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A wedding is the most beautiful event a couple can have in their lifetime. It’s the beginning of a new journey filled with love and joy. Weddings are special since during the wedding the couple announces to the people about their new life together. It takes a lot of preparations. But when the big day comes, every aspect of the wedding is beautiful.

The couple can plan for the wedding themselves. Some even hire wedding planners. These people are in charge of planning the wedding and meeting the demands of the couple. Wedding planners work at an agency or by themselves in a freelance setup. Aside from planning, they also arrange all the necessary needs of the couple before the wedding day.

Wedding planners need to have a website so that the soon-to-be-married couples can avail their services. This is also one way of boosting their online presence. Having a website will enable them to be found easily on the internet and reach out to their customers. You may also see the wedding event planner website templates.

Here are some templates wedding planners can use for their websites.

202+ Wedding Templates in Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, PSD, InDesign, Publisher, Illustrator, Google Sheets - START DOWNLOADING

Wedding Planner Joomla Template

wedding planner joomla 788x591

Wedding Planner Template

wedding planner 788x326

Wedding Planner Website Template

weddy 788x370

Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Planner

It is always the couple’s decision to hire a wedding planner or not. Some couples can do some of the important stuff for the wedding themselves. Some need assistance from the outside. Most of the time, wedding planners save the day if the couple decides to get married in a short notice. You may also see the event planning website themes.

Before hiring a wedding planner, consider these following matters.

1. Budget

This should be the couple’s main concern when planning a wedding. They need to have an ample amount of budget to hold a wedding. Expenses for a wedding are high, from the clothes, venue, church fees, invitation cards and other aspects. Ask the wedding planner for his charges on the overall planning of the wedding. This will determine how much you will spend for the other expenses. If it meets your budget, go for it. If it does not, then think again.

Some wedding planners ask for a downpayment of the whole planning process. This might be non-refundable. Others make their client’s sign contracts that break down the coordinator’s responsibilities. Work out on a contract that is favorable for both parties. This will save you from last minute happenings. You may also like the wedding website templates.

It also helps if you are realistic about your budget. Since hiring a wedding planner costs about 20 percent of your total budget, plan everything carefully. You might want some extra money to be spent on the minute details of the wedding. You may also see the wedding php themes.

Wedding Photographer Theme

wix wedding 788x719

Wedding Planner Website Template

wedding planner website template 788x325

Wedding Planner Website Theme

lovus 788x291

Wedding WordPress Theme

lt wedding 788x591

Wedding Planner Responsive Website Template

wedding planner responsive 788x356

2. What the Planner Needs

Prior to finding a planner for your wedding, iron out the details on how much you can spend. This will help you find the right planner. However, there is one thing you should not do. Do not go for a wedding planner you can’t afford. This will make a big cut in your budget. Some wedding planners tell you their fee before you can hand out the budget. Planners will also have a clear idea of what they will work with the budget you have.

3. What You Need for the Big Day

When you have done most of the planning of your wedding, you still might need to hire a wedding planner to finish the job you started. This is to ensure that the details of your wedding are planned very well. Wedding planners also help you resolve some glitches while planning. You may also see the wedding HTML5 templates.

4. Other Crucial Details

Details like the number of guests, venue, save the date and the tone of the wedding should also be taken seriously. Make a specific breakdown of these items. When you have chosen the date of your wedding, some planners may have been already booked. As this will trim down your choices, you can always go for other planners.

Save the Date Planner Theme

in love 788x374

WordPress Brand Theme

wordpress brand suite 788x531

Wedding Agency Website Template

wedplancia 788x315

Wedding Couple Agency WordPress Theme

forever 788x355

Perfect Bride Website Template

perfect bride 788x311

Happy Wedding & Wedding Planner

happy 788x354

Happy Couple Website Template

happy couple 788x384

Wedding and Event Planner Site Template

love story 788x403

Wedding Planner Website Theme

planner wedding 788x349

Wedding Event & Planner HTML Template

couple heart 788x332

Responsive Wedding Planner Template

planner wedding 2 788x343

Wedding Venue Planner Website Theme

wedding venues 788x308

Wedding Site WordPress Theme

union 788x288

Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is never a walk in the park. It is something that needs commitment and dedication. Every single detail has to be planned well. The venue should be accessible to the people invited. The motif should be fit for everybody. The couples have to try out clothes and talk to others for assistance. If a couple decides to plan a wedding on their own, it might create tension between the families because of creative differences. There is a big possibility of the wedding to be pushed back to a later date or being canceled. You may also see the wedding planner Joomla templates.

However, hiring a wedding planner can give you the upper hand of the planning process. These people help you envision your dream wedding and make all the effort to bring it to life. There are still other reasons why a wedding coordinated should be hired. You may also see the drupal wedding themes.

1. Saves Time and Money

Wedding planners make sure the amount of time you spend planning alone will be lesser. While taking the responsibility of planning is expensive, wedding planners can curb what you spend. They will assist you in making the most out of your money whatever budget that you have. You may also see the wedding WP themes.

2. Wide Knowledge of the Field

Wedding planners know the ins and outs of planning these kinds of events. They know where to source out the materials you need and where to find them. Aside from that, planners know whom to contact such as florists, caterers, hair stylists, and photographers. This will save you from endless searching which takes time. You may also see the themes for wedding & engagements.

3. Stay within the Budget

Wedding planners will make a way for you not to spend beyond the limited budget you have. He makes a detailed budget after determining where to get the materials. In this way, you’d know where your money goes. An extra amount may come out of it. You can still use the extra money for unexpected expenses. Your budget is done right and keeps you on track. You may also like the free wedding WP themes.

4. Does What You Have to Do

You don’t have to take all the responsibility when you have a wedding planner. They take care of everything. All you have to do is check up on them from time to time. You can throw in suggestions for the motif, colors, venues and the invitation design. Wedding planners help ease your stress in planning the wedding.

5. Gives New Ideas

Every wedding ceremony has its own idea. If you start the idea from scratch, the wedding planner will modify and enhance it to become more concrete. Since he knows the ins and outs of weddings, he has an extensive knowledge of themes. He makes sure it suits your taste. You can brainstorm in coming up with a unique theme as well. Many of these ideas are original and well thought of.

6. Coordinates with Your Vendors

A wedding planner knows where and how to contact people who can help him in the plan. He has a long list of the numbers of photographers, florists, bakers and other people. He will sort out issues that may come along the way and keep the communication in check. He also knows what venues could hold a specific number of guests. This avoids overcrowding your guests on the big day. In this aspect, a good relationship is their key to make the planning process smooth and easy. You may also like the wedding PSD themes.

7. Offer Advice

Tricky situations can’t be helped when planning a wedding. Whether it’s about the dress or the venue, wedding planners have some pieces of advice in every situation. He guides you in sending out the invitations and other stuff. There’s no need to worry when it comes to situations like these. Wedding planners have been through these scenarios and they know what they’re telling you. You may also see the wedding Joomla themes.

8. Easy Contact

If there is anyone to contact immediately with wedding-related problems, it’s the wedding planners. They are the person to call to check on the progress of the plan. When problems arise, they will answer to it in detail. They will also be contacted about the setup and final touches as you enjoy the hours before your wedding day. Honesty is a great factor in a business like this. It entails a whole lot of responsibilities to plan for someone else’s life event. You may also see the PSD wedding templates.

9. Makes a Timeline

Wedding planners make a timeline of the entire wedding day. A month prior to that, he confirms the supplies from the vendors and makes a diagram of the reception room. Everything has to be organized and arranged neatly. He makes sure the timeline is followed very well. You may also see the free wedding WordPress themes.

10. Troubleshoots on the Wedding Day

And, then the big day has come, but there is some minor trouble that comes along. The wedding planner makes a quick solution for it without compromising the whole ceremony. The size and impact of the glitch do not matter. Wedding planners know how to deal with it just as long as you enjoy your day. You may also like the wedding woocommerce themes.

Nothing is easy when it comes to wedding planning, but it’s worth the ride. Weddings only happen once and there’s no excuse to make it less special. We hope this information helps you big time. Read up some articles on our site to know more about weddings. You may also see the wedding WordPress themes.

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