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10+ Birthday Poster Templates – JPG, PSD

There are times that you might be feeling very low, that you don’t mean much to people, and feeling as though no one really cares for you. But just then you see a birthday greeting from a friend who you thought had already forgotten about you, and that just makes everything a whole lot better.

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Birthday wishes then start pouring in from everywhere, blessings come without you expecting it, people are happily anticipating to see you and have fun, and they just want to find a reason to smile and be happy with you—all this simply because it’s your birthday.

When it’s our birthday, the people around us set the mood for our special day and treat us like we are the best person they have ever met. There are a few days in our lives that we wait for with growing excitement as it draws closer, and our birthdays definitely top that list.

It is a proven fact that people who celebrate their birthdays live longer and tend to be happier than those who don’t. So it won’t really be wrong to say that birthdays have a special significance in our lives. The fact that everyone warms up to us no matter what their personal opinions are is one of the many reasons.

In here, we offer one way for you to tell everyone it’s your birthday—through a birthday poster! Also check out our collection of Free Poster Templates for your other poster-making needs.

Chalkboard Birthday Poster Template

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Free Birthday Poster Template


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Free Birthday Event Poster Template


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Chalkboard Birthday Posters

Chalkboard Happy Birthday Poster

Birthday Candy Posters

Vintage Birthday Candy Poster

Birthday Wishes Posters

Birthday Wishes Cake Poster

Birthday Party Posters

Birthday Disco Party Poster


What Are Birthdays? (If You’re Living under a Rock)

A birthday is defined as an occasion of a person’s anniversary of the time when they came into existence in the world. Birthdays are celebrated differently among religions and cultures. Some would take it as a regular day and just spend quality time with friends and family, some would also put up a big celebration for the birthday celebrant, and others would hold a ceremony or ritual which is often required for the person celebrating the day of their birth.

What Is the Origin behind Birthdays?

Whoever did invent the concept of birthdays? Nobody knows. All we know is that there’s cake and happiness seeing the celebrant digging quite happily into it. In here we take a quick look at where birthdays come from.

The Start of Celebrating Birthdays

The ancient Egyptians were believed to be the first to honor birthdays through feasts and celebrations. Scholars have said that the earliest recorded evidence of a birthday celebration was in 3,000 BC, which was the pharaoh’s birthday during the time. Many also believe that this was not the actual date of birth for the pharaoh but the coronation date since the Egyptians looked at this as the pharaoh’s birth as a divine being.

How the Birthday Cake with a Lit Candle on Top Started

The ancient Greeks offered moon-shaped cakes to Artemis as their gesture to honor their lunar goddess. For them to recreate the radiance of the moon’s light, they would light up candles and place them on top of the cakes for a glowing effect. The Greeks celebrating birthdays was inspired heavily by the Egyptians, and similar to their celebration of the pharaoh’s as gods, the Greeks celebrated in honor of their gods and goddesses.

The Celebration of Birthdays for Common Men and Women

The Egyptians and Greeks celebrated birthdays but only for religious figures. But when the Romans adapted the practice, they made a subtle modification to it. In their practice, they celebrated birthdays of nonreligions persons. The Romans would celebrate birthdays for families and friends, while their government declared holidays to observe the birthdays of more recognized citizens. But even after all these, birthdays were only celebrated among men until the 12th century.

Christians Initially Considered Birthday Celebrations as a Pagan Ritual

Because of the presence of the “original sin” at birth and the fact that the earliest form of birthdays were celebrated in honor of pagan gods and goddesses, the Christian Church considered birthday celebrations an evil practice until around the 4th century, when the Christians began celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ.

The Modern Birthday Cakes Were Made Popular by the Germans

The Kinderfeste, which is believed to be the ancestor of the children’s birthday parties we know today, was first celebrated in Germany during the late 18th century. This celebration was celebrated for German kids (kinder) only, involving birthday cakes and candles. The number of candles on the cake would depend on the child’s age, plus another one in hopes of living for at least one more year. Blowing out the lit candles and making a wish was first practiced around this era.

Cakes Were Brought to the Masses During the Industrial Revolution

Before the industrial revolution, birthday celebrations involving birthday cakes were only available to the wealthy people because the ingredients needed to make the cake were considered extravagant. But during the revolution, not only did the ingredients become abundant, but baking shops started selling ready-made cakes at very low prices due to advances in mass production.

The Origin of the “Birthday Song”

The “Happy Birthday to You” song was a variation of an earlier song written in 1893 by sisters Patty and Mildred Hill. Their composition was called “Good Morning to All” and was intended to be sung by students before the start of their classes. There are many other variations to the original source, but the birthday song overshadowed them all, even the one composed by the sisters.

How Are Birthdays Celebrated in Other Countries?

Take a look at how other nationalities celebrate birthdays!

  • In Ireland, the birthday child is lifted upside down and “bumped” on the floor for good luck.  The number of bumps given is the age of the child plus an extra one for good luck.
  • In Australia, the children eat a dish called fairy bread, which is a popular buttered bread snack covered with tiny sprinkles known as “hundreds and thousands.”
  • In Vietnam, everyone’s birthday is celebrated on New Year’s Day, or “Tet.” (Vietnamese people do not acknowledge their exact birth date, and they turn a year older only on Tet.)
  • In Brazil, children eat candies shaped like fruits and vegetables. The houses are decorated for the occasion with banners and brightly colored paper flowers. Brazilians pull on the earlobes of the birthday celebrant for each year of their birthday.
  • In Russia, instead of the traditional birthday cake, the celebrant may receive a birthday pie with a greeting carved into the crust.
  • In Canada, they serve homemade birthday cakes decorated with colored sugar sprinkles. Hidden between the layers of the cake is a wrapped coin, and whoever finds it is the first to get a turn at all the party games.
  • In Israel, birthday celebrants get to wear a crown made from leaves or flowers and sits on a chair decorated with streamers. The parents lift up the chair where the child is sitting on while the guests dance and sing around them.
  • In Germany, the children are never given homework or chores on their birthday.

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Birthday Photo Posters

What Is a Poster?

A poster is any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a vertical surface. Posters usually have both words and graphic elements, but they can also be exclusively textual or exclusively graphic. Posters are designed to be both eye catching and informative. Posters may be used for many purposes.

What Are the Types of Posters?

  • Movie posters. A poster used to promote or advertise a movie.
  • Travel posters. These are posters that are used to advertise or suggest a travel destination.
  • Event posters. These are posters used to advertise public events, a rally, or a theater play.
  • Band or music posters. Posters that display a singer or a music group. These are common to teenagers who like to showcase their favorite musician or band.
  • Pin-up posters. These are large pictures of attractive women, and are designed to be displayed on walls.
  • Affirmation posters. These are decorative posters that are meant to be motivational and inspirational.
  • Publication posters. These are large pictures containing cartoon or comic book characters. Some of these posters may be obtained as it is, and some may be included within the pages of a comic book.
  • Educational posters. These are posters that are used in school to visually aid the students in the learning process.

What Are the Advantages of Using Posters?

Why indeed use posters? Read on to find the poster’s advantages.

Posters Can be Attached or Found Almost Anywhere

One of the greatest advantages of posters is its ability to appear almost anywhere. It could be attached on to a random door or it could also be on a random building’s wall or it could also be found at the subway station, posters can be placed almost anywhere to reach the intended audience. You may also strategically put posters in places where the intended target tends to travel.

Posters Are Cheap to Produce

Considering how much you will be spending when reproducing posters in huge quantities, it still works out to be fairly inexpensive. All that’s needed when making a poster is a graphic designer, copywriter and printing company. Small business owners can even hang the posters themselves, as long as they observe local laws and not hang the posters on an illegal surface. For both starting and small businesses, advertising by posters and on the Internet are the best inexpensive choices.

Posters Can Easily Grab People’s Attention

Posters can still be noticed by people who are out and about. A strategically placed poster with an effective call to action is likely to reach people who are in a position to be converted into customers almost immediately. These are not people who are just sitting at home on the couch, posters are able to reach people who are actively looking for something to do—whether it be making a deposit at the bank, looking for a night out, or just trying to escape boredom by roaming around.

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Happy Birthday Posters

Happy Birthday To Me Poster

Christian Happy Birthday Poster

Happy Kitty Birthday Poster

Funny Birthday Poster

Sweet 16 Birthday Poster

Printable Sweet 16 Birthday Poster

Tips When Hanging Posters

  • Make sure to clean your hands before handling the posters and the adhesive materials, because the oil on your hands can leave smudges on the poster’s prints.
  • Clean the space on the wall where you plan on putting the poster. Use a damp cloth with a small amount of dish soap to remove any oils or grease on the wall.
  • Consider taking care of the wall, that it will not get damaged after you hang your wall. Never use nails or anything that will leave holes on the wall. The most common and safe option is the double sided tape.
  • Put up your poster. If you’re worried about your poster not being straight, then you can either use a level and draw a fine line on the wall to guide you, or you can have a companion tell you from a distance if it’s straight.

Why Download Our Poster Templates?

These templates were selected from among so many of the best ones on the internet and were designed by creative graphic artists around the world. You may be able to download these templates easily for a very reasonable price, and you can choose to save it in either PSD, AI, or EPS, depending on which format suits you best. These templates are fully editable and are compatible with most raster graphics editor to provide you with a hassle-free editing process.

How to Use our Poster Templates?

  • Simply search for the poster template that you wish to use (for easier navigation, click on the magnifying glass icon found on the upper right-hand corner of the page and type the title or part of the template’s title).
  • Download your chosen poster template by clicking on the green Download button below the image and save it on your computer.
  • Open the downloaded file on a photo editing software and make your modifications and personal touches.
  • Once you’re done editing, save the finished product back to your computer and it is now ready to be taken to the printing industry for mass production.

If you’re looking for more birthday-related templates, then you might want to check out our collection of Funny Birthday Card TemplatesFree Printable Birthday Invitations, or Birthday Invitation Templates.

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