27+ Paper Cutting Templates

Various shapes of paper are cut and then made a collage out of it to highlight the cuttings. Free paper cutting templates are unique in their own way since you can write on them as well as post pictures to give a boost to your skills. Paper needs to be tempered after which you can include all the details to send it via post or invite anybody through it. You can also see Paper House Template.

You can also see Paper Flower Templates.You can make star shape cuttings to different models and add glitter by Paper Template. There are ways by which you can send invites through paper cut outs.

Free Download PDF Format Paper Cutting Template

loc.gov | Art has different forms. This free download PDF format paper cutting template is a beautiful design created by cutting paper in a fancy way. You can download the template and also print it to use as per your requirement.

PDF Format Free Download Paper Cutting Template

mos.computerarts.co.uk | Creating stunning paper cuts is not as easy as it may seem. Download this template and learn how to master the art of making beautiful paper cut designs in a simple and easy way.

Digital Paper Cutting PDF Format Free Template

cc.gatech.edu | Want to learn all about Digital paper cutting? With this template, it will be easy to. Download this template and you can learn all about digital paper cutting. You can even learn the basics behind the algorithm.

Paper Cutting Template PDF Format Free Download

afe.easia.columbia.edu | Paper cutting is the art of cutting paper designs. This art form has evolved over the years. Paper cutting can be quite difficult if you haven’t learnt it. Download this template and print it to get a readymade design.

PDF Format Paper Cutting Free Download Template

erikdemaine.org | Many different art forms have evolved over the years. Paper cutting is one among them. Want to learn all about paper cutting? Download this template. This will help you to get to know the background, the origin and everything related to this art form.

3D Paper Cut PDF Format Free Template

citeseerx.ist.psu.edu | Paper cutting is a very old Chinese art form. It is a characteristic of Chinese fork art. This template will tell you all you need to know about this creative art from. Starting from the history to the art of making different designs.

Beautiful Wedding Paper Cut Template

Paper cut designs look very beautiful if done with the right precision. And that requires a lot of patience. You can get a readymade paper cut design to gift to the bride and groom to be.

Fruit Paper Cut Template

Coming up with designs for paper cutting by yourself might be a bit of a task, especially if you are not very good at this. You can take inspiration and idea from this template to make a cute pineapple cut out.

Scissors Paper Cutting Line Template

Paper cutting will come easy to you with a lot of practise. You need to practise how to cut the paper in different ways and with precision. This is a template which shows you different cutting lines using scissors.

PDF Paper Horse Cutting Template

Paper cut designs and templates can be very useful for art and crafts or for other projects or to even make a card for your loved one. This is a paper cut design of a horse. You can download or print his template for use.

Beautiful Paper Cutting Template In Heart Shape

Who doesn’t love handmade cards? They will definitely make for an amazing surprise for your special one. This template is of a beautiful paper cut heart design. You can print this to make a card.

Best Different Scissors Paper Cutting Template

Paper cutting is a fun art form. You can explore a lot with paper cutting. Scissors are generally used to cut the papers to form designs. This template shows you the different types of paper cut lines that can be made using scissors.

Designed Nursery Rhyme Paper Cutting Template

Paper cuts can be used for various purposes. To make a card, for your kid’s art project and also for decorations. This template includes paper cut of your little one’s nursery rhymes. You can download and print this template for your use.

Printed Paper Cutting Template

Paper cutting can be used to make various designs. This template includes a printed paper cut image which expresses the love for your mother. This would be a great gift to give your mother on her birthday or Mother’s Day.

Set Of Templates With Scissors Cutting Paper

Paper cutting can be quite difficult if you have just started leaning and practising. This template consists of a set of template with different ways of cutting paper with scissors; along dotted lines, zigzag lines or wavy lines.

Beautiful fairy Paper Cutting Template

Paper Cut Art Photoshop Actions – $4

This paper cut art comes with an artistic cut-out of a landscape where you have a big tree standing high among thick bushes. The circular intricate patterns for branches are simply beautiful.

Chinese Vector Paper Cut Pattern – $10

This is the paper cut art for you if you are a fan of oriental art. The intricate details speak of great craftsmanship and offer a nice embellished graceful display.

Skull Paper Cutting Template Design

This paper cut art template is especially for the Goth lovers who are always looking for something artsy with skull. With diamonds as eyes and an inverted heart as nose, this skull looks really special.

30 Paper Cut Social Media Icons – $7

You will love this paper cut display especially if you are a great fan of the social media portals. The display here comes with perfect cut-out for all popular social media icons Facebook’s “f”, the blue twitter bird etc.

Easy Paper Cut Font Pack – $12

This is a hand-drawn typography display with cute alphabet and number cut-outs. It assures a wonderful way to teach the numbers and English alphabets to your little ones or the Montessori class.

Believe Fairy Paper Cutting Images Template

The template here is an inspiration to your surreal beliefs in fairies and angels. You are getting lovely fairy cut-outs here in different posters- the mushroom looks cute and so the crescent moon

20 Photoshop Styles Paper Cut – $4

Printable She Believed Free Paper Cut Template


Paper Cutting Patterns Ink And Knife

Editable Paper Cut Badges PSD – $2

Print Mothers Day Paper Cut Template Download


Paper cutting is a very famous art form of China. It is a characteristic of the Chinese folk art. There are different designs that can be made with this art form. The templates above will give you ideas and inspiration to create your own paper cut designs. You can also download and print these templates.


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