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41+ Band Website Themes & Templates

Rock bands play an important role in defining the music scene of an area. The rise of the music bands should be encouraged, especially since it gives a boost to the aspiring musicians. More importantly, bands give local musicians a chance which could improve the culture of music of an area. You May also See Music HTML5 Templates.

But even if a group of people have taken the bold and brave decision of starting a band of their own, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. Garnering force, and to make themselves known is the most important factor. What is the whole purpose of starting a band if you do not have a standard following? You May also See Music WordPres Templates.

Music Band WordPress Theme/Template

sample music band

Event Music Band WordPress Website Theme

music band musicians wordpress website theme

Rock Band Website Template $69

rock band website template

This is a website designed to suit the budding musician or band. The theme comes complete with choice of groovy fonts and ample space for adding pictures. The design is predominantly based on adding myriad shapes with various colors. This makes sure the site is visually appealing to visiotrs.


SoundBlast is a newly designed theme to cater to the whims of the hip and happening musicians. This website is designed proficiently for musicians, bands, or DJs’. The cool black background comes with a choice of stock image and is fully customizable per choice.


Music player & Band WordPress Website Theme $60

music player band wordpress website theme 60

Tuned Balloon is a new, well-designed, stylish and attractive theme from WordPress and comes with its own template for a business card. The website design is ideal for novices but contains the charm for advanced users too.

Some Features include:

Music & Events Band WordPress Website Theme

music events band wordpress website theme

Music & Events is a newly designed website template which features bold structures for visual appeal. This attractive theme is bound to attract singers, bands, professional persons etc. This theme has everything one needs to start promoting their talents to the world.


Music Band Responsive Website Template $69

music band responsive website template

Music Band is a simple designed website for any budding music enthusiasts or bands. The theme is designed in a minimalist fashion which highlights the band pictures. The layout is clean and simple and fully customizable as per the user’s choice.

A few features:

Minimal Music & Bands PSD Website Theme $10

minimal music bands psd website theme 10

Hugo is theme of a several class, its one-of-a-kind. The beautiful layout is centered around a homepage with several sections classified for different content. Ideally suited for any band or music personages who are looking for a website. If you want to stand out this is the ideal choice.


WordPress Music Band & DJ Website Theme $69

wordpress music band dj website theme

Beats is a hip-hop themed website with vibrant colors and neon themes which is ideal for any upcoming musician or DJ. The techno look is so eye-catching that the features it comes with, like a parallax slideshow, event calendars are just bonuses.


Music Band & Artist WordPress Website Theme

music band artist wordpress website theme

This is a an all-round classic theme which looks professional yet has that touch of individuality to stand out. The theme is versatile in its nature and looks equally amazing in all different viewing platforms.

A few Features include:

Perfect Premium Band Music WordPress Website Theme

perfect premium band music wordpress website theme

Speaker is a clean and modern theme flawlessly delivered by WordPress and is ideal for any band, music troupe or any concert/event. Bring your band to newer horizons in style with this theme.

Features include:

Best Music Band Website Template $69

best music band website template

This theme is laid out against the backdrop of dark hues. The dotted background makes the content on the layers much more sophisticated. The timeless style of black and red is arranged into 3 segments to showcase all the content. Features:

Music Band & Events WordPress Website Theme $59

music band events wordpress website theme

Spikes is a beautifully designed theme for any upcoming musicians or bands who want to make an impact. The design comes complete with a revolution slider, easy drag-and-drop page customization. It includes Music album and event management sections for ease of access.


Rockstar Music Band WordPress Website Theme $59

rockstar music band wordpress website theme

Rockstar takes a professional approach to musicians, bands, DJs, producers and even labels who need a website to showcase their talents and skills. The website is completely customizable to make it your own, and even comes with features like:

IndieFest is a vibrant, epic visual giant which is ideal for any Indie Artists, Outdoor Concerts/Events .The Theme is exactly what you need it to be when you need to be. With advanced customizable options which include backgrounds, main colors and accent colors make personalization all the more easier.


Band Music & Party WordPress Website Theme

band music party wordpress website theme

IronBand is a bold new approach to the websites for the music industry. The unique feature of this theme is it’s stress on music. A built in HTML5 audio player grants visitors access to tracks, updates even entire albums. At a glance:

Responsive Music Band WordPress Website Theme $75

responsive music band wordpress website theme

Another great theme developed by WordPress for any eager musicians or bands or even recording studios who wish to acquire a perfect website. Gilded by cherry framework the theme opens with a homepage with access to subsequent pages of content.


Modern Music And Band WordPress Website Theme $59

modern music and band wordpress website theme

The jukebox theme is such designed that it attracts among the budding musicians or enthusiasts those who possess an eye for simple yet elegant patterns. The theme portrays the images and media neatly and professionally.


Get Loud is a music based theme designed by WordPress. It is vibrant and stylish in design and can be personalized by customizing colors, typefaces everything. There are options for creating galleries, audio files are supported and shortcodes are available for ease.


Night is a hauntingly beautiful theme playing on classic shades like black and red to give the surreal feeling of staying after dark. The website is ideally designed for anyone who stays up past their bed time; clubs, DJs, artists, anyone.


Music Band WordPress Website Theme $69

music band wordpress website theme

The pinnacle of music based themes available, it comes complete with options to upload and play your own music. The website is ideal for musicians trying to rise in this world. The site is WooCommerce Compatible which means online transactions can be done with ease.


Dream Rock Band Project Joomla Website Template $75

dream rock band project joomla website template

Music websites are completely about entertainment, its about making a visual impact to keep the visitor interested while portraying the needed information, this theme delivers just that. The sophisticated design keeps the whole affair classy yet packs a punch.


Rocking Event & Music Band WordPress Website Theme $49

rocking event music band wordpress website theme

Rocky is a well-designed theme specifically for music bands or any event management teams. The color schemes are funky and vibrant and come in 8 different variations. Separate segments for music management, gallery and event management are available.


Music Band & Party Multipage Website Template $20

music band party multipage website template 20

This theme is designed for music enthusiasts and possesses a certain vibrant colorful charm to visually stimulate visitors. The added element to this theme is that can function as a landing page, one page or even multipage.


Beautiful Music Band Website Theme

beautiful music band website theme

Twotone is an innovative theme designed to be stylish and stand out. It is ideally suited for any people wishing for the same. The theme is orbited around large header images which lead to various pages of content. The entire header and all the fonts are fully customizable.


WordPress has created many themes all pertaining to the band theme and targeted at musical clients. The themes are beautifully built and completely secure. They usually come with options for a gallery, music library, live feed update and much more.


Premium Music Band WordPress Website Theme $75

premium music band wordpress website theme

Are you a musician? Or a band? Looking to expand your boundaries into the internet? This theme may just be what you’re looking for. This possesses a simple yet elegant stylish design with one background color and foreground header images. All of which are fully customizable.


Melody Music And Band Muse Website Theme $19

melody music and band muse website theme

Melody has a smooth monochromatic design which gives off a sense of style and accomplishment. This theme is ideal for those see the beauty in black and white than colors, ideal for music personages. The theme comes complete with Lightbox gallery and Lightbox video player.


Event & Music Band WordPress Website Theme $39

event music band wordpress website theme

Legend is a newly developed theme from WordPress which is ideal for nightclubs, bands, radio stations, DJs and many more. The funky light up style and black background conveys the exact tone one wishes to portray. It includes features like a Creative Gallery, Colorful Countdown timer, and various shortcodes.


Night Club & Band WordPress Website Theme

night club band wordpress website theme

A lot of effort has gone into designing this website specially for the exclusive use of nightclubs. The background homepage image is hi-resolution and supportive on all viewing platforms. The fonts, pictures and layouts are all fully customizable to make it your own.


Special Music Band Website Theme

special music band website theme

Our band is a very specifically designed website template for only one target audience, Bands. The website produces everything required by a band to launch their very own website. A separate page is provided for each separate content and comes with event calendar, galleries, blogs and much more.


Special Music Band Moto CMS HTML website Template $139

special music band moto cms html website template

Music Band Moto CMS HTML Template is best suitable for music bands, musicians or other stage performers. The eye catching design and the attractive gallery of the template will make your site a unique one. The features of this template include

Along with these, the theme is well documented and have built-in mobile version.

Creative Music Band WordPress Theme $59

creative music band wordpress theme

Musicflow WordPress theme is the best choice for music bands that have a history of stunning previous performances. They can blow off the visitors with stunning images and music updates using this template. This template is characterised with

This theme is having an awesome Moto slider and multiple font support.

Modern Minimal Music Band Website Theme

modern minimal music band website theme

Hammer is a responsive template that keeps its simplicity along with its elegant looks. It is best suited for personal blogs of musicians or for music related blogs. Its features include

It is also characterised with adjustable default settings and video integrated modules to make it more apt for musicians.

Music Band Tumblr Theme

music band tumblr theme

Neverbland is an awesome theme that can be used by music enthusiasts, music bloggers or by popular music bands. The responsive design and the colour variations make this theme a really fit choice for music related blogs. Its features include

Apart from the above features, this theme is characterised with social media icon integration and a very supportive customer support.

Band & eCommerce WordPress Website Theme $59

band ecommerce wordpress website theme

Trio – Band WordPress Theme is an ideal theme for musicians, stage artists, performers and bands. With its brilliant colors, it shows up the beauty of grey with a zest of blue. Its features are

This template is responsive and supports all browsers. This theme supports social icons such as flikr also, and the support is of high quality.

Super Star Music Band WordPress Website Theme

super star music band wordpress website theme

Superstar theme is the best suited theme for any professionals who a website that can bring a lot of audiences to their performances. The theme, with the grid structure and high quality images can convey the luxury of your talents. Its features include

Along with this, the theme is 100% responsive and is integrated with social media icons for sharing.

Creative Music Band Joomla Website Template $75

creative music band joomla website template

Music Band theme can be used by anyone who loves to have his own professional website to showcase his musical skills. This theme is elegantly designed with selected colours that give the website a professional look.

Features of this theme includes

This theme has a well organised structure and is one of the best for musicians.

Elegant Music Band Website Theme

elegant music band website theme

Promenade is an ideal theme for those who love the beauty of simplicity. The modern and elegant design gives the site, the simplest look along with a flavour of professionalism. Important features of this there includes

The customisable admin panel allows you to create awesome menus one click. This theme is one of the best user friendly themes.

Music-nation is one of the best theme choices for those who love the beauty of black to express. The theme is elegantly designed with a bunch of all new features. Its main features are mind blowing. It includes

Have you decided to start a band of your own? Well, you must know that there are hundreds of bands in your very area who are trying to make it just like you. So how do you set yourself apart from the rest? How do you reach out to music lovers? How do you get noticed as a band? Well, the answer is quite simple. You start an official website of your own. To do that, look up Band Website Templates.

Types of Band Website Templates

Given the different types of bands ruling the music arena now, there are several types of free band website templates online –

Uses of Band Website Templates

For bands, the most important thing to consider is to gather a following. If they want to make it big, like some of the biggest names in the music industry, it is imperative to have a website. This website would contain all the details of the band, and would help music agents reach out to the band. Hence, you need to look up sample band website templates today. You May also See Dj Website Templates.

Tips While Using Band Website Templates

While using downloadable band website templates, there are few things you should keep in mind-

We Can Help You Out!

Now that you’ve decided to download band website templates, you’ve made the right decision. You cannot afford to miss out on the amazing collection here at So let’s get started! You May also See DJ HTML Templates.

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