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Video games have come a long way. From being just a fad and novelty to a juggernaut of a trade, this industry is here to stay. One could argue that the world is becoming saturated with games what with big video game companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and Activision releasing a new iteration of your favorite shooter year after year. Then there is mobile gaming, as of May 2018, games are the most popular category in the Apple App Store. How saturated can you get? With saturation like that, it is without question that business is indeed booming in the video games industry.

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Video games and the internet are two things that generally mesh with each other very well. Part of what made gaming so popular was, of course, the internet. Before the internet, the only way to play a video game would be through a gaming console, and even then, most were single player games. The advent of the internet brought a change with this through massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and websites that aggregate flash games. These types of games usually depended on a website as their base of operations. You may also see gaming website themes.

For MMORPGs, their websites usually contain a download link for the full game and forums where players can chat and hang out during their downtimes. As for aggregate flash gaming websites like Newgrounds.com, they were a platform where some developers started out making games. There are other websites that promoted the meteoric rise of gaming such as games journalism site Kotaku and game guide and walkthrough sites like GameFAQs. Twitch.tv, a live streaming video platform that mostly focuses on video games is one of the biggest gaming related websites with an audience average that could rival some major cable networks.

Game Portal Responsive Website Template

game portal responsive website template

Games Responsive Website Template

games responsive website template

Storm Games Responsive Website Template

storm games responsive website template

Types of Gaming Websites

Websites related to broader categories such as gaming can come in many different forms. If you are planning on creating a gaming related website, it is better to put your focus on a certain type of website before you expand. Your gaming website can focus on:

1. News

You can bring the latest gaming headlines and stories. These types of websites usually have the biggest traffic on gaming websites. The biggest problem you will have to face if you do decide to focus on gaming news would be getting the scoop, which can be incredibly difficult. With that said, you can focus your effort on specific gaming consoles or game developers when creating your gaming news site. You may also see gaming bootstrap themes.

2. Reviews

Nowadays, impulse buying is not as popular. People tend to look at reviews before deciding on a purchase, especially if the game is a new IP and has no reputable track record. This is where gaming review websites come in. Next, to gaming news sites, gaming review websites carry the most traffic. Reviewing a game is very easy, you just review a game. However, an important selling point of a gaming website would be how you write your reviews. Because of its ease, the gaming review market is fairly saturated and as such, you have to write your reviews well to be able to stand out from the crowd. You may also see game portal WP themes.

3. Community

A gaming community website’s aim is less on the revenues and more on the user interaction. They can be a place to share fan arts, funny anecdotes, and stories, and other user-generated content. Gaming communities are especially popular with online multiplayer games and grassroots gaming communities. They usually take the form of a board or forum. One of the biggest fighting game community, Super Smash Brothers, would not grow as big as it is without Smashboards, a forum dedicated to all things Smash. Though, gaming community websites have been declining in popularity lately with the advent of social media like Facebook and Reddit. You may also see gaming blog themes.

4. Fan Site

Fan sites are similar to a community website in that it doesn’t aim for revenues. Their only difference would be that a fan site is dedicated to one game or franchise. If a certain game’s fansite does well enough, they may get access to exclusive interviews from the game’s developers. You may also see gaming PSD themes.

5. Wiki

Wikis are websites where different users can collaboratively modify the content and structure from a web browser. Making a wiki can be rewarding and can often turn into a great community. Gaming wiki sites can be likened to an encyclopedia. Some of the contents found on a gaming wiki sites are the game’s lore, character backgrounds, description on the location and more things that usually take a deep dive into the game’s world. You may also see gaming HTML5 themes.

6. Tips, Strategies, or Cheats

The internet has certainly eradicated the use of gaming magazines. It used to be that gamers can only find easter eggs or cheats through stumbling around a game or looking at game guides. Websites that focus on tips, strategies, guides, walkthroughs, and cheats have eradicated that. If you do decide to make your website about these things, expect a lot of competition. You may also see Minecraft website themes.

7. Blog

Turning your website into a blog format is a great way to post your thoughts and interests that are related to gaming. Maybe you want to make a personal review of your favorite game that is away from the usual games journalism? Maybe you just want to share your experience with fellow gamers but lack the usual capture card to do so and would rather do it through screenshots. The best advantage of a blog is its flexibility. If you want to practice and get better at your writing skills making a blog is the best fit for you. You may also see game store VirtueMart templates.

There are more types of games websites than the above mentioned. It is important to have a plan of what type of website your games website would be and what you should focus on. An important thing to also remember when making your website would be to think of how your gaming website will be set apart from the thousands of other gaming sites out there. You may also see gaming OpenCart themes.

Community Portal Gaming Multi Purposes Bootstrap Website Template

game island community portal gaming multi purposes bootstrap website template

Video Games Website Template

video games website template

Finest Game Website Template

finest game website template

Creating Your Gaming Website

The number of resources on the internet has allowed the process of creating websites a bit easier. You do have to remember that starting out a website would be a great commitment. If you want your gaming website to succeed, then you will probably need to spend a lot of time on it. Planning is one of the key factors to have in mind when launching your site. Here are the few steps to know about before developing your gaming website. You may also see gaming WP templates.

1. Decide on what your game site will be about

Before starting out, decide on which type of gaming website you want to be. A few examples of the types of gaming website have already been mentioned above. You can also be a browser gaming website where you can host flash games that can be played on the browser. Do research after you have decided. You may also see free PHP website templates.

2. Narrow down your game niche

Deciding on a niche is a great way to make your website stand out. Having a niche may narrow what your website may contain but it helps you focus on that content. Having a niche can even make you be considered on that game or franchise if you do well enough. Some good things to take note when picking up a niche would be the type of games do you like to play, the type of content you want to put out, your favorite console or developers, among others. You may also see dark theme web designs.

3. Pick a domain name and host

Wikipedia defines a domain name as an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the internet. Web hosts, on the other hand, are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients as well as providing internet connectivity in a data center. These two things will lay the foundation of your game website and are the first step in creating an actual website. You may also see soccer club website themes.

4. Pick a platform

The platform will be the method you can use to create your websites. There many different platforms including Content management systems and website builders. Of these two, website builders would be easier to use. Just remember that the approach you take will be very much dependent on your goals and the functionality that you are looking for. You may also see gaming magento themes.

5. Build and customize

After picking out a platform, it is time to build and design your site. Keep in mind that your website should serve your audience to keep them coming back. Build a site that is functional and elegant. If you still find it difficult, then try using a template for your game website. You may also see gaming PrestaShop themes.

6. Upload your initial content

Before going live, make sure that you have some content ready to populate your website. This is to ensure audience traffic. This is also dependent on the type of site you created. This can range from reviews to the latest news, or an introductory blog. Don’t stop adding content after uploading your initial content to keep your audience coming back. You may also see gaming shopify themes.

Dragonic: The Ultimate One-Page Premium Gaming Template

dragonic the ultimate one page premium gaming template

Portal and Store HTML Gaming Template

good games portal and store html gaming template

One-Page Casual Gaming Template

sweet world the ultimate one page premium casual gaming template

Always remember that running a website is the same with other endeavors; it will need to be taken care of to grow big and popular. Gaming sites like Kotaku, IGN and GameFAQs started out small too. Do research on how you can grow your website. Find ways to capture and maintain your audience and keep at it. You may also see gaming HTML website templates.

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