22 x 28? landscape format
  • Insert, size 14 x 36? portrait format

Sports Poster FAQs

What software should be used for a sports poster design?

You can use something as basic as a word processor, and you can still be creative, but if you want to be taken seriously and are competing with others, Adobe Illustrator is the most suitable Adobe program for a poster design.

How can I make my poster stand out?

You’re allowed to do it many different ways or by following the steps and tips in this article. Additionally, you can use color to create energy and recreate the atmosphere of an exciting, full-seater game.

At the end of the day, it would be a question of how familiar you are with your target audience, and you shouldn’t be afraid of trying to convert a new audience to falling in love with the sport, team or player you’re promoting. Your poster is about the game, it’s about the sport, but most of all, it’s about the people or fans who would be watching.

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