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34+ Blank Postcard Templates – PSD, Vector EPS, AI

You are now able to download blank postcard templates. from the Internet which are available in the conventional landscape format. These templates are fully customizable and you can print out as many as you need, which means that they are perfect for display work.

How to Create a Useful Postcard in 5 Steps

Step 1: Your Target Audience

When you are designing a postcard, it is important that you know who your audiences are. You could be a business firm that is looking to promote and market its services or it could be a personal postcard that you would like to send out to near and dear one.

Step 2: Select a Template

Templates make things easier for you by offering you ready-made layouts and postcard designs that can be very useful to you in saving your time and energy. You can choose a postcard template that is simple, professional looking or creative. Just make sure whatever the template is, that it is nice and eye-catching for the reader.

Step 3: Enter Content

After you have chosen a template, you can enter the content that you want to be conveyed. If it is for business purposes, then you can mention the product or service details. Keep in mind that the information should be kept short and readable for the customer who is viewing the postcard. Include any offers if there are any that are going on, this way you will keep the readers interested.

Step 4: Customize the Postcard

You can personalize the template by editing or replacing any images present in the postcard. If it’s for personal use then you may include any artistic paintings or designs. This way you are adding your own element to this postcard. If it is for business use, then you may add your own company details.

Step 5: Print

After the postcard is created, you can save the template on its compatible file format and get it readily printed. There are various finishes you can give for your postcard while printing such a glossy look, matte finish, and so on.

Multi-Purpose Business Postcard Template

multi purpose business postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

The best aspect of this blank postcard template is that it is available for download entirely free of cost so you can use it as many times as you require. Most of the print templates may be found on the web in a variety of sizes as well as file formats. Not only are they extremely convenient to use but their customization is also made easy. You can also check out some birthday postcard templates.

Date Postcard Template

date postcard template

This template would be perfect for someone planning to send a formal yet informative postcard to a colleague or friend. All you have to to do download the template, edit it and customize it. The popularity of the personalized blank postcard template stems from the fact that blank postcards happen to be one of the most effective and affordable direct-mail marketing techniques.

Handmade Rustic Look Blank Postcards

handmade rustic look postcards
If you’re looking for a template with a rustic look, this is the template you should opt for. It has a matte white background, with a generous amount of space reserved for a personal message to be included.

Plain Postcard Template

plain postcard template
Are you planning to send a postcard to someone notifying them of something urgent and important? Then you can download this template. It has a no-nonsense look, with adequate space that lets you duly mention the important message.

Blank Template of Folded Postcard

blank template of folded postcard
A folded postcard allows you to accommodate more in your card than the usual and ordinary ones. You can design the front portion with pretty designs and hand-painted drawings, and on the inside, you can add the message that you would like to convey.

Blank Postcard Template Free

blank postcard template free
If you do not want your postcard to look typical, then you may opt for this blank postcard template, which has a retro feel to it. You can add your message or even a cute hand painted image to the blank space. It is absolutely free so download it now!

Blank vintage postcard With Edges

blank vintage postcard with edges
What is a postcard or a letter without these classic borders? Add a vintage look to your postcard by downloading this blank vintage template. You’ll have sufficient space to include images and message on the card. Download it now to make the best use of it.

Free Printable Postcard Template

free printable postcard template
A very simple postcard template, it has a minimalistic design since there’s hardly anything on top. You can add a stamp and a message in the blank spaces provided to personalize it just the way you want it to!

Blank White Index Postcard

blank white index postcard
Do you have an artistic temperament? Then you can design this postcard in your very own unique style. You will be downloading a blank postcard, which you can transform into an extraordinary one. Get started on it right away!

Postcard Blank Template

postcard blank template
This particular blank postcard template lets you to add a stamp and a short, cute and personal message in the space provided. You’re free to design the rest of the card the way you please. On the whole, it looks super minimalistic and adorable.

Blank Postcards Set of 10

blank postcards set of 10
This template is a set of ten postcards if you’re planning to send out a message on a bulk. You can design each in a distinct way to make it personal and attractive. Add your own element to this template and send it out with a beautiful thread tied to it.

Standard Postcard Template

standard postcard template
The above-shown template is a standard design that is followed by most postcards. However, if you believe in adding a personal touch, you may customize the blank space in the postcard just the way you want.

Blank Message Postcard and Bouquet of Flowers

blank message postcard and bouquet of flowers
A postcard containing a heartfelt message and a personal image, along with an adorable bouquet of flowers would be the perfect way to send your love and surprise your loved one.

Corporate Business Postcard Template

corporate business postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

In this corporate world, make your business known by the target audience with the help of this corporate business postcard template. It comes with a modern and minimalistic design that is just perfect. It is freely available for download so you can easily edit and get it printed.

Event Planner Postcard Template

event planner postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Promote your event planning business with this easy to edit postcard template that looks elegant and pleasant. It has floral watercolor designs at the edges of the card and the name of your venture in the middle of the postcard. You can include your contact details and notes at the backside of the template.

Construction Business Postcard Template

construction business postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

If you are into the construction business and are planning to promote your services, then take a look at this simple yet effective business postcard template that will allow you to easily list your services along with the background of your company. It also incorporates a high-quality layout that can be easily customized.

Postcard Template Free

postcard template free

A blank postcard template gives you the full advantage and freedom to choose the design and pattern of the postcard in a way that you want it to. There is a space provided for the stamp, a short message and an image if you want one.

Business Marketing Postcard Template

business marketing postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Check out this business marketing postcard template if you are looking to market your services. In a simple way, you can enter your business contents in the template along with an image of the product or idea that you’re promoting and you can easily reach out to people to try it out!

Catering Business Postcard Template

catering business postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Promote your catering business with the help of the above shown professionally designed template. You can mention your catering company background by telling how unique you are from the rest. You can also include offers if any, to attract customers to try out your services.

Photographer Business Postcard Template

photographer business postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Small Business Postcard Template

small business postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Promotional Postcard Template

promotional postcard template
File Format

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Neon Aqua Blue Bright Blank Postcard

neon aqua blue bright blank postcard

Pink Rose Blank Postcard

pink rose blank postcard

Blank Postcards Printable

blank postcards printable

Blank Postcard with Custom Photo

blank postcard with custom photo

Blank Postcards Digital Collage Sheet

blank postcards digital collage sheet

Customizable Blank Postcard

customizable blank postcard

Colourful Blank Postcard

colourful blank postcard

Black Blank Competition Entry Postcards

black blank competition entry postcards

Old Blank Postcard

old blank postcard

Floral Post Card Free Vector

floral post card free vector

Blank Vintage Postcard

blank vintage postcard

Snowy Beach Blank Postcard

snowy beach blank postcard

Cream Blank Postcards

cream blank postcards

There are different types of free postcard template available online and you should download the one which meets your demands. You might try out pre-stamped postcard templates for general use. It is ideal that you customize the size of the postcard and select it in such a way that it is direct mail postcard size.

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